Classic baby bed in the interior

Special features

A children's bed in a classic style is perfect for almost any interior, but the best thing to do is to install such an element of furniture in a children's room decorated in a classic style or in its varieties, such as Provence style. Provence style combines classical and modern trends, which is why it is so popular for children's rooms. This style can look very strict, without unnecessary details, but it is very gentle and romantic. Children's room, and furniture decorated in a classic Provence style, looks very elegant.

A cot and other furniture in a classic style should be quite simple and elegant, but very functional. If you prefer the classical Provence style when decorating a children's room, then the bed and all the furniture should be made in bright pastel colors.It is desirable that such classic furniture had a slightly aged look, this effect can be easily achieved by artificial means. Be sure to install, in addition to the bed, bedside tables or a children's dresser, it will make the traditional style more complete, and the interior of the children's room with such a design is complete.

You can very interesting to arrange the interior of the nursery in a classic style with two beds. The loft bed fits perfectly into such a room. Such model of a classical crib unites in itself a place for a dream and a table for occupations or a computer. This element of the interior - the perfect solution for a small children's room for two, as unisex and heterosexual children.


An ideal option for a classic children's room interior would be a cot made of natural materials such as wood. You can decorate a classic children's bed with wrought iron elements or metal parts. A carved handmade floral pattern or another openwork thread is perfect for a girl's bed. For boys, the bed can be painted with other patterns.

To decorate a classic children's bed, you can use curtains of lightweight fabric. This decor element looks very elegant and luxurious. On the bed for a girl, they can be fixed in the middle with fabric bows in the color of furniture or other elements of interior decor.

A very interesting solution for a children's room and a cot in a classic style will be a bumper or blanket, made in the patchwork technique. This element will make the classic interior of the nursery brighter, in addition, it will help draw attention to the unusual design of a classic baby cot. Such a blanket or a so-called crib bumper can be purchased at any store or made with your own hands, this technique is stitching different pieces of fabric, which later form a very bright and unusual thing. You can decorate this hand-made element for a classic children's bed with buttons or not very stiff rivets. This element of the crib design will make the interior of the room complete, and, moreover, more vintage and stylish, it will perfectly fit into the design of the nursery for both the boy and the girl.

For girl

Classic-style furniture is perfect for a girl’s child’s room. Bed in a room like the rest of the furniture, it is better to choose in white or in other colors similar to it. Such a bed will be quite simply decorated, but, despite this, it will be very elegant and elegant. This bed can be both wooden and metal, it is best to decorate it with a canopy of airy fabric, made in pastel colors.

To decorate such an element of the interior can be various bows, lace or ruffles. Looks great on the bedside canopy frills, matched in color. A crib with such a canopy is perfect for a little princess. For girls, a little older is better to complete with a classic bed to get a bedside dressing table, which will create a unique ensemble with a bed and will look very elegant.

A cot for a children's room in the style of a classic should not be too big of the bulky, this rule applies especially to children's furniture. This interior is better not to load large furniture in a classic style.

When choosing a classic bed for a girl, consider her design: stucco and gilding look very good and luxurious. The main thing is to give preference to the decor of a children's bed with simple forms, so as not to overload the classic interior of the nursery with unnecessary details. It is quite acceptable for a bed in the style of a classic for a girl chrome or nickel-plated finish.

For boy

A bed in the traditional classical style is also suitable for the boy's room, as well as in its variety - in the classical Provence style. The range of colors for such an interior and, accordingly, for children's furniture, should be chosen in white, blue, blue, light and bright green or beige. The main thing that the crib for the boy was not too dark.

At the head of such a bed, you can decorate with a fabric with a checkered or striped print, a brighter monochrome fabric in a contrasting color is also perfect. Such an interesting solution will help to perfectly complement the classic crib for a boy, it will be a good alternative to a canopy, which is more suitable for girls' beds and perfectly fits the interior of a children's room for a boy.

When choosing a bed for a boy, give preference to furniture made of natural wood, for example, oak or walnut beds. And let them be a little darker than other materials, but they look very dignified and perfectly suited for the classic interior of a children's room.

The classic boy’s room can be decorated in a Scandinavian or pirate style. Instead of bedside cabinets you can set an imitation of treasure chests that are perfect for storing toys. Wicker baskets will perfectly fit into this theme, and the baby bed itself can be more massive, it can be decorated with an image of pirate symbols or anchors. Such a room should be decorated more roughly, so the furniture in it, and especially the classic bed, should not have pointed corners or fancy carvings.

An excellent solution would also be the interior of a children's room in a nautical style, which can be emphasized with blue-and-white striped elements on a marine theme. You can choose a blanket on the bed for a boy with a sea print, and decorate the children's bed itself with a decor in the form of an anchor, a flag or a silhouette of a ship.A classic bed for a children's room in a nautical style must be wooden.

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