Round beds for newborns

Future motherhood is a time of joy and doubt. At this time, some parents buy things and furniture for the baby in advance, while others leave the choice for the postpartum period. In any case, it is necessary for parents to study the various options and decide on the best of them, and the sooner the better. One option is a round cot - know-how in the field of children's furniture.

Features and benefits

Round bed is a new variation of the bed for the baby from birth. There are options-transformers, which can be used up to 7-10 years as a comfortable sofa for rest.

Why today is so popular bed round shape. Advantages of the model:

  • the child can inspect the room at 360 degrees;
  • no sharp corners;
  • use in the manufacture of various materials;
  • the ability to upgrade to the arena;
  • the presence of wheels and the ability to move the bed with a newborn in the apartment;
  • the growth of the bed together with the baby, turning into an oval-shaped model;
  • saving the useful space of the room.

These are the advantages of a classic round crib with a minimum of functions. The most modernized transformers combine with ease up to 11 functions, each of which is needed by a young mother.

Special features of round transforming beds:

  • the presence of the mechanism of the pendulum for motion sickness;
  • change of pendulum on wheels;
  • baby changing table;
  • playpen;
  • round bed for a child up to 6 months;
  • oval model for baby from 6 months and more;
  • the possibility of removing one wall and putting parents to the bed;
  • the ability to convert to a mini-couch;
  • turning into a table with two chairs.

At the same time, such modern beds are sometimes very easy and simple to assemble, without requiring special skills or masculine strength. Transformation also pleases with its ease.

Device and equipment

Round bed consists of two half-round slats with slats. The material can be iron or wood.Plus, each material is sufficient and the choice is solely to the parents. So, from a wooden crib it blows warmth and environmental friendliness, and energy practitioners are completely confident that the tree contains the great power of the Earth and the Sun, which is sure to be transferred to the baby. Iron models are easily assembled and disassembled, and also do not loosen with time and have a presentable appearance for a long time.

The bottom is often made of plywood. Metal constructions have a wide plank with holes throughout the area. Additional elements for the transformation of a round crib into an oval - two rectangular slatted strips, as well as a plate for the bottom.

Among the mechanisms of motion sickness can be found a rocking chair and a pendulum. For children older than six months, rocking is considered not the safest option, because when swaying, a child can fall out of a small round bed. The mechanism of the pendulum is a safer option and, according to experienced mothers, is very effective when laying the baby. The swing of the pendulum can occur on the principle of "back and forth" or "right-left."The latter option is considered more acceptable and comfortable for the baby.

In addition to the necessary elements of the construction of the bed, it is important to make the correct equipment for the newborn baby. It includes a mattress, bumper, pillow, blanket. The mattress for newborns should be moderately hard, for such an effect suitable coconut fiber. The second side can be more soft and great for kids from the year. There are mattresses with asymmetric thickness, so the head of the newborn rises slightly on the surface, preventing the baby from choking when regurgitating.

Bumpers or bumpers for round beds are available in various versions. So, here you can see a single canvas with a filler, around the perimeter of which ribbons are attached for attachment to the bed. There are separate options, made in the form of pillows on ribbons. Designers have become bumpers in the form of a set of bright animal toys, which will be interesting to consider the baby.

Completing a newborn crib with a pillow is a controversial issue. Most experts consider it unnecessary and even harmful, because the baby’s spine is not yet strong.Others enclose thin wide cushions to prevent the head rolling.

Additionally, in a round bed get a waterproof diaper with an elastic band, because ordinary models like to slip out from under the baby at the most inopportune moment.

Blanket for a newborn should be made of hypoallergenic materials. For example, with the time of our grandmothers, a woolen and flannelet blanket is popular. The heat exchange of the baby is not yet established, therefore it is not worth wrapping up the child with very thick and heavy blankets.


Round bed for newborns can be:

  • suspended;
  • classical without the possibility of increasing the bed;
  • with a pendulum mechanism;
  • added;
  • a transformer 3 in 1, 5 in 1, 6 in 1, 7 in 1, 8 in 1, 11 in 1.

As you can see, round beds today are in high esteem and their various modifications prove this with confidence. The first model for a newborn baby can serve as a hanging round cradle model. It looks very gentle and cute, the child feels great in her, because the feeling of weightlessness is not lost, as in the mother’s tummy. It is possible to use a suspended bed only before the first turns, because then the design becomes extremely dangerous. With free finance, a hanging bed will be a good bed, though for a very short time.

Classic round bed is made mostly of wood. The location of the bottom can be higher and lower depending on the age of the baby. The model does not have an additional insert that increases the space, and therefore, like the suspension model, it will not last long. Most often, classic models are equipped with wheels.

The pendulum mechanism will improve the bed, because with it you can easily rock the baby. The disadvantages of the model include its impressive size, as well as possible squeaks after a long service life.

