Bed linen in the crib for newborns

Features and benefits

Baby bedding is a completely unique product, because it serves not only for the comfort of the baby, but also for its healthy development and peaceful sleep. High-quality bedding will ensure your baby an active and happy childhood, in which there is a place for violent fantasies and exciting games. In addition, a good kit can be the basis of the whole interior design of a child’s room and lay the foundation for aesthetic education of a child.

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What is included in the kits


Young parents always have a lot of questions about how to organize the life of the baby. Especially a lot of questions cause sleep, because not only his health and development, but also the mental state of the whole family depends on a full, healthy sleep of a baby. Perhaps the most common question: “what to cover in winter and summer?”. In fact, it does not matter the weather outside the window, the main thing is the temperature in the house. For a healthy sleep baby in the room should be fresh and not hot.

The World Health Organization recommends covering the babies with a blanket only at a temperature below +16 degrees, if the air temperature in the room is between +16 and +22 - a thin blanket or two sheets will work in such a situation. At temperatures above +22, it is possible not to cover the child at all or to cover one with a thin sheet. Each parent makes the decision to adhere to these norms or not, but there is one simple way to understand whether the child is comfortable - to try the blanket on himself. If parents are comfortable, then the baby will be fine.

The sizes of blankets are very different. It is not necessary to take a too large (adult) blanket - it simply does not fit in the crib, but too small also does not fit. As an experienced father and grandfather, Dr. Komarovsky recommends taking a blanket that will be a little more than a crib on all sides - you can tuck it under the mattress, this will protect the baby from opening.

Fillers of children's blankets are of great importance, because the blanket should be not only comfortable, but also safe. The main requirements for a baby blanket are:

  1. It must be hypoallergenic;
  2. It should be easy;
  3. It should be warm;
  4. It should be good to let the air, so that the baby does not sweat.

Traditional wool and down blankets meet almost all these requirements, except the most basic. Despite the fact that the swan's down and sheep wool undergo a huge amount of treatments, they still remain dangerous allergens.

Natural cotton keeps the heat warm, but it does not let the air through. In addition, it is very heavy and tends to deform in the process of washing.

Bike is recycled cotton. He has all the positive qualities of organic cotton, in addition, it is light.

A fleece blanket is almost perfect, because it meets all the requirements. However, when buying such a blanket is worth paying attention to the seams. The more stitches on the blanket, the longer it will retain its shape.

The most appropriate choice is the Ingeo fiber blanket. This filler is produced from corn cobs. Thanks to a special technique of weaving threads, it perfectly retains its shape and does not tear. It is a natural, lightweight and breathable material, which also does not cause allergic reactions.

There are also blankets of fur.They are great for winter walks outside, because they are very warm. It is not recommended to use them at home, as they have a fleecy structure in which bacteria multiply perfectly.


In almost all multi-component sets of baby bedding, you can find small, pretty pillows, but even if it's not there, there will definitely be a pillowcase. In this regard, most parents rarely have a question about whether the baby needs a pillow. In fact, even the smallest pillow can cause irreparable harm to the health of the baby and cause spinal curvature. Favorite by many young mothers, Dr. Yevgeny Olegovich Komarovsky categorically does not recommend using pillows until the child reaches two years of age.

The pillow from the kit can be useful not for sleeping, but for games. For example, when a child begins to sit, such a pillow can be placed under the back of the baby to reduce the load on the spine. If the pillow is flat and light, you can put it on the baby’s feet and place toys on it. In addition, the pillow can be an element of decor in the baby's room.


The very concept of "oilcloth for the bed" sounds like something intimidating. Immediately comes to mind a huge piece of cold dense cellophane or hospital red oilcloth. In the modern world there is a huge amount of more modern materials that can provide protection for the mattress and not be harmful to the baby.

  1. Double-sided oilcloth and mattress pad is an ideal option for every mother. One side of this product is made of waterproof material, while the other is covered with a layer of pleasant cotton fabric with a bright print. Such oilcloth can have gum and attached to the mattress.
  2. Quilted oilcloth. This is a multi-layer product made of several layers of waterproof material and filled with soft, porous filler. Such oilcloth will make the baby's bed magically soft and airy.


The basis of each set is a sheet, a pillowcase and a duvet cover. The most popular set among Russian consumers consists of 7 items: a sheet, a blanket and a duvet cover, a pillow and a pillowcase, a canopy and a side.

