Mobile on a bed for newborns

Special features

The story of the childish appearance of such a thing as a children's mobile is very ancient. Previously it was thought that such toys, hung at the head of the crib, are amulets that can protect the baby from the evil eye or damage. Now such a thing is installed on the crib for another purpose. It rather performs an entertaining function and helps to take the baby. In addition, some consider it an element of decor.

The children's mobile resembles a miniature carousel, on which toys suspended from it rotate in a circle. As a rule, this element is attached to the side of the crib. Manufacturers are a variety of models with a variety of functions that attract kids so much. Mommies ask themselves: do you need a mobile in a crib, or will it be enough to have ordinary toys. Each parent should make this decision independently, based on the child’s preferences, as well as on their age and individual health-related features.

Mobile got its name due to its design. This is a device with mobile toys that move in a circle. In another way, this device is called mobile phone.

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Disadvantages and advantages

The main advantage of this device is that it attracts the attention of the infant and even has a calming effect on it. Many babies stop crying or screaming at such a toy. In addition, the mobile with children's toys looks very cute and beautiful, it perfectly complements the interior design of each child. In addition, many experts in the field of children's health argue that such a toy has a positive effect on the health and development of babies.

So, doctors point out that such a rotating toy can train vision very well. The child can concentrate on one toy he likes and watch her for a long time in a circle. It is best to install such a kind of simulator for children's eyes at a distance of about thirty centimeters from the baby. Especially useful toys that can be detached and replaced by others.

Some models of modern mobiles have a musical function.These devices can play pleasant soothing music that can even put an infant to sleep. Many mothers use this device to soothe capricious babies.

Another advantage of this children's little thing is that it can become a beautiful decoration of the cradle. The toys themselves, hanging on this design, have a very beautiful design, it can be cute animals, birds, ponies, fairies for girls and cars for boys. As a rule, toys are also chosen according to the color of the child’s room, usually using quieter pastel shades.

Some experts talk about the dangers of this kind of children's toys. So, doctors are not advised to purchase this kind of device for newborn babies. They can have a negative effect on their unformed psyche. Also, experts do not recommend using too loud children's mobiles, because the hearing organs in babies are extremely sensitive in the first few months. Such devices can irritate the baby’s hearing, and therefore the child may become too excited or start to cry.

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There are many types of mobile phones for kids, which should be selected on the basis of your budget, as well as depending on the age of your child. The simplest model is an ordinary mobile phone, which, as a rule, is made of wood or, more rarely, of plastic. Such a mobile can even be made independently, it will be a fixed rod with a hook, on which you can hang toys on a rope or cord. You can choose the components of this design depending on your own preferences and individual preferences of your baby, in addition, you can easily change their places or replace them with new ones when the old toys bother your little one. The only negative feature of this design is that you will not have the opportunity to independently adjust the height of the mobile and the toys suspended from it.

The second, more interesting version of this device is a music handheld mobile. You can independently start a mechanical mobile and thus turn on the music and set the carousel in motion. Such a device by design resembles a standard clockwork music box and can play only one music.This type has no lighting and other interesting functions, but you can hang more toys on it than on an ordinary wooden mobile and, besides, they will rotate.

The most interesting and modern variety are electrical devices. Electronic mobile phones do not need to start, as a rule, they run on batteries. Manufacturers have provided several tunes, as well as mobiles with children's songs. Many electronic devices are presented with a nightlight or illuminated. Such mobile phones are more interesting for kids and therefore perfectly distract and occupy them.

Many electronic mobiles have a remote control with which you can turn on or off the device itself, as well as its backlight or music. You can also choose with it a more suitable melody or even a rotational speed of the carousel. Also, the replacement of toys with new ones is provided, you can hang up a boat, a car, stars, bears and other favorite things of your crumbs. The most expensive models of mobiles are presented with a projector that can reproduce interesting pictures and images on the wall or ceiling.

It is best to acquire a variety that will have a musical function, the role of a night light and at the same time will act as a decorative element. If you allow the budget, it is worth buying a model with a projector, because it can create an imitation of the starry sky or carry away a child with moving images of animals. The musical component is also very important, since for children over one year old and even older than two years, such a mobile can replace a tape recorder.


When choosing a mobile it is important to consider the quality of the materials from which it is made. It is best to purchase products from environmentally friendly materials, as well as mobile phones, which are not potentially dangerous for the child because of its composition. Do not save on children's toys, because their low quality may affect the health of the baby.

