Round transforming bed for a newborn

Pros and cons

Choosing a bed for a newborn child is a very serious and responsible matter, because the safety and comfort of the baby depends on it. The traditional rectangular model increasingly began to fade into the background, and to replace it, the popularity is gaining a cot of a round or oval shape.

Round beds have several advantages compared to other forms. They do not have sharp corners, which means that the child has less chance of injury. It can be placed in the center of the room, it will allow parents to approach the baby from any side, and he, in turn, will see the room from all sides and expand his horizons. The round bed with its shape will remind the child of mother's tummy and it will be very cozy and comfortable for him to sleep in it. This form is also a modern and stylish solution for the interior, all the more so due to its mobility and compactness it can be put almost anywhere, the built-in wheels will help her quickly and silently move to the right place.

The sales leader is a round transformer bed for a newborn. It is able to grow with the child: it moves apart and its length can always be adjusted relative to the growth of the child. This will make the purchase durable and eliminate the need to buy the baby a new bed at least five years in advance.

There are only a couple of drawbacks in round children's beds: this is a high price, especially if the bed is equipped with various devices, and the complexity of the acquisition is not every store has a bed of this shape. Also, difficulties will arise with the purchase of bed linen, although they are often sold already with a set of accessories for sleeping. The negative point of the crib-transformer is the inability to adjust the width. A bed bought for many years in advance can bore a child, and after all, children are lovers of everything new.


For maximum comfort of the child it is important to choose the size of the crib. A newborn baby up to six months for a restful sleep will ideally fit a size of 90 by 45 cm. An oval transforming bed 120 cm long and 60-65 cm wide will be comfortable for a child up to about three years old.But the offspring of five or seven years is necessary for the bed to move apart not less than 140 cm.

The most practical and long-term purchase will be the purchase of a bed, extending to 190 centimeters. Width is from 70 to 80 cm.

At the very first step of the length, the sleeper has the shape of a regular circle with a diameter of about 70 cm and is suitable for a newborn child. As the length grows, it is recommended to gradually increase the length of the furniture to about 120 cm before the child can sleep without side rails. The convenient height of the sides and, accordingly, the height of the changing table is about 80 cm. The depth of the bottom, comfortable for the baby’s sleep and the convenience of parents, is from 40 to 70 cm. The length of the sleeping place that can already be turned into a full-fledged sofa is about 180 cm.

However, all these dimensions only make up the standard and are very subjective, and therefore each parent can adjust such a convenient thing as a transformer for his reienka and its parameters.


The safest and most environmentally friendly material for the crib is wood. The surface should be well polished and varnished without toxins and odor.The most durable types of wood are birch, alder, maple. Cots made from these wood species will cost much more than, for example, children's furniture made of pine, because pine is more prone to scratches. You can buy a cot made of fibreboard, but do not count on the strength of the bed made of plywood or chipboard, they are unreliable and emit various harmful substances.

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Despite the fact that the tree is the most popular material for the manufacture of children's furniture, pediatricians are also advised to look at the metal beds. Besides the fact that it is a very durable material, it does not emit any harmful substances and is not coated with varnish, so you can not worry about the health of the baby in a metal cradle.

It is possible to combine several types of materials in one bed, often the basic material is supplemented with inserts made of plastic, rattan, bamboo, plastic, textiles.

Types and modifications

Round-shaped cribs can look different and have a different number of additional functions, in addition to the pleasant sleep of the baby.

The simplest model of the round cot is the cradle.It is quite small, like a cocoon, a cot, it can be suspended or standing, removable or solid, with or without castors. The cradles are designed for tiny babies up to 6 months, some models are designed for babies up to nine months if he is not very active. There are models in which the cradle can turn into a high chair and even a small stroller.

Complicated model of the round bed is a transforming bed, which, in turn, is presented in several versions. Most of them have the ability to adjust the length - when you move the bed from round turns into an oval.

A three-in-one round transformer bed allows you to change the height of the bottom: if you place it as high as possible, you will have a changing table, the bottom at the lowest height without castors turns the bed into an arena. Putting the bottom on the average, most comfortable for parents height, you can put the baby to sleep. A three-in-one cot is designed for babies up to one year old, after which it can be permanently turned into a fenced play area. In some models, there is even a special door with a lock that can be used by a child by learning to walk on their own.

The five-in-one transformer bed has even more functions.This model already allows you to increase the bed in length. The movable wall allows you to transform the bed into a mini-sofa. Removable side parts make the bed in a table with two seats. Also, the transformer can serve as a changing table and playpen.

In the six transformer crib in one, in addition to the listed functions, there is still an opportunity to turn the sleeping area into a playroom. To do this, you need to pull out the bottom and attach the back wall with special rails to the wall. The child will not be able to leave this house without the assistance of adults. Six beds in one, as a rule, have a metal casing or very rarely a base of composite materials, which increases the strength of the structure.

Very functional model of a children's round bed - a transformer eight in one. It can serve as a changing table with a maximum height and as a playpen at the bottom as low as possible. The bed can be used as a cradle and put close to the bed of parents. Removable sidewalls and an adjustable bottom can transform a sleeper into a table with two small chairs.When the child is one and a half years old, it is possible to turn a transformer into a sofa during the day, and at night to raise the wall to sleep back. Once the child has reached the age of four, the side walls can be completely removed, and the transformer will turn into a full bed for the grown-up child.

