Cradle for newborns

From the moment of the birth of a child, many things change in life, and new parents try to give their children only the best. However, the question of how to choose a crib for a newborn comes first.

Young people are actively interviewing friends and surf the Internet in the hope of finding the answer to your question. In our time, the shops provided a huge variety of various options for cots. But what model will suit the baby and parents?

One of the most popular options for the smallest is the cot. Regardless of the limited period of use of such a crib, up to 5 months, the baby will feel protected and easier to rock.

Features and benefits

The cradle bed has several advantages over a regular bed. Such models are compact and mobile, which is undoubtedly very convenient.

Usually, a crib has parameters of 50 cm by 100 cm. The cradles are equipped with locking mechanisms, have wheels and sometimes appliances for storing babies' things.

Due to the small space of the bassinet, the baby sleeps better and is easy to move in the crib to the right place. For example, during sleep, the bed can be moved to the parent's bed or moved around the rooms.

In addition, a special mechanism helps to quickly rock the baby or temporarily replace the playpen during homework.

Perhaps the only disadvantage is the small life of the furniture. After all, the child grows and by the age of 3 months makes attempts to rise and turns over. Because of the performance of 3-5 months, this bed will not be safe.

Despite the indisputable advantages of the cot, in no case should you leave the newborn in it without adult supervision.

Cot or carrycot: which is better

Not every family can afford a large investment in their beloved child, because in most cases, young parents prefer the usual beds. Shops offer a wide range of beds for toddlers that will fit even until a child is 3 years old.

There are the usual beds, beds, pendulums, as well as models equipped with arcs and removable wheels.

After the birth, the baby feels more comfortable in the less spacious citadel. It is believed that in this case the child feels like in the womb and therefore is not so much worried.

Therefore, before choosing a cot, it is worth assessing your financial capabilities and advantages for yourself and your baby.



The cradle of such model of a bed looks cozy and beautiful. Furniture is made mainly from the vine, raffia leaves or rattan stalks. All of them are environmentally friendly materials, which is very important. Cradles turn out strong and reliable. Inside the cradle is trimmed with quilted fabric that allows you to keep warm.

There are models equipped with fastened hoods. As well as cots with stands in the kit allow you to gently rock the baby. But at the request of the parents for the convenience of hanging the cradle on the ceiling hook.


The cot is hung from the ceiling by a hook. Material for the manufacture of the cradle can be very different. Often hung woven cradles, but you can find wooden models.

Unfortunately, modern apartments are not designed for heavier ceiling chandeliers. Therefore, manufacturers complement the model of suspended cradles with fixed supports that are easily transported and occupy a minimum of space in the room.


Inventions of modern technologies are made from metal or plastic materials. The model is equipped with a backlight, a motion sickness mechanism and even has the ability to select a melody. For the comfort of the baby, toys can be placed on a special arc above the cradle. The undeniable advantage of the electronic model is the ability to adjust the height of the bed.

Cradle 2 in 1

Such is the unusual bed-cradle. The model is designed for children under the age of 3 years. The crib itself has fastenings that allow fixing it on the crib structure. The cradle can be used as an independent element, thanks to which the baby moves freely around the house with his parents, and even as a playpen.

It is worth remembering about safety measures when choosing a crib. The sides must be high, so that later the grown-up child does not accidentally fall out of his abode.


An excellent gift for young parents will be a portable cradle. The basis of plywood, covered with fabric, will allow it to comfortably accommodate the baby. In addition, such models can be attached to the base of the stroller. The carrier can also be used as an envelope or cradle for sleeping.

Most models have a hood that protects the baby’s head. A mandatory component is a leather pocket, which protects the feet from low temperatures.

Baby carriage

The pram cradle is equipped with high sides for reliability and convenience of the baby. Recently, transforming carriages are increasingly being produced, in which the cradle can be replaced with a seat for a more adult child. Such cradles can be used as carriers. Therefore, when choosing a cradle, it is necessary to check the reliability of the design and quality of the handles of the cradle.


In connection with the entry into force of the law on the safe transportation of children, so-called autofolties have become very popular. Special chairs are attached to the car seat and seat belts fix the child. These cradles have a slope of 45 degrees and are designed for childrenup to 9 months.

Rocking cradle

The cradle is made in the style of a lounge chair. On a special support or wheels mounted chair. Some models have devices for performing certain functions. The baby in such a cradle is swayed like on a swing. Designs are made of both wood and plastic.


The most popular are, of course, wooden beds. The material is breathable, practical and most importantly environmentally friendly. The cradles are made mainly from pine, birch and spruce. But better and more expensive oak, beech or cherry. It goes without saying that the characteristics of the furniture are directly dependent on the strength of the raw materials.