Wooden structures are very environmentally friendly and safe, so it is best to buy mobile wood from natural wood. But, as a rule, such models are not distinguished by a large variety of functions and interesting looks, so you can give preference to felt devices.

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Experts do not recommend purchasing plastic mobiles, but now there are many models of fairly high-quality and completely harmless plastic. Usually the mount itself is made of plastic or, more rarely, of wood. But hanging toys can be made from both textile materials and plastic and sometimes from wood. Mobile material should be selected based on your own wishes. So, some people buy only plastic devices, because they are very easy to clean.

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Considered safer are mobiles with soft figures. Soft mobile can be removed and washed. In addition, soft toys help develop fine motor skills of hands, and they are more pleasant to the touch. These mobile phones are made from a wide variety of textile materials and can also have thundering filling or filling in the form of balls, which can be sorted out and thus developed tactile receptors of the handles of your crumbs. The only disadvantage of such a mobile phone is that it quickly gets dirty and collects dust, such figures will have to be washed as often as possible.

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How to choose

When buying a mobile for children on the bed should pay attention to all its components. It is important that the design does not have various defects, chips, as well as an unpleasant chemical smell. Check that the elements of this device are not painted, that they are evenly painted, and that there are no surfaces with peeling paint. Avoid devices that are painted in acid shades, as they may be unsafe.

The next thing you need to pay attention to when buying a mobile phone is the quality of all the mounts. Designs with hooks are very convenient, since children's figures are mobile at the same time: they can be removed and put on, interchanged and replaced. But with a strong unwinding of the toy may fall out of such an attachment. Mobile phones that are attached to the side of the crib with the help of special clips are preferred, since this is the most durable type of attachment. It is less preferable to mount the mobile with the help of velcro, but they can be installed not only on the cradle, but also in the playpen or in the car on the child seat when transporting the baby.

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Choosing a cell phone on the bed, you need to decide on the material from which the figures are made. Plastic figures are less preferred because they can consist of small parts that your baby may accidentally swallow. But they are more hygienic and not so dirty as soft figures. They are easier to wash, and high-quality products are not fragile at all. It is best to buy mobile phones, from which you can detach the figures, they are more interesting for the baby and practical, because they can be used as ordinary toys or rattles.

When choosing a children's music mobile, be sure to check what kind of music is there and pay special attention to the sound quality. Musical motifs should be pleasant and soothing. It is better to buy such music mobile phones, which have the function of sound control. This is very convenient because you can pick up exactly the volume that will be most comfortable for your baby's hearing.

From what age to use

As a rule, experts do not recommend installing so-called "cell phones" on the beds of barely born babies. But in general, such a thing will not do any harm if you comply with the terms of its use.The main thing is that the mobile should be located not less than thirty centimeters from the newborn, and it should not be located above the face of the infant, but above his chest. For very tiny babies, you can buy only mobile phones without music, which can irritate its auditory receptors.

In addition, for newborn babies up to three months it does not matter what color the toys will hang on this device, since at this age they do not distinguish colors. You can hang on this design for them black and white toys. Experts allow the use of mobiles for newborn babies only in the case when this toy you will include for them no more than five minutes a day. More time using this device may overwhelm your baby.

For a baby of three or four months, this toy is more interesting. The kid can already concentrate attention on the toy he likes and distinguish different colors. That is why experts recommend using mobile phones from this very childhood age. At the same age, it is permissible to include musical mobiles, which will delight the child with a pleasant melody and moving carousel.

For children under the age of four months, it is better to turn on this device only during the daytime when the baby has already woken up. In no case should you wake up the baby with this device, since it can become frightened and start crying. In the evening, it is also better not to include mobile phones, as they can disturb the sleep of your baby. Not only will he not be able to fall asleep right away, but in general he will sleep very restlessly. In the daytime, the baby will be amused not only by the rotating toys themselves, but also by the shadows that move on the walls with them.

If you have a baby aged from four months to six months, you can easily acquire a mobile without worrying that this device may have a bad effect on the nervous system of your baby. If earlier you already had such a device, then at this age it should already be replaced with a new, more interesting one. In addition, you need to acquire a mobile phone with a more reliable design, as a six-month-old baby will certainly try to touch the toys and pull them along. Although the baby is already a little older, but still, you should not leave him unattended in the cradle with such a toy, because he can break the mobile, and small parts can get where it is not necessary.