The added or semicircular model will please caring mothers who want to stay close to the baby even at night. What is it for? The fact is that laying the newborn in his bed is extremely dangerous, because the child can fall and that it is even worse to be crushed. Unfortunately, this is a reality. Such fears dispel their place, because the baby calmly breathes natural linen in his own bed, has enough space for turns in his sleep, protective slats at the head and legs from falling. And still mom will not have to get up at night when the baby is crying, which is extremely difficult for a tired woman.

Round beds transformers, despite the high cost, are very relevant among young parents. As owners of transformers mark, the useful space of the room is very competently used.


The round bed has a non-standard size. So, the diameter of the bottom in most models is 75 cm, and the width of the crib is 85 cm. Provided that the average height of a newborn baby is from 46 to 54 cm, there is, of course, a reserve. However, you should not abuse the too-large cushions as a bumper, because the kid should be as free and comfortable as possible.

7 a photo

The dimensions of the bed for transformation into an oval are 125 * 75 cm. The width here remains unchanged. Some models are made in a diameter of 80 cm, which makes the stay of an older child more comfortable.

How to choose

The ideal crib for everyone does not exist, because the selection criteria here may be different. So, if you focus on limited budget, the wrong decision would be to opt for the classic round crib. The fact is that such a model will be uncomfortable and close already in half a year, which means that the question of buying a new bed will again arise.The best option in this case would be a transformer with a minimum number of functions, for example, a cradle, transformed into an oval model.

If the main criterion is the convenience and comfort of the baby, you can look at the classic models, as well as hanging versions. According to experienced mothers, in such cradles, crumbs sleep especially sweetly.

If your motto lies in its multifunctionality, you cannot do without a transformer model. Soberly evaluate which features will be needed, and which not. So, maybe you can not do without a mini-sofa, but absolutely do not need a table with chairs. With the birth of a child, there is no extra money, and therefore it is not rational to pay for extra frills.

When choosing a crib it is worth remembering about bed linen. It is safe to say that not every children's store can be found underwear for such models, so before buying it is important to think about the configuration, ordering in advance or after a raid on the nearest stores.

The undeniable majority of bedding sets are complete sets. They include a sheet, pillowcase, blanket, duvet cover, a small wide pillow, sides and a canopy.The latter, in spite of its beauty, is an absolutely meaningless accessory that accumulates dust on itself. Many pediatricians claim altogether about the lack of oxygen to the newborn when covering with a canopy. Here you also need to know the measure and boldly sift out unnecessary elements.

Overview of the best manufacturers

Round beds are becoming increasingly popular within Russia. This trend was also detected by domestic manufacturers, such as the reputable “My Baby” company. In their assortment there are models Nicole and Michel, each of which represents a transformable version 3 in 1. The surface of the models is made of high-quality enamel and coated with varnish.

You can appreciate the Italian quality of round beds with the brand Incanto. Today, transformers 3 in 1 and 7 in 1 have become popular. An environmentally friendly material has become a distinguishing feature from a domestic manufacturer, namely, an array of birch.

Another Italian brand is Nuovita. The cost of the beds here is high, however, the material for the performance is a luxurious array of beech wood. In addition, the brand equips its models with a variety of functions, reaching up to eight important elements,such as a added bed, changing table, cradle, oval bed, teenage bed, playpen, sofa, chairs and a table.


The popularity of round beds is growing, and sites with enthusiastic reviews about them are replenished. So, young mothers note how little the cradle for a newborn takes and how easy it is to move it on wheels from room to room, for example, to ventilate the room or scrub floors. True, there is a downside, many babies became cramped in the crib earlier than six months, and the space saving was short.

Mark the moms and convenience of different levels of the bottom. From the top level it is comfortable to take a crumb on your hands without leaning. Lower levels are indispensable for grown restless.

Young parents did not leave without attention and a wonderful transformation in the added bed. Satisfied mothers happily talk about a healthy and peaceful sleep with the baby, about a tactile soothing contact, which is so important for both.

Among the shortcomings they note the high price, as well as some limited sets of bed linen, which can be seen firsthand, and not ordered in the Internet space.However, the majority of parents are satisfied with the purchase, a quiet sleep of the baby and the stylish interior of the house.

Interesting solutions in interior design

The bed, made in dark color, perfectly combines with the modern style in the interior. The muffled green color of bed linen in combination with white splashes will organically complement the bed of a girl or a boy.

Beautiful round bed in the nursery, made in pink girlish colors. The softness and transparency of tulle, framing the bed, immerses in peace and tenderness.

The snow-white round bed is complemented by a bumper in the form of multi-colored pillows, made in soothing tones of the unisex style.

One of the modifications of the round transformer bed is a comfortable sofa. Soft sides complement the design, making it very homely and comfortable. The rug on the floor near the crib also looks stylish, protecting the legs of the baby who just came down from the warm bed.

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