Teenage wood beds

Sleep is a very important part of our life. Healthy childhood sleep allows the child to fully recover after an active day. To rest was complete and comfortable, the choice of bed should be approached with special care.

Adolescents are a special category of children: not children, but not adults. They actively form their own opinions on various grounds, so it’s better to choose a bed for a teenager with him. This way you will avoid unnecessary conflicts and easily select furniture that will meet the needs of the child, as well as comfortable, comfortable and safe for rest.


If you are thinking about which material is better to choose for a children's bed, take a look at the sleeping area, made from natural solid wood.

Compared to other materials, wooden beds have several advantages:

  • Wood is a natural material that does not cause allergies and is environmentally friendly. It does not have an unpleasant odor, nor does it contain formaldehyde resins (adversely affecting the human body) or other toxic and dangerous compounds.
  • Wood pitch, evaporating aromatic volatile compounds, helps to disinfect and disinfect the air in the nursery.
  • Mattress lamellas, made of solid wood, evenly distribute the load of the child's weight, ensuring a healthy and comfortable sleep.
  • Natural wood is less heat-conducting and heat-conducting in comparison with other material, for example, with a laminated chipboard surface. Even if you air the children's room on a cold winter evening, the wooden teenage bed will be warm.

The main disadvantage of teenage beds made of solid wood is a rather high price compared to other materials used in the manufacture of furniture for the children's room.

Choosing wood

As an array of wood used for the production of beds for teens can be used as one type of tree, or a combination of several breeds.

The most common wood types used for teenage beds are:

  • The furniture from a pine differs in the low weight, reasonable price and a large number of various models.
  • Most often from birch produce spring lamellas for orthopedic mattress. Birch beds are of democratic value.
  • Both beads for a mattress, and components of the bed structure, as well as decoration elements can be made of beech wood. Beech is distinguished not only by its strength, but also by its attractive appearance, due to the presence of a light pattern of natural texture.
  • Expensive or exclusive models of teenage beds are made from oak, hornbeam, ash-tree. Along with the high price, such furniture is notable for its increased durability, durable construction and exquisite appearance.

Popular models

Going to a furniture store for a bed for a teenager, take him with you so that he can get acquainted with the models of beds. Let him express his wishes and preferences.

A variety of teenage beds is large enough, so that it will be possible to pick up a bed for any, even the most demanding taste. Most types of furniture are functional models that allow you not only to sleep well, but also to actively spend the day or store various useful things.

The most popular models of sleeping places for teens made of natural wood:

  • A transforming bed or a bed-sofa made of wood - combines a compact size when folded and a rather large place to sleep - in the unfolded version. Most often used in small children's rooms to save space for games. One of the variants of this model is the chair-bed - it is very compact when folded, but when unfolded, it doesn’t have much room for rest.
  • Podium versions of wooden beds - use productively limited space in small children's rooms. These teenage beds have wheels and, thanks to the retractable design, are easy to remove from under the catwalk while you sleep. During the day, the podium, when the bed is hidden, can be used as a working space or a place for games.
  • The bed attic from the massif of a natural tree - will become the fashionable and functional decision of teenage furniture for a dream. Under the bed are lockers where you can store clothes and other important things, and a table for training, and on the side are the components of sports equipment, such as a rope, horizontal bar, rope ladder.
  • Built-in wooden beds - will be an extraordinary element for the children's room, which can not boast of large size. They successfully hide in a closet, niche, wall or area by the window, freeing up space for games and active pastime.
  • A bunk bed is suitable if you have two children. It will be an interesting element of the interior. Often, such models have drawers in which you can store various things, as well as equipped with a gaming complex.

For girls and boys

When choosing a teenage bed, take into account the gender of your child, interests and preferences.

For a teenage girl, you should choose a bed made in the style of Provence or Romanticism:

  • decorated with a canopy or curtains on both sides;
  • with a headboard that is wrapped in velvet or satin fabric;
  • decorated with small pillows.

The color of textiles - pale lilac, light pink, bright lime, white or cream shade - will emphasize the romance of young nature.

Boys in their teens prefer the style of minimalism. Resting place includes items on the marine or automotive topics.The beds are made of natural solid wood, without additional decoration or decoration.

If you spend some time choosing a teenage bed made of natural wood, and do it together with your child, then you will be able to create the perfect bed. You will demonstrate that you listen to the adolescent’s opinion, as well as be able to gently correct him and find a comfortable, comfortable and functional bed.

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