It’s not very interesting for a kid over six months to quietly watch the toy carousel, he will try to get up and grab the toys. That is why it is better to disconnect them from the design and let the child play with them. But the mobile will help develop the kid's desire for walking and independent movement in various ways. In this case, the music device can only be used to play soothing children's melodies. For one-year-olds and more adult children, there is no need to acquire mobiles, since children at that age are restless, they will not lie down and watch them, such toys no longer interest them.

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Top Brands Rating

There are a huge number of brands that produce mobiles, among them many foreign manufacturers, such as Tiny Love, Playgro, Chicco, Fisher-Price, Lakbi. Winnie the Pooh brand, which produces beautiful mobile toys and other children's products, is popular among domestic manufacturers. Some parents prefer to buy exclusive handmade mobiles for their babies. As a rule, such products have an original design and a rather high cost.

Tiny love

The Tiny Love brand makes excellent electronic music mobile phones that have highlights and an unusual repertoire with children's classical music. The backlight is very soft and not very bright, it is perfect for kids. For the development of fine motor skills of children's hands, the figures of this brand are made of a special relief material.


Another equally popular brand is Chicco. Now this manufacturers mobil beat all ratings. They differ in the original design of the pendants, as well as the presence of a mirror completely safe for babies. The figures of this device are beautiful houses in which animals live and cartoon characters. Such products have a fairly high price, but it is justified by the quality, in addition, such a mobile phone has a remote control, with which you can adjust the volume of the music, as well as the speed of rotation of the carousel.


Mobile toys of another brand Fisher-Price are different in that they can perform the function of a projector, and you can play pictures with music. It is very unusual that such a device has several melodies with the sounds of nature: with birds singing, with the sound of the sea or rain. This mobile phone has an arc-mount and several figures in the form of winged cubs.This toy looks very cute and definitely attract the attention of your baby.

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Judging by the reviews of mummies, electronic music models are considered the most popular types of mobiles. Parents write that children between the ages of four months and a year really like these toys, kids laugh and wave their hands looking at the rotating merry-go-round with figures. Some parents even hang mobile phones, even to children as young as one and a half. Kids play on their own in a crib with such toys.

Most of all moms and dads praise mobile phones with soft toys because they are pleasant to the touch and very safe for the baby. Parents note that such devices act soothingly on the baby and distract him from crying, and also amuse the naughty children. Many parents like music in such devices, some moms and dads use it as a lullaby for the baby. In general, reviews of parents about this universal children's device are extremely positive, parents are pleased that they have purchased such an indispensable thing for their baby.

Interesting solutions in interior design

Modern mothers pick up a mobile and toys hanging from it to match the color of the children's room. Some of these toys are sold complete with cribs and a canopy. They perfectly complement the cradle and make it more interesting. Some even pick up this thing under the bedding for the crib.

Mobile in pastel colors with delicate color with soft figures perfectly fit into the interior of the nursery, decorated in the style of Provence. The main rule of this style is the light and calm colors of the walls and furniture. You can choose such a design under the color of wallpaper, pasted on the wall, which is the cradle of the baby. In this case, the holders for the carousel is better to choose from light wood or white high-quality plastic.

Room and mobile in Provence style is better suited for a girl-baby. It is better to choose for such a device pale pink, light peach, white and pale yellow toys. They should be combined with curtains in the nursery and a canopy over the bed. Such a device can be decorated with cute bows. In addition, you can choose a wallpaper for such a children's room with delicate birds, flowers or butterflies, and arrange a mobile phone with the same toys.

In the children's room for a boy, you can purchase a mobile with ships, anchors, dolphins and other fish, if this room is decorated in a marine style. In this case, you can buy a set of baby bedding with the image of marine motifs, and one of the walls in the nursery can be decorated in white and blue stripes. Mobile phone for a baby boy can be brighter, it is better to buy a carousel with toys of blue, green, yellow and red flowers.

Mobile toys for the children's room should be chosen for the style of the interior of the entire room as a whole. Also, this device is better to buy in the color of children's furniture or wallpaper. A mobile phone with figures that repeat the shape of the images on the walls or the shape of interesting elements in the children's room will look great.

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