Teenage bed with sides

Choosing a bed for a child should be carefully considered. It is important not only the visual attractiveness of the bed, but also the safety and comfort of the furniture. Modern furniture industry offers a huge number of different models and options for cots, the best choice among which will be beds with sides.

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With drawers

At the bottom of such a bed there are one or two drawers for bed linen. It helps to teach a teenager to keep his belongings in order.

With a dresser

In this embodiment, there is the presence of both space for sleeping and for storing children's wardrobe - this is either a cabinet built into the side or a chest of drawers with drawers.

Loft bed

The peculiarity of this design is that the sleeping place is directly upstairs and is equipped with sides for the safety of the child and a ladder for lifting, and on the first floor there can be a closet, or a desk, or both. Very comfortable model for a small apartment.It is also often bought by families where two or more children are in the same room. The disadvantage of this bed is that the air above is warmer and the baby may feel too hot.

Bed - a transformer

The idea of ​​such furniture is that the bed can be modified in the closet or in the desk. Sometimes these beds are equipped with a folding mechanism that allows you to remove it to a vertical position during the day and lay out while sleeping. Such a bed can also have sides, especially if it is located on a certain elevation. Such a design will really like your growing offspring at least in that it eliminates the need to make the bed every day - it just goes inside.


The convenience of such furniture is obvious: they can be used for quite a long time. The bed is moved apart in length and turns from a model for a preschooler into a bed for a teenager. The sides of such a bed are enclosed on three sides completely. From the front side, however, the fences are removable or partially cover the front side.

However, with all the convenience of the design is also not without flaws.In addition to the high cost, this model tends to move apart only in length. And the width of an older child can be in it closely.


These are two beds placed one above the other. They are intended for two children. The side on the first floor is not required, but must be present on the second floor. This will protect the child and will guarantee that the mattress will also remain in place. If there is no side on the second floor, you can make it yourself, and for greater convenience, the bed can be equipped with soft sides on a hard frame.


In this model, one bed extends from under the other. This option not only saves space, but is also considered safer than a two-tier one. Sliding beds can be two or even three-story. The first floor, as a rule, is not equipped with side walls, but on the second and subsequent tiers they are simply necessary. The side beds in cots can be stationary and removable. Stationary bumpers are an obligatory part of double-decker beds, as well as fantasy models made in the form of cars, ships, carriages and other fabulous attributes.

The sides of teenage beds are symmetrical or not.They can be equal to the length of the crib, and can only partially close the bed. Also the sides are intermittent.

The sides are also distinguished by the material. Solid enclosures for beds can be made of solid wooden boards. Rail barriers can also be made of wood or metal.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of boards on the bed

  • Psychological protection. In adolescence, a child has his own secrets and he needs a space where he can retire. As an additional protection, a curtain can also be installed on the bed with sides. These beds are especially loved by girls - they love to imagine themselves as princesses.
  • Optional accessory. The sides often perform the function of a peculiar shelf. Neither of these children often hang up their pajamas, towels, bathrobes. Also, a child can attach his favorite mobile phone there if he uses it as an alarm clock.
  • Cold protection. If the room is cool, then the sides (especially foam) keep the air inside the crib and retain heat. In addition, it is also a protection against contact with a cold wall.


  • Bad air permeability. If in the case of a cool room this property is an advantage, then in a warm room it turns into a disadvantage. The baby will be hot and stuffy in a too warm room.
  • The possibility of injury. If the beads are made of solid materials. A child may knock. He will not be hurt badly, but he may be frightened in a dream by surprise. Therefore, if the child is sleeping restlessly, it makes sense to choose a bed with soft sides. The frame of such sides is usually rigid and is covered with foam rubber and fabric outside.


No matter how attractive the price of DPS models is, you shouldn’t choose your choice. Furniture fittings and other details are poorly kept in them.

Beds made of MDF are considered to be slightly more reliable, and the price for them is not much higher than on the construction of fiberboard and particleboard.

Wooden beds are often made of composite materials - the very base of the bed is made from solid boards, and the sides are made of MDF or hardboard. They are the safest for health.

The sides in metal beds are made mainly in the form of shortened grilles mounted around the headboard. They are considered the most durable in terms of operation.

We give examples of some models of teenage beds with sides.

Medeo bed produced by the Russian factory "33 beds". The model has backs on three sides and two drawers on wheels. For the manufacture of this furniture is used solid pine, which characterizes the bed as environmentally safe for the child. The sides can be dismantled and put in place stubs. Such a bed will serve your child for a very long time, since the base of birch plywood can withstand not only the weight of a teenager, but also a person of increased weight.

Bed Karina from the Russian furniture "Crocus" it is intended for kids who are already three years old. Fenced on three sides of the bed allows you to use the bed as a sofa. To order can be made model "Karina corner" with two backs. There are two storage drawers at the bottom of the bed. The bed is made of solid wood. Breeds such as ash, pine or beech can be used as materials. It is also possible to order an oak bed.

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