Teenage beds

When a child in a family grows up a child and from a child gradually becomes a young man or girl, he has personal views on life and in general on everything that happens around him. By this time, the child also forms his own view on how his room should be decorated and what kind of furniture should be in it, in particular, a bed.

Criterias of choice

Before choosing this or that model of bedroom furniture with a teenager, you should take into account that the main thing for a child in choosing is the color of the bed and its design, while you will pay attention primarily to its quality. Here are the points from which the quality of the bed for a teenager will depend

What material is the bed made of?

There are three options here:

  • Plastic.
  • Woody.
  • From MDF.

The plastic bed will be the most unreliable for an adolescent child - it simply will not endure the games of an adult child.The MDF bed is the most popular because it is much stronger than the plastic one and much cheaper than the wooden bed. This material mainly goes to the manufacture of sofas for teens and chairs, beds, and to manufacture the highest quality products goes natural wood.

Bed design

In a room with sufficient space, a regular classic bed can be installed, and if the room is cramped, then you can choose another, more compact model such as a teenage attic or a retractable structure. Thus, you can use the same space for sleeping and for training while you are awake.


A bed can be not just a bed, but also contain a certain number of shelves, wardrobes, and some models even come with a desk. Well, when under the bed there are special shelves where you can hide sheets and blankets. So you can free up the shelves in the closet and use them under something else.


Here, everything will depend on who grows up in the family - boy or girl. The guys are less demanding of the decor, and the girls can not do without bright colors and abundant decor.

Material manufacturing frame

Let us consider in more detail the characteristics of the materials from which the frame is made for a teenage bed.


Plastic beds are usually very attracted to their original design. The dream, probably, of every boy is a bed in the form of a car, but beauty is beauty, and plastic is, as they say, plastic also in Africa: solid synthetics and material that absolutely does not let air through.

And even if the plastic from which your chosen model is made has a certificate of its non-toxicity, you will not call it eco-friendly anyway. And about the practicality of them, too, there is nothing to praise: one careless blow, and a crack appears on the plastic, and in the worst case, it will completely break through. And where children play, all the more not so small, anything can happen from their active movements.

A bright plastic crib for a teenager may at first be very pleasant, but as he grows rapidly, as is often the case in adolescence, he suddenly considers this to be a nursery bed and will want to replace it with a more serious model. Although, as many teenagers, so many opinions, there is a 17-year-old boy who loves his bed in the form of a foreign car.

Chipboard and MDF

Chipboard for the manufacture of the frame is not exactly suitable, and from the MDF boards, many manufacturers produce frames. The basis of this material contains wood, but because it is much more natural plastic. It is widely used in the manufacture of children's sets, and they are very popular among buyers. The fact is that such products are affordable enough for most buyers.

Teenagers buy beds from this material and for another quite obvious reason. It's no secret that adolescents are often sloppy and imprudent, which means they can easily ruin the furniture. It will be a shame if it turns out to be an expensive model of natural wood.


Wooden furniture, including wooden frames for teenage beds - this is the best of all options. Natural wood in all its parameters is recognized as the best material from which to make furniture, both for children and adults. And the main advantages of this material - in its hypoallergenic and environmental friendliness.

Wood is a sufficiently durable and reliable material in order to make furniture from it, only metal construction can be stronger than wood. But the wooden frame is somehow more comfortable than metal.

When choosing a particular model, you should not forget about one more detail - the base of the bed. Stop the choice on the orthopedic wooden basis for the bed of the teenager. These are such transverse, slightly curved slats on which the orthopedic mattress will be conveniently placed.

Choosing a mattress

To choose an orthopedic mattress for a child from the first days of his life up to adolescence means to constantly ensure that his posture is correct. According to the recommendations of experts, the mattress for children should be chosen hard or with medium hardness.

Listening to these tips, choose a springless orthopedic mattress based on natural latex and coconut bark. These eco-friendly materials will make the mattress stiffness optimal, and the product itself will be hardy and durable. When the body of a teenager during sleep will be in the correct anatomical position, and the body is completely relaxed, then he will wake up well rested, full of strength and energy.

With or without a case?

When you choose a mattress, give preference to uncool models.The shell of such a mattress will not warp and will not "move away" anywhere, and with covers such troubles are inevitable. In addition, the covers have the ability to "sit down", after which it will not be possible to push the mattress into it.

A bare-skinned model would be better to keep the shape, and if you want to make the mattress more rigid, it will be enough to get a mattress to it.

