Teenage Sofa Beds

Features and benefits

A large number of sofa beds for teens on the market, provide not only comfort, but also a healthy sleep. Most of the items of such furniture are complemented by orthopedic mattresses, custom-made. Models can be found in different colors.

Sofa bed for a teenager is selected in accordance with his tastes and preferences. Before buying, it is advisable to discuss with the child what kind of furniture he would like to see in his room.

Pay attention first of all to the shape and colors, she must like not only the owner, but also his guests, and, as a rule, at this age there are a lot of friends who like to visit.

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For boy

  • Stop at the high-tech style. This design fits into the latest fashion trends and is very convenient. The sofa beds will have clear lines, sophisticated style.It is best to choose a smooth surface upholstery. Boys love colors such as metal, black, white and silver.
  • Choose a classic, it is a win-win option, it will always be in fashion. Preference should be given to beds made of natural materials, such as wood. It is very important for the boy that the furniture looks rich, but at the same time does not have any extra details. If the child likes comfort, it is best to choose a sofa bed with armrests and a soft back. The choice of corner models is also rich, and this solution will be especially relevant in the event of a deficit of square meters in the room.
  • If your boy is a very romantic person, then choose furniture in modern style. It assumes soft lines and bends. Such sofas are quite diverse models, symmetrical. Most of the interior is made of rough texture.
  • A suitable option can also be a sofa designer. It fits literally into any room, is easy to move. You can change the length of the pillows. A big plus in this model is the presence of additional niches for storage.

For girl

Girls love mostly very stylish, and at the same time romantic furniture. The sofa bed in the bedroom should stand in the center, be very original, attract additional attention. Be sure to give the girl the opportunity to make a choice on her own. This is not only her first responsibility, but also the opportunity to tell her friends about her purchase.

Pay attention to the fact with what kind of upholstery a sofa is made, what shape it has and whether its transformation is possible.

The sofa in the form of a transformer helps to save space in your child’s room. For example, you can choose eurobook or accordion.

Sofas, which have built-in drawers in their designs, will occupy a minimal space in the girl’s room. In addition, the extra storage space for personal items and linen is very convenient.

There is a soft furniture that does not have armrests. Despite this, she can have extremely beautiful upholstery or patterns. The sofa can be a real decoration of the room for a teenage girl.

Which is better: a sofa or a bed?

Among the main advantages of sofas with a folding mechanism - their compactness.It is not at all necessary before the purchase of such an item of interior to think about how much space it will occupy in the room. Furniture can be put in any corner of the room.

If guests came to the child, the sofa is a convenient option. It is quite easily transformed. Another plus of the folding mechanism is the availability of additional storage boxes. Such an option would be especially suitable for those apartments where the living space is limited, and there is not always a place to buy an additional cabinet.

Bed is a good option in homes with a large number of square meters. Since the furniture requires additional space and an appropriate interior, it can be placed exclusively in the bedrooms.

At the same time, the sofa bed provides comfort and quality sleep of the child, which cannot be neglected.


Before buying a sofa, it is important to understand the needs of a teenager, namely, what he needs for him, in what colors he imagines him, how much he must meet the latest fashion trends, to be modern. Let's look at some popular models for teenagers.


The accordion flipper is a good option for teenagers who pay attention to the style of their room. This sofa has the form of a transformer. Furniture in this model would be the ideal solution for rooms of small sizes. Fits in almost any design of the dwelling, because it takes up little space.

The sofa is available in several versions: with armrests and without them, and can also be supplemented by a backrest, an angular module. The model can be purchased on average for 25 thousand Russian rubles.


Sofa Ivushka has an unusual, original design due to the fact that it does not have armrests and backrest. Color colors can be rich, sometimes even flashy. This is a very stylish addition to any interior.

This sofa is easy to fold and assemble. Foam rubber is used as a filler, made in a medium degree of rigidity. Especially the design of such a model is liked by teenagers, it corresponds to their flashy nature.

The interior is a small part of the space, easy to move. A sofa costs an average of around 30 thousand Russian rubles.


The Kansas sofa can be transformed as a child grows. Despite the overall complexity of the mechanism of the model, it is going in minutes. The sofa gets special popularity thanks to unusual appearance.

Since the model of the sofa type combines both bright and classic colors, it always looks original. A piece of furniture has only one armrest, usually purchased with an orthopedic mattress. You can buy a sofa for 20 thousand Russian rubles.


Eurobook Boston always originally fits into the interior of the apartment. The model has an unusual form of pillows. The sofa has an original color, an unusual design.

Buyers should not worry that the model can quickly break, as the model has a folding built-in back. The mechanism is durable, so the sofa easily turns into a bed. Most likely, in a teenager this will be one of the most beloved models, since the furniture is multifunctional.

Now such a model costs about 30 thousand Russian rubles, which is relatively inexpensive if you consider that you get a bed and a sofa for one price.


A small sofa Rhythm - rather non-standard model with drawers. Furniture serves as a good addition to any style of interior.

The sofa has armrests, the possibility of transformation and a stylish design. Teens love to use such a long period of time such a model, since it can perform several functions. Even after the child grows up, the sofa can be used as a place to receive guests. Its average cost is about 20 thousand Russian rubles.


Mostly sofa beds are made of solid wood. It is not only reliable, but also practical. Natural materials, as a rule, are very durable, moreover, they do not require constant repair.

The framework from a natural tree has the increased wear resistance, and also is very eco-friendly.

Most sofas for teens come with an orthopedic mattress that provides quality sleep to the child. In addition, the mattress helps to maintain correct posture at night, helps to ensure that the sleeping place is soft.

Color solutions

The color of the sofa model will primarily depend on who the furniture is being purchased for. If it is purchased for a boy - the colors will be more moderate, cold shades. If for a girl, then colors are chosen brighter, there may even be a pink color.

Please note that over the years, the nature of the child and his preferences can vary greatly. For example, if several years ago a teenage girl preferred yellow, her thrust may turn towards black shades, and this is perfectly normal. Just try to make decisions together, black color can be diluted with brown, blue and even pink shades, look for a common denominator when choosing furniture with a child.

How to choose

Follow the latest fashion trends, be interested in your children's hobbies. Pay attention to the style in which the room of a boy or girl is made, talk about how they want to arrange the place where they spend a significant part of their time.

For children, it is important to experiment with shape and color, because their mood and preferences are very changeable. Dozens of new models and collections come out every year, one of them will definitely appeal to you.

Beautiful solutions in modern interior design

Consider that the color scheme of the room, including the items of furniture that are in it, greatly affect the psyche of the child. Try in the nursery not to choose too bright or too dark shades.

When choosing a sofa bed, follow the preferences of the teenager, as well as the interior of your apartment. Choose furniture that blends well with other objects, wall, ceiling and floor color.

When buying a sofa bed, keep in mind the safety of the child, avoid purchasing furniture that have sharp corners and protruding elements.

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