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Adolescence is a rather difficult period in the life of every child. Your baby has grown up, and it is becoming more and more difficult for you to please its tastes. Choosing furniture for a teenager is not an easy task, which takes a lot of energy and nerves. But the real find, both for you and for your child, is transforming furniture, which is distinguished by extraordinary functionality and looks quite stylish in the interior.

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Special features

Every teenager needs his own space, which will correspond to his tastes and interests. Creating a cozy room for a child can sometimes be difficult due to the lack of free space. In this case, transforming furniture comes to the rescue. This is a modern solution to the problem of lack of free space. In addition, such furniture will appeal to even the most capricious teenager, as soon as he tries it in action.

Furniture-transformer is extremely practical and functional, it allows you to make your child’s room stylish and modern. The peculiarity of this type of furniture is the ability to transform from one element to another. For example, during the day, a child can sit at a table, study and play computer, and in the evening this same table becomes a comfortable bed. It is difficult to overestimate the savings in space when installing transforming furniture.

The lack of furniture of this type is only one - its high cost. Many furniture users also noted that the discomfort caused the need to constantly fold and fold furniture.

Installing furniture-transformer should be only at the supporting wall. The only way she will hold on, as it should.

Types of furniture

Bed table

This type of furniture-transformer for teens is the latest invention of furniture designers who never cease to amaze with their innovations. A bed is installed in one area of ​​space, turning or lifting it, you will get a comfortable desk with all the necessary additions.Additions are most often presented in the form of drawers and cabinets for storing small items, office and books.

Many designs resemble a fantastic movie, where one thing easily turns into another. The base of the bed in the turn becomes part of the wall on which you can hang the monitor from the computer and not remove it before folding the bed.

Quality fittings and all kinds of closers greatly facilitate the process of transformation from table to bed. Even the most fragile teenage girl will be able to cope with this manipulation.


Unlike the bed-table, this type of furniture-transformer has long been used by many owners of a small space in the room. The bed-wardrobe is appreciated by even the most sophisticated customers, who are hard to surprise with anything.

A bed for children of this type is installed against the wall and has a high-quality lifting mechanism. The mechanism allows you to lock the bed when raised in any position at any height, so your child will not be injured if she slips out of her hands when folding the bed.Rising up, the bed is installed in a special niche, turning into a compact wardrobe. The bed can also be transformed into a chest of drawers, if we are talking about a horizontal lift.

Modern models of bed-wardrobes allow you to install with them a sofa that will be hidden under it. This option is very convenient because the sofa takes up much less space and allows you to relax on it in the daytime, without lowering the bed.

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Sofa bed

This type of furniture is familiar to almost everyone, and many willingly use the sofa bed in the living room. The option for teens is distinguished by its ease and the simplest ways of turning from a sofa into a bed. There are many options for folding the sofa. The simplest is the mechanism of the book. Many models of a sofa bed when folding are completely transformed into a full bed, have a good headrest and a comfortable mattress.

The body of a teenager is still being formed, so it is very important when choosing a sofa bed to pay attention to its composition. It is desirable that the sofa was orthopedic, on which the child will sleep not only comfortably, but also safely for posture.Children's and teen models of sofa beds have bright youth colors and high-quality materials that are easy to clean, and they are not afraid of spilled coffee.

Bunk bed

Bunk bed models are widely used in families where there are two or more children. Such an element of furniture allows you to significantly save room space, making it cozy and stylish. The bunk bed-transformer is a real know-how. When folded, this type of furniture is an ordinary sofa, which, when unfolded, turns into a comfortable bunk bed.

Parents should not worry about the fact that children cannot cope with the process of furniture transformation on their own, because the mechanism of such a transformer is rather light and is equipped with high-quality closers.

There is also the option of a bunk bed, when one bed hides under the other, imitating a drawer. If necessary, the bed is put forward, and you get a full bed.


Natural wood

Natural wood furniture is in great demand among many people.This is not surprising, because this material is environmentally friendly, durable and safe for health. Furniture-transformer for teens made of natural wood is an excellent option for every family. Wooden furniture is considered the most durable and retains its original appearance for many years.

Furniture made of natural wood is quite heavy, and therefore has good resistance. But you may have difficulties if you want to make a permutation. Without the help of several pairs of hands is not enough.

Natural wood furniture has a unique smell, which has a positive effect on the emotional state of any person, especially in a complex adolescence.


Furniture made of chipboard is the most common option. Chipboard - a natural inexpensive material, which is a pressed sawdust, treated with a special solution for bonding. It is very important that the particleboard does not contain formaldehyde, which adversely affect human health. Otherwise, this material is a good alternative to natural wood.High-quality processing and coating make the furniture of chipboard extraordinarily beautiful and modern.

When choosing teenage furniture from this material, you should ensure that it is not exposed to water, since the particle board does not like moisture and can quickly fail. It is recommended immediately after purchase to process the furniture with special water-repellent impregnation.


Metal is widely used in the manufacture of structures for furniture-transformer. Durable metal can withstand a large load, so you can be sure of the strength and durability of metal furniture. It may seem to someone that metal furniture does not look very aesthetically pleasing and does not fit well into the interior of a teenage room. But it all depends on how well you select all the furniture, and how well the furniture elements are in harmony with each other.

You can purchase furniture that will combine several types of materials. For example, the whole structure can be metal, and the shelves, drawers, etc. can be made of wood. So the furniture will not seem aggressive and coarse.

From whatever material the furniture is made, the main thing is that it should be of high quality and be liked by your child.

How to choose

When choosing furniture-transformer for a teenager should take into account the tastes of its future owner, but to have a keen and attentive eye. After all, the responsibility for the purchase of quality furniture falls on the parents. When choosing transforming furniture, pay attention to the quality of fittings and the reliability of all fixtures, because the safety of furniture operation depends on them.

Decide on the dimensions of the future bed, carefully make all the measurements in the room. The smell of the product can also tell a lot about its quality, so give preference to the furniture that does not have an unpleasant smell.

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