Arena bed for newborns

With the birth of a child, parents have to think about how to equip a nursery, because in the room for the baby all the furniture should be not only attractive, but also high-quality and safe.

Features and benefits

If you do not know what to buy in the first place - a cot or playpen, then look at the combined option. Beds arenas appeared relatively recently, so they still did not have time to evaluate their advantages.

The most important advantage of this type of children's furniture is that it is universal. A baby in a playpen can spend a lot of time: sleep at night, and play during the day, being completely safe. The bed is easily transformed into a playpen. Most often it is made of plastic, supplemented with fabric and mesh.

Thanks to the durable frame and the use of durable fabrics, the bed withstands a lot. Most modern beds of this type are additionally supplied with pockets where you can put toys and other children's accessories.For convenience of movement of a bed arena, it can be supplied with castors.

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Popular models

There is a wide variety of modern playpen beds that are available from a variety of manufacturers. Let's look at several popular models from famous manufacturers.


Cots from this brand are very comfortable and compact. Due to its folding design, they can be transported, if necessary, not only within their home or apartment, but also to take somewhere with them.


If you live in a small apartment, it is best to look at compact folding playpens. It is very easy to fold on the principle of an umbrella. Thus, by pressing just a few buttons, you either turn the playpen back into the crib, or completely remove it.

An additional advantage of cot beds from this brand is that their walls are made in the form of a transparent mesh. So you can always watch your baby. A plus for the safety of the child is that all the edges and crossbars are covered with a soft cloth, and all small details are well fixed.

Hauck Dream`n Play Square

A playpen from this brand reliably protects the child both in moments of play and in sleep.In order to sleep the baby was calm, there are special legs under the bottom of the crib. The bottom of the playpen is soft and at the same time springy, so even during an active game the child will not be able to harm himself.

This model of the playpen is supplied with a special protective mat, which, if necessary, can be cleaned with a damp cloth, or simply washed in the shower.


If you have a limited budget, but you still want to buy a playpen crib for your baby, pay attention to Globex Playpen Square 1103. According to its characteristics, it is not particularly pleasing to parents, but the low price still pleasantly pleases.

This bed has an extremely simple equipment - the frame is covered with a translucent mesh on all sides, and support rings are built into the walls, for which the child will be comfortable to hold during the game. As in the previous version, the bottom is a special rubberized surface that is easy to clean using even the simplest wet rag.

Babies (BP 1B)

Finally, it is worth mentioning one more practical bed. This playpen is complemented by a comfortable soft mattress, which allows you to turn an ordinary place for games into sleeping space.Manege easily folded in those moments when you need to stay in a room with guests, or to carry out general cleaning.

Practical handles that the child will hold to learn to walk as quickly as possible complement this arena. Thus, the bed will become not only a place for games, but also an opportunity for the development of the baby.

How to choose

If you are buying a baby cot for the first time, then most likely you will not know what you should pay attention to. When choosing, you will be helped by reviews of those who have already bought such children's furniture, or design advice.

Baby bed arenas must be stable and reliable. This is a pledge of child safety. A crib that is well established will not slide on the floor, which means that the baby will not harm itself.

Choosing a bed for a child up to 3 years of age should also be guided by the safety and environmental friendliness of the materials from which it is made. It is also important that the bed is easily folded. The best option is the playpen bed, which folds like a book. It lasts longer and is more convenient to use.

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You also need to evaluate what kind of load you should expect.This moment depends on how old the child is and how heavy it is.

Many playpen beds now also provide an additional vibration block. If it is installed, the bed will vibrate gently, rocking the baby. But such models are significantly more expensive, so you need to assess their financial abilities and based on this, decide whether to buy a model with the ability to rock, or not.

Cots arenas differ in their equipment. Considering the assortment of modern children's furniture, evaluate which features and additional details you really need and which not.

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So, for example, a table for swaddling need to those who live in a small apartment. In a tiny room full changing table does not fit. Therefore, it is best to purchase a playpen with such a functional addition. In it, a table, if necessary, is installed on the playpen and removed.

Also playpen-bed can be supplemented with a developing playmat. Such an addition will contribute to the development of the child. Rugs of this type are in many arenas and differ in their appearance and functions.that perform - they can be musical, three-dimensional, intended for the development of the kid's sensory skills or logic.

The mosquito net can also be supplied with a playpen. This is also a very good addition for a crib, especially if you often take a playpen with you to nature, or to the garden. A playpen with a protective net in such a case will protect your child from the nasty bites of midges.

To make the child fall asleep easier and faster, the playpen can also be supplemented with a special block with music. It is usually originally established soothing music, which contributes to a smooth pleasant sleep.

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But the additional door will turn the crib-playpen into a real playhouse. It is fastened with a zipper, so the child himself will not be able to open it.

Choose a crib-playpen of the configuration that seems right for you, and take into account your financial capabilities and needs.

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