Bed carriage for the girl

Every responsible parent wants to find a comfortable, stylish and beautiful bed for their princess. An excellent option would be a bed in the form of a carriage. What are the advantages of such furniture and how to choose it correctly?

Arrangement of the child's room

It is not so easy to equip a children's room for a child as it seems. In order for the child to feel comfortable, it is necessary to explore his interests, that he loves the most. Based on this, you can create an optimal personalized room, where he will be located most of his childhood.

The interests of each child are individual, but it is possible to identify similar features, like all boys and all girls. So, most boys are more fond of football, cars, soldiers. Girls, on the contrary, like to do hair, play dolls, dream of a prince, live in a huge beautiful kingdom. All their hobbies and dreams can be the basis for the realization of the design of the room in which they will live.

There are many ways to decorate a child’s room.For example, if you have a girl who dreams of castles, princes and princesses, you can paint the walls in the appropriate colors - girls like pink more. It is not necessary, of course, to paint all the walls in a monochromatic pink color; it is worth painting the castle itself, its interiors or the ball with the princesses. Not everyone will cope with this himself, but you can hire experienced craftsmen who themselves will offer you something new and more interesting.

You should pay attention to the bed. It should also correspond to the selected design. You can pay attention to the model, the design of which is made in the form of a carriage. This bed will fit into the atmosphere of the medieval era and will delight your child.

Features and benefits

Let's talk about the features of the bed, made in the form of a carriage, as well as its advantages:

  • By choosing a bed-coach for the overall design of the room in the medieval style, you, by the way, also prepare your daughter for an independent lifestyle. The familiar atmosphere of the room, all parts of which are interconnected, will inspire the child with peace of mind and security. Consequently, its dependence on the constant presence of parents will decrease,
  • A bed-coach can serve not only as a subject of a child’s sleep, but also as an element of his games.Feeling yourself in a carriage, around which the elements of the Middle Ages are located, your child will be fully immersed in this atmosphere. Thus, during his games, he will develop his imagination,
  • The mattress, which will be installed in the bed-carriage can be upholstered. This will increase the compliance of the bed with a real carriage, and increase the comfort of the surface on which your daughter will sleep.
  • The presence of a canopy in the bed set, will also increase the similarity of the interior with the medieval style. Hanging a canopy on the bed, that is, a beautiful translucent fabric, you protect the girl's sleeper from excessive light


To make the girl really feel that she is in a real carriage and her room is her own kingdom, you can purchase additional functions to the standard equipment of the bed, for example:

  • With a carriage coupler - in this case, the mattress of the bed, like a real carriage, will be upholstered. In this type of bed, practically, will not differ from the real carriage. Your child, being in it, will feel like a real princess, who is about to go to the point.
  • Illuminated - this option will decorate the bed at night with light. The need for nightlights you will disappear. The backlight can be chosen to your taste. It can be installed in special lamps, made under the Gothic style of the Middle Ages.
  • With drawers - this option will replace your purchase of an additional locker or chest of drawers. In boxes, your child will be able to store both his toys and things, which is extremely necessary in the case of limited space in the room.

Bed sizes can also be selected individually and ordered based on your needs.

How to choose

When planning the design of the room, it is better to first purchase the bed itself, or at least look at the ones you like. By selecting the desired option, you can adjust the colors, images, and the rest of the furniture to the nursery. Consider that the design of the bed is the main center of your room and various branches depart from it, which both decorate and have additional functions.

To choose the right furniture, you should order it from reliable suppliers who have experience in creating such complex structures.Before buying both in a regular and online store, you should read the reviews of other buyers in order to understand what kind of experience this or that company has.

The best option would be, of course, if the store will have a website on the Internet, where it will be possible to get acquainted with all its products. This will allow, without haste, sitting at home, or even with the child itself, to pick up the bed variant that interests you. Let the child choose what he wants.

The price of a bed will depend on its configuration - the more complex and larger the design, the more expensive this bed will cost you. The price is also influenced by additional features such as lighting, drawers, the presence of orthopedic grounds for the mattress, the very presence of the mattress. It is better, of course, to take a model of a bed with a mattress already included in its kit, since it will be much better fitted to the size of the bed - it will not be too large, or vice versa too small.

The material from which the bed itself is made is no less important - it must be of high quality and comply with sanitary and safety standards.It is best to take beds made on a wooden base. This option will be safer, warmer and cheaper, in contrast, for example, from iron. However, the iron structure will have an advantage in strength, but will cost more.

The main material for the manufacture of beds made of wood are wood chips, which are glued together and covered with a special paint, making the surface smooth. As a result, various panels are obtained, for example:

  • Particleboard is a cheaper material because it has a looser structure, as a result of which it can easily break
  • MDF - more expensive material. It has a dense structure, that is, a greater number of sawdust in its structure, and, therefore, is much stronger than chipboard

Of course, you choose. But it is better to spend money and buy a better-quality bed assembled from MDF plates that will last for many years than to save money and purchase chipboard.

There are models of beds made of solid wood, they will be even more expensive, but the quality of the bed will be better.

Interesting solutions in interior design

If you have already chosen a bed-coach and do not know how to decorate the room, we offer several interesting solutions in interior design.

You can paint the walls with paint, and then paint on them or stick your favorite picture from the Middle Ages, for example, the palace itself, a luxurious ball, or a castle in a three-dimensional format. In addition, there are special wallpapers. Their choice is huge, you can choose the pattern and color you are interested in.

The furniture with which you will fill the room should correspond at the same time to your needs for it and the size of the room. So, in addition to the bed in the room you can put a table on which there will be additional shelves and cabinets. This will save space in the nursery, because there will be various things located there: a computer, books, etc.

If you decide to use a bed-coach, then all the furniture in the room, to enhance the impression, should also correspond to the medieval era. You can use the Gothic style on other furniture to create a single concept.

The bed itself must also meet the desires of your child. Of course, the Gothic style of the Middle Ages is not quite suitable for the design of the room. After all, the child, basically, draws all the knowledge from books, cartoons, in which this epoch is depicted quite differently - there it does not seem so gloomy and sad.In the books she is portrayed more fun - beautiful kingdoms with castles, princes and princesses in luxurious costumes who come to the ball in carriages, bright and beautiful colors are used everywhere - many pink shades. Therefore, the design of the room should be done in this style, but with various exceptions - something needs to be added, and something completely replaced or removed.

Having added a canopy - an elegant canopy over the bed, you will emphasize the subtleties of the interior of the bedrooms of the palace nobility.

The girl’s room can be supplemented with various accessories: wrought-iron lamps, cone-shaped frames with photographs or different pictures. The candlesticks on the walls will also become elements of the decor of this era. Everything is in your hands, and in the hands of your imagination.

Now you know how to choose the right bed for the girl. Let your princess see only colorful dreams.

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