Bed-car for a boy

Features and benefits

Many parents want to please their child and arrange a cozy nest in the room. To do this, they make repairs for the children's room, pick up furniture and accessories. One of the main interior items is the bed. It should be not only comfortable, but also reflect the imagination and desire of the baby. That is why, in the nursery for the boy it is better to buy a crib - a typewriter.

The bed - the machine has both pros and cons. Therefore, choosing such a bed, carefully study all its advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits include:

  • Bright design and interesting color design;
  • Beds in the form of a car are made for both girls and boys;
  • Only safe materials are used to make the bed;
  • Many models are equipped with drawers for storing clothes and shelves on the side of the bed;
  • The cost of such beds may be different and depends on their quality.

The disadvantages include:

  • Compared with the usual children's bed, a bed - a car costs more;
  • Choosing a bed, you have to adjust the whole style of the room under it;
  • The bed in the form of a car will have to be changed to another one as soon as the child grows up and will assume that such a bed is too childish.


In furniture stores there is a huge selection of beds in the form of machines. It can be a bed in the form of a bus, a fire truck or a race car. The bed can have a lifting mechanism and lighting. It can be equipped with shelves and drawers. In general, there are many options. Consider some of them.

Sofa - machine

The original solution for the children's room. The sofa in the folded state takes up little space, and in the unfolded it becomes a spacious berth. Sofas are designed not only to sit on them, but also for a comfortable stay. The sofa bed is comfortable and, in it, there is a drawer for storing bedding, which can be put into this drawer after sleeping.

Fire bed - car - another original choice for a little boy

The fire truck may reflect the child’s dream of becoming a fireman in the future.The bed has a size of 190 cm by 80 cm and is equipped with two drawers in which you can store not only clothes, but also toys.

"Lightning McQueen" - a bed in the form of a cartoon hero

A child who loves the cartoon “Cars” will definitely appreciate such a bed. The size of the bed “Makvin” is 170 cm by 80 cm. The frame is made of birch. This model is available with a drawer for storage.

Racing bed - car

This bed is made of chipboard. The bed size is 160 cm by 70 cm. The color design of this bed can be very different. Paints and enamels, which are used to paint the bed, are not toxic.

Bed in the form of a car for two children

As a rule, it is a bunk bed, which can be in the form of a large bus or a steam locomotive. This bed is strong and comfortable, and it is perfect for a small children's room. The dimensions of the beds are 190 cm by 90 cm. Some models have several drawers or shelves. The ladder can be placed on any convenient side, which allows the bed to be installed anywhere in the room. Material - MDF.

Bed - backlit machine

Many manufacturers of cots make beds - cars with an unusual design. Highlighting the bottom of the bed and burning lights - this is what a boy from 3 to 12 years will appreciate.Some children are afraid to sleep in the dark, so the lights can play the role of a night lamp.

Bed - a car with a lifting mechanism

This bed has a laundry storage box inside, and in order to open it you need to lift the body of the bed. The mechanism can be manual, on springs or on gas shock absorbers. The cheapest option is a manual mechanism, but a small child does not have the physical strength to lift the bottom of the bed.

Bed - BMW car

Many children prefer just such a bed, because she has not painted wheels, but real ones. They are made of plastic. This car lights are on, which can not fail to attract a child. The size of the bed is usually 170 cm by 80 cm, but it can be more.

Bed - Attic in the form of a car

This option is very beneficial for a small room. The design itself is a working area on the first tier and a bed on the second. Below is a desk with drawers and all kinds of shelves, a wardrobe, chest of drawers. The staircase is made of natural wood or metal, which allows you to safely climb and descend. Bed - attic can be made in the form of a bus or a truck. The size of a berth is 170 cm by 80 cm.


Bed - the machine is designed for a child aged 3 years, but some models have a size that can accommodate an adult. But the teenager is unlikely to want to have a bed in this style in her bedroom, and the kid’s bed will simply be uncomfortable. Therefore, you need to choose a bed according to the growth and age of the boy:

  • The size of 210 cm by 80 cm is designed for a teenager. In a small room you will not put such a bed, and if the child is small, then it will simply be out of place there.
  • The size of 190 cm by 90 cm is designed for a teenager of 13 years. Such a bed can be interesting for a child who is fond of appliances, if the bed is a car equipped with small details (steering wheel, wheels, headlights).
  • The size of 180 cm by 80 cm is designed for a boy perfectly 5 to 10 years. Such a bed - the machine is equipped with lighting, drawers and shelves. When choosing a bed you need to consider the presence of small and sharp details.

Materials used in the manufacture

Baby bed must be made of safe, durable and environmentally friendly materials.

  • Chipboard, MDF and wood - natural materials for the manufacture of baby beds - machines.But the bed of chipboard has a small life, although it is favorable in price. But a bed made of natural wood is expensive, but it is of high quality and durable.
  • Plastic. A plastic bed has a low cost, but does not have the quality, for example, a wooden bed.

If you decide to buy a plastic bed, then make sure that it does not have a strong smell of paint. Cheap models often paint not on the production, and after. This bed is not of high quality.

Optional components and accessories

Additional details include lights, lights, steering wheel, box for storing toys or linen, sports equipment, signal.

  1. Headlights usually shine with white or orange LED bulbs. Turn the headlights on and off by pressing a special button.
  2. The backlight is also LED. It not only decorates the general interior of the room, but also becomes a kind of nightlight.
  3. The signal is present on the more expensive models of beds. It is interesting for a child to play racer while honking.
  4. The storage box can be retractable, concealed or opened by a mechanism.For a small child, the mechanism should be either on the springs or on gas shock absorbers so that he is able to open the bottom of the bed.
  5. Sports equipment can be additionally purchased with a loft bed. To do this, you need to install the bracket, and hang a ladder, rope or parallel bars to it.