Buying a mattress should be in the presence of someone who will sleep on it. You can persuade a teenager to go to the furniture store with you, explaining exactly what he will need to do there - the “test” of mattresses. Moreover, it will be necessary to lie down on each of them for about five minutes, or even ten (and only mattresses are chosen), and then opt for where it was most comfortable.

The same can be said about the choice of pillows. This bedding is no less significant than a mattress. It depends on the position of the head in a dream how well the brain will be supplied with oxygen and if the blood flow is blocked due to an uncomfortable pillow. If it was uncomfortable to sleep and the head was constantly in the thrown-up state or in another wrong position, then such a dream guarantees a headache, fatigue and other discomfort in the morning.

We are determined with the design

The model range of teenage beds, which can be seen at any furniture factory and at any furniture store, is very diverse. There are so many models in the assortment, and they are all so beautiful that it is very difficult to give preference to any one. But the choice to do:

Transforming bed

Such models exist for both teenagers and adults. The design consists of several variations. The most popular category, which is so loved by customers, is the bed-sofa. There are several ways of its disclosure today, but the most popular is the type of transformation - “book”, with an improved springy mechanism that provides convenience and comfort during rest.

The “click-klyak” transformation will allow to obtain the structure in the prone, sitting and relax position. With the roll-out system, we get either a small sofa or a full-fledged place to rest.

The system "lit" allows you to fold the sofa more and more, as the child grows up. For a corner sofa with the dolphin layout system, you need very little space, and its beautiful design can decorate the girl's room.

If the room has a small area - such models for them will be just in place. When they are in the unfolded state, they are a comfortable and roomy sleeping place, and if they are folded, they will take very little space.

Chair bed

In this model, the place to sleep is smaller. This is a construction that extends only forward, and therefore the sleeping space is quite long, but narrow. But in the assembled position, the chair will take up slightly more space than a regular chair.


Such models are recognized as very practical and effectively save room space. The bottom line is this: for sleeping, a single sleeping surface rolls out into a room on special wheels. It turns out comfortable and quite spacious bed, and when the bed is under the podium, it can be located working area or playground.

Loft bed

These models of teenagers (mostly boys) simply adore for their original design. Like the previous models, the loft bed makes the space with the working area much more functional, and the area in the room is freed up for other purposes, for example, as a playing place.

Why is the "attic" - because at the top, where a special staircase leads, and it turns out that the bed hangs over a space, for example, with a computer table, with a closet, with a wall or with a desk.

Such a teenage bed is, first of all, the style, individuality of a boy or girl, and the modernity of their home. The loft bed looks, as a rule, bright and unusual, and this is for the teenager what you need.


It is recommended to buy such a model of a single or one-and-a-half teenage bed in a fairly spacious room, where there is still room for the wall, and for the table, and where else you can place, for example, a sports complex. Such a bed will become more practical with additional linen drawers, boxes for books or some personal items. They may have different sizes, shapes and the way they will be advanced.

For girls

Grown up babies always remain fragile and tender creatures, but now they already know a lot about femininity and beauty. Therefore, their room always looks cozy and has warm colors. According to manufacturers, designers and even child psychologists, mostly teenage girls like their room to be decorated in these colors:

  • salad dressing;
  • pink;
  • beige;
  • light purple;
  • cream.

More girls like to fill their beds with soft toys and sofa cushions. Most of them will not give up and canopy over the bed.

For guys

Age, when a guy turns into a man, affects his preferences - they are closer to men, and it is clear that their bed will be styled differently than girls. In the interior of the teenager guy will be more restraint. Often the bed of a teenager is made in the form of a car, or, for example, a ship. Many guys prefer a bed with a wooden frame, devoid of any decorations and decor.

Other designs

The 2-tier bed for teenagers, as well as double pull-out beds, or as a sliding bed - become indispensable for two children in a family, when they have one double room. Well, for three children, there is a similar solution to the problem - a three-tier bed.

The flight of design ideas was created by the most interesting and very competent in design models of modern teenage beds. This could include such models as:

  • bed with a lifting mechanism;
  • bed-dresser;
  • bed couch;
  • bed-couch.

Today it is no longer a problem to purchase or custom order beds of any design. This could be any car brand, ship, plane, starship, any of the cartoon characters ...

