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Just imagine, adults spend a third of their lives in a dream, and children, even more. For children, a bed is not only a place to sleep, but also a podium for everyday games. In the nursery, the child must be protected, and the parents be sure that nothing will happen to their child. The comfort of a children's bedroom begins with the right choice of furniture and a children's bed. Comfortable, safe bed will be the key to comfort for the whole family.

When choosing a bed, be sure to pay attention to its safety and reliability. The bed should stand all childish pranks. The risk of injury from furniture is very high. That is why children's beds are so popular. Let's see what they are good for.

What are the soft beds for the baby

The favorite recent sales are children's soft beds. These can be beds with a soft headboard or three soft headboards. These beds are perfectly placed along the wall, saving space.

How are children's soft beds different from classic ones?

  • First, they have a soft headboard.It would seem a trifle, but on a soft headboard it is so convenient to lean on and read the evening tale not only to children, but also to parents. Such a headboard reliably protects the child from impacts against the wall.
  • Secondly, such beds with a comfortable back and upholstered around the perimeter. In the children's bedroom or small apartment clashes with furniture are inevitable. If with adults such troubles happen infrequently, baby, every now and then, stumbles upon pieces of furniture. Upholstered softens those moments. Collisions will be unpleasant, but not so traumatic. Fall at the corner of a wooden or metal bed is much more dangerous.
  • Thirdly, soft beds simply fascinate with beauty. Beds, castles, houses, soft toys - a wide range of soft beds will impress even the most fastidious customer. Sofas, ottomans, armchairs, beds with an individual design will not leave anyone indifferent.

No matter how comfortable and beautiful a children's soft bed is, it must also meet all the requirements:

  • Have soft and non-sharp corners. The activity of children involves frequent collisions and falls. All children's furniture as much as possible should protect children, but not create danger.
  • Instead of foam rubber, choose a spring block. Foam rubber is not a bad material, but over time it deforms and loses its shape. For the younger body is bad. The spine suffers first. The mattress should be as comfortable and orthopedic as possible. The ability to order a good mattress is always there.
  • There should be no bumps on the sleeping surface of the bed. Perhaps, in the afternoon, relief and gives the bed an unprecedented charm, but at night it is uncomfortable to sleep on such a bed. It should be remembered that in the first place - this is a sleeper.
  • Upholstered soft beds should not be branded, natural and strong enough. In addition, children's upholstery should also be easy to clean. Small annoyances and pollution should be easily cleaned. The quality of the upholstery is responsible for the durability of the bed.
  • Material for the manufacture of soft beds should be from natural materials. It is better if the frame of a children's soft bed will be made of wood or metal, worse - of chipboard, plastic. You can choose a wooden bed with any budget.
  • Bright, but not acid color. The overly bright color of the bed indicates that they used a lot of dye.Such a bed can not only fade, but also cause allergies, paint the bedding.
  • The bed should definitely like the child. If you still have the choice on a soft bed, then the baby should like it. Why then buy it?

What to prefer?

When choosing a bed, the question immediately arises as to what should be preferred - a regular or soft bed. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of both options to make the right choice.

Soft children's bed will suit you if:

  • You have a small apartment or bedroom. The soft bed fits perfectly along the wall. During the day it is a wonderful sofa, at night - a bed.
  • You love extra storage boxes.
  • You are worried about the safety of the child. Soft beds guarantee the safety of the baby with soft backs, headboard.
  • Soft sides easily collect dust.

A regular bed has the following advantages:

  • In it you can pick up a good mattress.
  • This mattress will serve as a good orthopedic basis for sleep.
  • A classic bed will last longer than a soft bed.


Today there are several types of soft beds for children.

The bed an ottoman for children is intended for kids. Such ottoman with the built-in sides and a soft back is on sale. Boards can be located on three sides. There are options when the couch is equipped with an additional, fourth, tailgate. Thanks to this protection, the baby will be able to climb on the couch by himself, and not fall out during sleep.

Soft side boards protect the child not only at night during sleep, but also during the day, when the probability of bruises and bumps during games increases. In most models, the spare board is easily removed as it is useless. Children's ottoman turns into an already adult bed.

In the afternoon such bed easily develops and turns into an elegant sofa.

Sofa bed for children. Often the function of the bed for the child performs a children's sofa. Soft versatile item with a very attractive look. It is easy to fold / fold. Saving space in small spaces.

There are several types of sofas:

  • Bunk A great option for a family with two kids. During the day it is a place for games and activities, at night - a sleeping place.
  • Corner sofa. Compact and cozy when folded and large enough in the unfolded.Corner sofas fit perfectly into any interior, suitable for small spaces.
  • Roll out. Plus this sofa in a flat berth. This is the best option for a child. Roll-out sofas are often equipped with additional drawers in which it is convenient to store things.
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Custom Designed Beds. The type of individual beds is delighted not only kids, but also adults. These beds make all dreams come true. They are soft, comfortable, and their design will make all the fantasies of the child a reality.

To buy such beds are recommended for children who have reached the age of three. A bedroom with such a bed turns into the kingdom of your child.

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