In many furniture stores, in addition to a baby cot, cars can also be purchased accessories. Accessories include:


They will protect a small child from falling.


The set includes a pillowcase, a sheet and a duvet cover. The fabric must be of high quality and made from natural materials such as linen and cotton. This is necessary so that the child’s body breathes and does not develop an allergic reaction.

A sleeping bag is purchased for a child who is very much tossed in his sleep. The sleeping bag is very warm and the baby will not open at night, as it can be done with a blanket.

Blankets, blankets and bedspreads

Just like bed linen, they should be environmentally friendly and natural. The size of the blanket or rug should be a little more than the height of the child, but not very large so that he does not get confused at night.


It should be orthopedic, so that during sleep the pillow takes the form of the baby’s head. If the pillow is not orthopedic, then it should be moderately hard, but not too soft. It is not desirable that the pillow be stuffed with cotton, because it is quickly deformed.


It must be either hard or orthopedic so as not to deform the boy’s spine. The filler should be natural, but it should not be cotton or paralon. Ideal fillers are latex and coconut fiber.

How to choose

Modern furniture stores in their range have a huge variety of interesting models of beds in the form of cars. But how to choose the right bed in the nursery?

It is best to buy a bed - a car from the manufacturer. If, of course, it is possible. Such a purchase is beneficial in all respects. Firstly, it is possible to buy a bed from the manufacturer without extra charge and at a discount. Secondly, the buyer will be honestly and accurately advised. Thirdly, the bed can be immediately picked up from the warehouse or ordered to be delivered, which will not have to wait long. Fourthly, the bed from the warehouse is absolutely new, and in the store goods lie for months.

The main criteria when choosing a bed

  • You should know what the crib is made of. Ideally, it should be natural wood or chipboard. Carefully check the bed for the presence of joints and marriage.
  • Figure should be clear, without divorce. There should be no smell.
  • Pay attention to the country of origin. It is better if it is Russia or Germany, because products of these countries are more qualitative and sustainable.
  • The weight of the bed should be big. Cots made of cheap materials weigh little, but quickly become useless.
  • Buy a bed with a removable mattress. It can be removed for cleaning or changed as soon as it becomes unusable.
  • Specify what is included in the kit and personally check whether all you packed. Feel free to lines once to double check for details. In the end, you are the buyer.
  • Check the certificate and warranty for the bed.
  • Read the assembly instructions. Detailed drawings will help to assemble the bed yourself. If you know that you can’t make a bed yourself, you won’t be able to hire a car.
  • Ask your consultant the rules of operation.
  • Specify when the goods will be delivered to you and write down the number of the supplier.

A baby bed from 3 years old should be 170 × 70 cm. She must have sides. If the bed - the car will be located on the podium, then the steps must be sustainable. Whether it is comfortable for a child to sleep in a bed depends on what kind of mattress he has. The best is an orthopedic mattress.

Cost of

Price category for children's beds - cars are quite different. If the bed is made of inexpensive materials and will not consist of additional details, then it will cost less. Expensive models are equipped with a backlight, the wheels are not painted, they have a signal. And most importantly, they are made of quality materials. On average, prices for beds - cars range from 4000 r to 40000 r.

Care rules

Caring for a baby bed does not take much trouble and does not take much time. The surface of the bed - the machine should be regularly cleaned with a damp cloth. Drawings or photo printing can not be strongly rubbed so as not to wash off the image. Plastic bed can be cleaned with detergents. Sometimes you need to ventilate the box for linen, and wipe the shelves from dust.

Customer Reviews

Most buyers are satisfied with the purchase of a bed - cars for a boy. It is interesting for a child to sleep in such a bed and they do not need to go to bed at night with their parents. Many parents are happy to sleep in a children's bed themselves, if dimensions allow.

Interesting solutions in interior design

The design of the children's room should match the bed - typewriter. The room should be framed in the same color as the bed; there should be no sharp corners and projections. Children's room must first be safe.

An interesting solution could be a children's wall, which is made in the same style and includes a work area, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers and the bed itself. This is convenient in that you do not have to pick up furniture under the bed.

Another option for the design of the children's room is wallpaper with the image of the road in the field. So a bed - the car will ideally fit into the room.

If the bed in the form of a car has a certain brand, then an emblem of this brand can be glued to the wall. For example, a BMW bed and a BMW sign on the wall.

If in the children's room the walls are painted green, then the bed can be chosen blue or dark green.Curtains should also be blue or green shades.

Stickers or drawings can be an original solution in the interior of the children's room. The child himself can participate in the design of the room. Glue stickers or paint the walls like any mischievous.

Do not forget to warm the floor in the nursery. On the floor you can lay a carpet or carpet. An interesting design solution can be a mat - puzzle. The child will be happy to assemble and disassemble such a mat.

Boy's opinion

Before you buy a bed in the nursery, be sure to consult with your son. His desires and preferences should not be ignored. After all, he will have to sleep in this bed. And the comfort and comfort of the child depends on the right choice.

A joint shopping trip or viewing of beds - machines in the catalog of online stores will be a kid in joy. Together choose bed linen, pillows, mattress. The child must be involved in the purchase process.. The bed should not only please, but also be suitable for age. It should fit into the interior of the room and emphasize the overall style.

The personality of the boy will emphasize a set consisting of a wardrobe, a bed, a table and a bedside table. The kit must be made in the same style. Modern purchases will help your child become more independent and feel like an adult.

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