Inflatable children's bed

Children's air bed is a rather popular item these days. It is convenient because you can always take it with you on a trip, providing your child with a comfortable sleeping place, no matter where you are. For a one-year-old child, the best choice is an inflatable cot with sides. Inflatable beds with sides are suitable for children from one year old and are quite often bought by parents for traveling.

What is different from the usual

Beds for children differ in their dimensions - from 70 cm in width and from 150 cm in length. Good quality inflatable beds are made of very durable PVC so that the product can withstand the heavy workload of your child’s games. To prevent slipping, the surface of the bed is covered with a special coating.

The second important difference is that an inflatable crib is made with sides. Agree that it is very convenient, since you no longer need to fear that the child will fall from the crib during sleep.The most popular model is an inflatable chair-bed. When assembled, you can sit on it, and immediately before bedtime you can turn it into a comfortable bed.

When you want to use an inflatable bed not only at home, but also on the street, then you should not worry about the fact that it can get dirty. The surface of such beds is easy to clean. Another important advantage of an inflatable bed over a simple one is that parasites cannot start there, which is very important for children with allergies.

Advantages and disadvantages

Children's inflatable beds are simple and convenient to use. With the help of a special pump, they can easily be decomposed and blown back. To inflate the bed, it takes just a couple of minutes. In addition, an air bed takes up quite a bit of space, and when folded it can be easily placed in a closet. If you relax in nature, the child will be able to comfortably spend the night there.

Of course, children's inflatable bed has many advantages. However, it has one major drawback. Doctors do not recommend using them all the time, as this may adversely affect the health of your child’s spine.Parents need to ensure that the bed is well inflated. Also, if you have pets in your home, chances are they could damage the bed. But, despite these disadvantages, a children's inflatable bed is an indispensable thing for receiving guests or enjoying the outdoors with children.


The leader in the global market for the production of inflatable beds today is the company Intex. A large number of people use their goods all year round. They are ideal for traveling, wherever you go, the products of this company will create a pleasant atmosphere for a good rest for your whole family. Intex products are recommended for pre-school education and development of babies. Their products undergo various tests for strength, durability and environmental friendliness.

No less well-known among the largest sellers of inflatable products in the world market is the company BestWay. This sales network combines the widest selection of inflatable products. BestWay products are notable for their bright designs, originality, and reliable packaging, which clearly demonstrates the appearance and properties of the product. All products are strictly controlled for quality and tested for safety.

The company BestWay has a great option for children - the inflatable bed "Angry Birds".It is very easy to use, takes up little space. Made from durable material - vinyl. The bed has a flocked surface that does not allow bed linen to slide off. The built-in pillow will help your child get enough sleep and rest.

A sleeping bag is attached to the Angry Birds product and can be used separately from the mattress.

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