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Undoubtedly, the birth of a baby is the best thing that can happen in every family. From the first minutes of life, parents try to give their fumes the best. Under the best, in the first place, is understood parental love and affection, and only then clothes, toys, furniture and accessories of luxury quality. For my child, as they say, I don’t feel sorry for money or time. If the parents do not have any particular difficulties with the purchase of the first necessary things for the child, then when choosing a mattress, some people face some issues.

From the first days of being at home, the newborn spends a lot of time in the crib and in order for the baby to spend time in it to be pleasant and useful, you need to choose the “right” mattress. So, consider the basic requirements for a children's mattress:

  1. The size. The size of the mattress should correspond to the size of the cot. It will cause discomfort to the baby, if, for example, it turns out to be smaller than a bed. A mattress is 120 cm long and 60 cm wide.However, if you know the size of the bed, you can choose a mattress that will be different from the standard version. Almost all furniture factories have a service for making accessories for sleeping. You can order a mattress of any shape and size.
  2. Hygiene. Since the child will spend a lot of time in the crib, the mattress should pass the air well and also be resistant to moisture or have a special cover that can be removed and washed. The filler is also important. Everyone knows that children need to choose all natural. However, in this case, naturalness may be quite inappropriate. For example, a wool filler may become an allergen. Coconut coir is considered non-allergenic.
  3. Orthopedic properties. The mattress for the newborn should be a little hard. Only in this case, the spine of the baby will be able to take the correct position. Pediatricians are categorically opposed to the child sleeping on a soft one, since the child’s spine can be deformed.
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With spring block

The model on the springs is a good option for the baby. However, it is necessary to take into account that they distinguish mattresses with springs dependent on each other and independent. So, the first option is not suitable for kids.This is due to the fact that in this case the springs are fastened to each other directly, and, accordingly, when deflecting one spring, they also bend alongside. Because of this, there is a deepening that negatively affects the health of the child. And in models with independent springs, each spring assumes the presence of a bag, due to which each spring retains its independence.

Pros: the mattress does not sag under the weight of the child, respectively, the spine will be in the correct position; the second model, in contrast to the first, does not emit any squeaks or extra noise; accordingly, the child will not be disturbed by unnecessary sounds.

Minuses: high cost, too high and heavy.


When buying a model with an orthopedic effect, it is recommended to talk with an orthopedic surgeon. After examining the child, he will recommend you which model is better to purchase. Mandatory qualities that an orthopedic mattress should have are elasticity, necessary rigidity and evenness of the surface. The task of the orthopedic mattress is to ensure a healthy sleep of the child, no matter what position he is sleeping in.And to ensure the quality of the product, you can request a certificate from the seller.


The coconut model is recognized as the most suitable for a newborn baby. The filler is made of coconut fiber. In this case, the fibers are either stitched together, or connected with latex. Stitched models are not quite suitable for babies, as coconut filler along the seam can crumble, forming dust that can cause allergies. Another disadvantage of the stitched version is that such a mattress is quickly deformed.

Parents who care about the health of their child, prefer models with coconut coir and with a latex compound.

Do not forget that products from high quality materials can not be cheap.

Pros: the filler does not absorb odors, is well ventilated, does not rot, ticks and microbes will never get inside. This model is ideal for newborns, as it has the desired rigidity.

Minuses: expensive.

With polyurethane foam

Polyurethane foam is made artificially: polymer is foamed. It belongs to the economy class materials.Despite this, the mattress has its pros and cons.

Pros: strength, durability, lightness. A definite plus is the price. Polyurethane foam does not change its shape over time, does not form tubercles.

Minuses: the mattress is not hard enough.

From batting and foam rubber

These fillers are considered not the most suitable for newborns. First, in the production of such a model, materials are used that cannot be useful to a child’s body. As for foam rubber, it is too soft for babies, and, accordingly, it can quickly deform, and with it the baby’s spine.

Pros: small price, ease.

Cons: Wadding and foam - materials too soft for children; absorbs various odors and liquids; over time, the filler may begin to roll, forming tubercles.

What you need to know about the size

Mattresses with dimensions of 60 by 120 cm are considered standard, the dimensions of the European standard are slightly different - 65 by 130 cm, 70 by 140 cm. The most optimal height is 10-15 cm. It should be chosen depending on the size of the bed. The mattress should lie like a glove, leaving no gaps. A too small mattress will leave gaps,in which a baby's handle or leg may get stuck, and too large may form tubercles or cavities that can deform the immature spine.

Choosing a mattress topper

Buying a mattress, you must purchase a mattress or cover. Here are some tips for choosing a mattress cover:

  1. Considered a good cover on the elastic band. Such a mattress is very convenient for small children, as it does not roll down or creep.
  2. Give preference to covers with waterproof coating. However, the outside should be of soft material.
  3. If you do not have the opportunity to buy a mattress cover at the moment, do not worry. For this purpose, suitable baby waterproof diaper.
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Mattress care

Proper care ensures the durability of any product. The rules of care are almost universal and are suitable for almost any sleeping accessory.

  1. The first thing that often needs to be done often is to air it. To do this, it must be taken out onto the street, especially well if the sun is shining. But it should be remembered that the mattress can be put only in a horizontal position, turning from time to time.
  2. Do not knock the product with any filler.But to get rid of dust, you need to vacuum the mattress on both sides every month.
  3. It is best to purchase several namartnikov, to frequently change and wash them. For convenience, it is recommended to purchase mattress covers with elastic or string.
  4. If the mattress has both sides hard, then you need to turn it over from time to time.
  5. If only one side is hard, then it is necessary to periodically rotate the mattress, that is, to change the head with the other, in some places.
  6. The product can only be transported in a horizontal position.
  7. Spring models can not be folded, so as not to damage the springs and filler.
  8. If spots suddenly appeared, they should be removed with special children's means, in which the minimum chlorine content.
  9. Another point that needs to be taken into account is that the water should not be allowed inside, otherwise the filler may be deformed.
  10. If the mattress has a filler from coconut coir, then it can not be cleaned with wet methods. This model is recommended to vacuum, air and turn over frequently. Also on this model is not recommended to jump and play, so as not to damage the filler.
  11. If the mattress has a batting filler, it should be aired monthly and vacuumed weekly. Such a model can be dry-cleaned, but it can only be cleaned with foam, without wetting too much.
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Owner reviews

Owners' reviews are fundamentally different, but most of them are satisfied with their choice. Most buyers prefer brands such as Ascona, Ormatek, Vegas and Relax. All the products of these brands are not cheap, but soon buyers notice that for such a high-quality sleeping accessory, the price is not exactly that big. In very rare cases, customers complain about the poor quality of the product.

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