Wood is perfectly treatable, and often there are beds covered with paint or varnish. Funny pictures in the bed of the baby, of course, a good idea, but do not neglect the safety of the child. When choosing a wooden cradle, you must pay attention to the composition of the treating substances. Therefore, it is better to stay on the version of pure treated wood without chemical coatings.

Plastic cots are cheaper at cost, easy to transport and care.However, when buying such furniture, you should familiarize yourself with the certificate and clarify the quality and origin of the materials from which the construction is made. Plastic crib models are cot beds, rocking beds, etc.

The advantage of iron beds is the variety and creativity of forms. All metal parts are enclosed with cloth or nets. Such furniture is very functional. To order you can buy this work of art. In addition, iron beds are made for every taste:

  1. Bed arena;
  2. Transforming bed;
  3. Retractable bed;
  4. Cot-cradle;
  5. Bed-pendulum.

Additional equipment and accessories

Depending on the model, the cradles are equipped with supports, belts, canopies. Very popular beds with mobile. No kid will not remain indifferent to the amusing carousel with toys over his head. In addition, some cots are equipped with electronic units, which allows you to effortlessly start the mode of rocking the bed, lighting, or just turn on the music.

How to choose

When choosing a cradle, the most important thing is the quality of the design.

Be sure to pay attention to the material and the integrity of the crib mounts. All of them must be made of metal. Otherwise, the bed will be unreliable and short-lived.

Equally important is the environmental friendliness of the basic materials of construction. What parent does not wish the health of the child? But unscrupulous manufacturers enough for all. In addition to studying the certificate of quality of the bed, inspect it visually and evaluate the quality of painting and the presence of extraneous chemical odors.

In order for the baby and parents to be comfortable, the furniture must be mobile and comfortable. Therefore, before going to the store is to decide where to put the bed and how to continue to move it around the apartment if necessary.

The most practical will be wide models that do not constrain the movements of the growing child. Young mothers also need to facilitate their work, preferring the presence of such an accessory as a basket for diapers or folding changing table.

If the bed has wheels, then it is necessary to give preference to models with the ability to lock them for easy fixation in one place or another.

For wealthy parents, manufacturers equip baby cradles with an electronic device that can be programmed to perform certain functions. So, if the baby woke up, then the mechanism is triggered and the baby is gently rocked to the sound of a lullaby. Therefore, it is worth while checking to check the operation of the cradle-nanny system so that occasional failure does not frighten the child.

When choosing a particular model, pay attention to the presence of a basket or shelf for laundry. This accessory will help facilitate the care of the baby, since everything you need is located at arm's length.

If the cradle can be adjusted in height, it is necessary to check the mechanism for correct functioning several times.

In order to save time and money, some parents use the cradle from the stroller and at home too. Convenience is evident, however, do not forget about safety measures and hygiene. After all, on such a bed accumulates street dust and precipitation, which is undesirable for a small child.

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How to do it yourself

The Internet is replete with offers of cots of various types to order. But with a great desire and a small skill, you can make the furniture yourself.

Here is a brief example of how to make a wooden model.

Required materials and inventory:

  1. Boards about 30 cm wide;
  2. One fairly sturdy board about 2 cm thick;
  3. Wooden rods;
  4. Frame slats;
  5. Glue;
  6. Varnish wood;
  7. Screws;
  8. Milling machine;
  9. Jigsaw;
  10. Drill;
  11. Paint brushes.

First you need to prepare cardboard templates of parts for the bed. Further details are cut out on the milling machine. Racks and bars going to frame the crib. The parts are connected with screws, and for the greatest strength of the structure it is worth gluing them together. Furniture upholstery is made from the most appropriate material for the master.

Additionally, you can make a canopy of fabric. To do this, it is enough to fix a part of the canvas on the sides, and fix one side to the ceiling.

The advantage of a hand-made cot is quality and environmental friendliness. In addition, colors and raw materials are selected to your taste. Yet before the start of the operation of the furniture will not interfere with the test for stability and trauma.


Especially laudatory praises mommies sing electronic cradles.High-quality materials, canopies, mobiles bribe not only parents, but also really calm children. All this attracts attention as well as possible. And, as you know, children are interested in beautiful toys and melodious sounds.

The members of the forum are very pleased with the beds that emit the sounds of nature and the function of the automatic movement of the baby. The most popular cradles, cot brands Mothercare and SIMPLICITY.

Interesting solutions in interior design

Of course, the cradle-bed harmoniously fit into any design of the room, as the style is easy to maintain the color of the upholstered bed and canopy. Yet there are some differences.

For example, the most versatile option would be a wooden or woven cradle of neutral shades.

For a more subtle and delicate design of the room, a cradle with rag or lace frills will suit, and the hand-knit rimmed ruffles look very elegant. The canopy can also be decorated with artificial butterflies, pom-poms or lace.

Of course, the main criterion for choosing a cot is the practicality and convenience for the baby and parents.And to support the overall style of the interior will help any means at hand and creative approach.

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