Bright colors and saturation of the color gamut have a positive effect on the psyche of the growing organism. These are shades of joy that will not allow sad thoughts to affect the condition of a teenager. One model or another can now be decided only in accordance with the contents of the wallet, everything else has long been taken care of by stylists and designers who specialize in furniture for the younger generation.

Whatever bedroom set you purchased, whatever teenage bed you choose, you should always remember the most important thing - the essence is not in the beauty of the acquired piece of furniture and not in its style, but in how convenient it will be to use it.

If a teenager is not disturbed by anything during sleep, and in the morning he feels sleepy, it means that you have chosen the right bed. But the fact that buying a teenager should be to your liking is also a fact, because it is much nicer to go to bed, which you like so much in appearance.Then the dream will be strong and the mood will be all right.

Bed size

A bed for a teenager has almost adult dimensions, plus a certain amount of decor, typical of maturing children. Teenagers are of different height, and if the guy has 180 cm, then the standard for a teenager bed size 160x80, of course, is not suitable for him, and the furniture in this case is best ordered individually. It also happens that a teenager is comfortable only on a bed with dimensions of 90x200 if we are talking about a standard bed, and 120x200 if it is a set of bedroom furniture.

There are teenage beds are not different in size from adult models. The mattress is 75-90 cm wide suitable for one and a half parental bed. Western developers make a child’s sleeping place one meter wide, and this is correct when a child is mobile and constantly changes body position in a dream. There are also structures that have a double-sized sleeping bed for a child, that is, 120 cm.

Color solution

Modern designers are not shy when it comes to the subject of decor for children and adolescents. Their decisions are bold, and the choice is so large that even the most capricious and captious teenager will be able to find the option in form and color that will suit him one hundred percent.

When choosing colors, you need to remember the impact of different shades on the human psyche. Bright color is always a good mood and activation of mental activity. The softness of shades (white and milky colors) is a relaxation, peace and all the components of a good rest.

According to children's psychologists, in the teenage room the tones should be neutral colors, then their nervous system will be peaceful and calm, which is so important for teenage psychological changes. But in any case, you should not give up a few bright and contrasting accents in the interior of the children's room.

If the room of the teenager is made in such colors as wenge or oak, then it is better that the bed of the teenager be in harmony with the general interior.

Bed design

Choosing furniture in the room - it is always difficult. Alternatively, you can invite a professional designer, but you can go a more budgetary way and sort things out yourself.

Particular attention should be paid to the arrangement of the bedroom, because a lot depends on how well the sleeping place is chosen - how comfortable you will have a rest and how you will feel in the morning.

Currently, many models have developed a soft back, and these are very practical and comfortable models. Finishing in such products is always leather or from eco-leather or textile.

A single bed with soft headboards is a bed for one person. Width it usually does not exceed 100 cm and is suitable for the room of a teenager, where there is a shortage of free space. A single structure can be indispensable for a teenager's room, especially since it can also be supplemented with internal structures or a lifting mechanism.

Choosing a wooden bed with soft backs means choosing natural materials and healthy sleep.

Modern design of wrought-iron beds with a leather or velor back is the most important thing for a classic-style bedroom. This furniture is able to create a cozy atmosphere in the room and have a positive impact on your health.

Making teenage bed with textiles - this occupation will appeal to every hostess. The decor of the fabric gives a lot of opportunities for the flight of fantasy, the expression of one’s attitude to beauty, to aesthetics and to the concept of what comfort is.

The design of the bed also includes the choice of a bedspread, and the bedspread should cover the entire bed frame and reach the floor, hiding the legs. But there are such models of sleeping places that need short covers or tucked under the frame, because otherwise the fashionable carving will not be visible, as well as the upholstery elements of the bed.

Quite unusual single beds - inflatable. This topic is irreplaceable in a situation with surging guests suddenly, who are also going to stay overnight. The inflatable bed here will act as a magic wand and will issue the guest a comfortable bed. And in no comparison with the clamshell, it does not go, because it is much more convenient to use and much more compact when folded. After all, an air bed differs with the same technologies as orthopedic mattresses, which means it is just as comfortable.

Single beds for teens (for example, the company Ikea, in its line it is actively used) are also available with sliding sections or shelves, where it is convenient to put some necessary items. This may be, for example, a nightlight, mobile phone or a cup of coffee.

Here's what parents should always remember when buying a bed for a teenager: children at this age can grow very quickly, and therefore, so that the bed does not have to be changed every two years, it is better to choose the size of the bed with a predetermined stock.

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