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A baby bed is a very important attribute of the interior, without which it is simply impossible to do. In order for the baby to sleep comfortably in his bed, it is necessary to choose the right design. Special models have been developed for each age. What child that is more suitable, read below.

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For babies from birth to 3 years

A special category consists of cots for babies. They have a lot of advantages. Mothers especially appreciate beds for babies in which a child can be sleeping at the age of 2 years.


For children up to 3 years old, sleeping designs are made only from natural materials, such as wood and metal. Preference should be given to wooden structures, as they are the least traumatic, although they are many times more expensive. Especially not have to spend money if you choose a domestic model of pine or birch, instead of an overseas bed made of solid beech.


The special difference between a crib from 0 years is a lattice made from wooden round or flat sticks, located on two sides of the structure.For safety, the distance between the bars is made very small, so that the baby can not stick his hand. Another feature is a two-tier bottom, which can be adjusted independently depending on age.

For the grown-up child there is an interesting function - a folding wall, which is very useful at the moment when the baby learns to go to bed on their own. Most designs have built-in storage drawers.

Cots for newborns can be divided into several types:

  • Rocking-bed - classic version for a newborn. When buying, you need to pay attention not only to the runners, but also to the possibility of attaching the wheels.
  • Cradle; despite the short service life, which lasts no more than six months, such models are quite expensive. Due to their practicality, small size and beautiful appearance, many mothers buy cozy crib for their children.
  • Transforming bed; The most functional, albeit a large model. It is very popular because it consists of a bed, drawers and a changing panel.Serves as a bed not only for the baby, but also for the older child.

It is very important when choosing to take into account the dimensions of the structure. Standard sizes usually have 120 cm in length and 60 in width, and this is quite enough for a child from birth to 3 years of age.

For preschooler

Choosing a bed for a child from 3 or 4 years old, you should pay attention not only to the basic requirements (safety, environmental friendliness, comfort), but also to his preferences. Preschooler is no longer a baby, but a completely independent child who knows what he likes and what does not.

Material and bed size should be chosen independently. Bed for children of preschool age are made of wood and metal. The dimensions of such structures in Russia are as follows: 70 cm wide and 140-150 in length.

Regarding the shape and colors, you should not neglect the desires of your child. For a 5-year-old child, a bright attic or a bed-machine will be much more interesting than an ordinary bed the color of natural wood.

As for the construction, the bed should be chosen with a smooth hard base, which consists of slats or a solid slab. Do not “spoil” the bed too soft mattress.At such a young age, children need a hard surface for sleeping, so that their posture is formed as it should. Get mattresses with coconut filling, they have the necessary rigidity and are environmentally safe.

For student

For children of school age make their beds, the size of which range from 70 to 90 cm in width and from 180 to 200 m in length. The bed for the student should be comfortable and durable, as it will serve as a bed for many years.

The bed structure for an older child has a more restrained appearance. When buying such a bed, it is simply necessary to take the student for the purchase with him, as children at this age are very picky and there is a chance that your choice will not be appreciated.

If you wish, you can buy any bed, here are just a few interesting options:

  • Plain bed with two drawers; made of wood light color, concise and stylish.
  • Loft bed with storage area and work space. Very original and multifunctional design is made in a calm double color: brown and milky.An ideal corner for a child who prefers comfort and devotes most of his time to studying.
  • Bright model of the attic for a teenage girl, combined with a cozy sofa and work area. There is also a place for storing linen (under the sofa) and open shelves for books and trifles.
  • Bed sofa in gentle sea style; very comfortable and functional model, equipped with a drawer.
  • Foldable bed. Practical and ergonomic design that easily “hides” in the closet during the daytime, which increases the space. Included is a set with drawers and shelves, as well as a separate work area.

However, you should not stare too much at the original design, since you can lose sight of the main selection criterion: safety and comfort.

Baby bed in the interior

How to choose the right bed for a son or daughter of any age, you now know. It remains to see a few photo ideas of the correct and interesting placement of a children's bed in the interior. It is very important that the bed fits into the overall style of the room, not merging and not standing out against the general background.

  • Elegant children's room for a newborn, decorated in milky-pink tones with olive and blue elements.The bed in this interior has a standard design and is complemented by drawers. It goes well with soft furnishings and a chest of drawers, made in the same color scheme.
  • Bright children for a boy of 5-7 years. The bunk bed has a very unusual look, as it is made in the form of a fire truck. In this design there are two beds, so it is ideal for twins. For storage in the room has a wardrobe, made in the same style as the bed. White floor, rich color wall, milk curtains, green sofa - everything looks very organic and comfortable.
  • The discreet and calm design of a teenage room for two, has a minimal color palette and the lack of bright accents. The main role in the interior is played by a cozy sofa and a loft bed.

See and be inspired. Create a dream room with a child with the right bed.

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