At the moment, you can find and buy an eleven in one transformer crib model. This bed has a cradle, which can also be adjusted in length from 60 to 90 cm. The built-in mechanism with a pendulum allows you to automatically swing the baby so that he quickly falls asleep. Can be used as an ordinary cradle on wheels. Also, all other transformations of the bed are in place: in the changing table, playpen and play area, a bed and a sofa for the student, a table with two seats. This is the most practical model of the round transformer bed, which will definitely be a useful purchase for many years.

In addition to the above functions, sometimes transforming cribs are filled with additional devices: for example, built-in drawers turn part of the product into a chest of drawers, and a removable bottom will help to convert the cot into a full-fledged writing desk.

The ComfortBaby is a truly comfortable and best-fit baby bed for sleeping. This transforming bed is sold with a soft orthopedic mattress, which is also capable of changing the length, canopy and cozy cradle. Sometimes even a blanket with a small pillow is included. Subsequently, the ComfortBaby model bed, like other transformers, will turn into a sofa or a table with two chairs.

Tips for choosing

The variety of models of round cots, the materials from which they are made, and the functions with which they are equipped, puts some newly-made parents at a standstill. When choosing and buying a bed for a child, you need to pay attention to just a few points.

First of all, it is important to decide for how long furniture for a newborn is purchased. If you want at the age of one year to buy a child a new crib, it is best to restrict yourself with a cradle or a regular round crib. With sufficient budget, you can get a transformer three in one. If parents wish not to change the bed for a child to at least five years old, then transformers beds from five to one will do.They can be lengthened and turned into a mini-sofa or a table. Buying for many years, but also requiring good cash investments, will be the choice of a transformer crib, eight or eleven in one.

When choosing, you must take into account the dimensions of the room in which the children's sleeping place will be located. Transformers always take up more space than regular cribs without extra features.

Next, you need to decide on the materials from which children's furniture should be made. Metal frames, as well as cribs made of hard wood will cost more, but they will be safer for the health of the baby and will preserve a beautiful appearance for longer. The most budgetary option is furniture made of chipboard, if, after all, monetary constraints force you to buy a berth from this material, you should definitely require the seller to have a certificate of compliance and a hygienic certificate. It is better to study in advance what characteristics a completely safe chipboard product should have. Regardless of the type of material, the furniture should not emit any smell and have a smooth surface without chipping, chipping and splinters.

We must not forget about small, but significant details.When a baby has teeth, it literally starts to nibble everything in its path, and the bed will not be an exception. Silicone lining on the upper sides will not only relieve the bed from damage, but also smooth out random shocks and protect the child's teeth. The ideal distance between the slats is about seven centimeters.

In such intervals, the arms and legs of the baby will not get stuck, but at the same time the head will not crawl through. Removable wheels, built into the bed, will be additional helpers to any parent. They should be rubberized so as not to spoil the floor surface and roll the furniture as quietly and smoothly as possible.

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If the mattress is included, it should ideally fit the size of the crib without gaps. A mattress of medium hardness, sterilized against ticks and with a hypoallergenic filler will be useful for a healthy infant's sleep.

It is recommended to buy all textile elements in the model, as well as bed linen from natural breathable fabrics.

In terms of the quality and functionality of the future bed, it will be easier to make a choice according to the budget available.


Round beds transformers for a newborn, first created by German designers, have recently become popular among buyers in Russia.Parents, of course, in most cases are satisfied with such a purchase. First of all, the products conquer with their great functionality and excellent quality. Besides the fact that they have become fashionable and are combined with any interior, they are also very comfortable.

Often in the responses there are words of buyers that the child agrees to sleep separately from the parents in the round crib, because the soft outlines remind him of the natural environment and mother's tummy. Also, the unconditional benefit of transforming cribs to parents with many children is noted, because a sleeping place made of durable materials can be easily turned into a sofa and a table with seats that will be comfortable and practical for children of different ages.

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The most important thing is the safety of the baby, and the creators of round and oval cots did everything for this. Adjustable height of the sides will not allow the baby to fall out, the correct distance between the rods will save you from unpleasant injuries. Lack of corners will protect the kid from blows. Silicone pads relieve pressure on young teeth. The ability to fix the playing area to the wall will not allow the kid to leave the safe fence without the help of parents.Safe materials do not emit harmful substances. These and many other factors help new parents to make a choice in favor of such furniture.

Of the negative points in the reviews, there is a not very beautiful appearance of the fasteners, for example, some manufacturers mask bolts poorly, but this does not affect the quality and durability of the product. Also, not all parents can afford to buy such a functional and fashionable thing as an oval transforming bed, but if you take into account all the advantages of this purchase, such as child safety, quality and durability of purchase, then transformers are definitely worth their money. In addition, if you buy such things as a changing table, playpen, sofa, chest of drawers and mini-table separately, then it will take much more money. So you should not save on the safety and comfort of your baby.

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