There are a few useful things to watch out for:

  1. In addition to the canopy bed, you will need a holder for the canopy. It is inexpensive, not included in the bedding sets.
  2. In the bed of irregular shape, for example, oval or round, you need to pick up a special bed linen.
  3. Sheet with elastic band will greatly facilitate the process of making the bed of the baby. Such a sheet will be laid ideally evenly and will not wrinkle, bristle and roll.


How to choose the size of bed linen in the crib - this is a very important issue that many young parents do not think about. Not everyone pays attention to the fact that cribs come in different sizes. The most popular sizes of cots in our country are: 120x60 cm, 125x65 cm, 140x70. Before going to the store for bedding you need to determine the size of the bed.

Bed linen should be slightly larger than the size of the bed, approximately 10-20 cm in length and width. This will allow to fill the sheet under the mattress and to avoid pulling it, twisting and creasing. Wrinkled sheets can cause irritation, redness or flaking on the baby’s skin.In addition, even the slightest bump on the bed can lead to abnormal development of the spine and the entire musculoskeletal system.

If the set of linen includes the sides, bumpers or mattress topper - it should be chosen strictly according to the size of the bed, since the attachment of these elements are designed strictly in accordance with the size of the bed.


Choosing bedding in the crib, you first need to draw on his cloth. It should be not only beautiful, but also very high quality, natural and hypoallergenic. The most suitable fabrics for baby bedding are:

  1. Fabrics from organic cotton. Depending on the type of weaving, there are several types of cotton fabrics: coarse calico, ranfors, chintz, percale, satin. All these fabrics do not cause allergic reactions in babies, they are all durable and wear-resistant. These fabrics are perfectly breathable, do not electrify, dry quickly. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the calico can shed during washing, chintz can fade when exposed to direct sunlight, percale is a rather expensive fabric.
  2. Linen baby bedding is quite rare, since it is not very practical to use and is quite expensive. Linen fabrics are very eco-friendly, they are hypoallegreous. Bed linen made of flax retains heat very well and prevents babies from sweating. The biggest drawback of such a fabric is that it is quickly wrinkled and rather stiff.
  3. The most popular among Russian parents is baby bedding made from bamboo. In the Russian market, this is a relatively new product, but it has several unique properties: in addition to being a very durable fabric, it has antibacterial properties, neutralizes odors and prevents the appearance of household mites. Despite this being a rather expensive fabric, bedding for children from it is ideal for parents.

Colors and finishes

Selecting color of bed linen for a crib, it is worth being guided only by personal taste and the general design of the room. You can choose “classic” pink for girls or blue for boys, but there is also a huge selection of others,more versatile colors. Now all shades of green are especially popular, especially mint green, purple and brown. It is necessary to avoid too bright colors, because they excite the nervous system of the baby, which greatly complicates the process of falling asleep, makes the baby nervous, tearful, restless.

Every mother wants to surround her baby with not only high-quality but also beautiful things, so bed linen is also unusually beautiful: incredibly realistic or fabulous cartoon prints, bright appliques and embroidery, lace, stones, rhinestones, sequins, ruffles and much more can be found among the bedding decorations for kids. Bright decor is acceptable, but it should not interfere with the healthy sleep of the baby. In addition, it must be difficult to reach, so that a curious kid inadvertently swallows a part of the decor, this is especially true for clothes with stones and rhinestones.

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How to choose a set for kids

The choice of bed linen for the baby is a very important issue that requires some knowledge. There are some simple tips for young parents, by following which, you can buy really good underwear:

  • The fabric should be perfectly smooth, as any applications, lace and other decorations can bring discomfort to the child and cause irritation of the skin;
  • The seams should be not only strong, but also very soft;
  • In addition, it is important to draw on the composition indicated on the label - the dyes used in the dyeing of the fabric should not constitute toxic substances;
  • Since baby clothes are frequently washed and ironed, it should be durable and easy to maintain, it should keep its shape and color well;
  • Bedding must be well breathable, so that the baby under it does not sweat;
  • The fabric of the new bed should smell slightly textile. The absence of this smell or the presence of others means that unacceptable chemicals were used in the production.
  • It is important to make sure that the laundry is not electrified. To do this, just rub it on a synthetic fabric.
  • It is important to choose clothes for the season. Sets of flannel or terry cloth are perfect for cold winters, and bamboo or calico for hot summers.
  • The label should indicate the recommendations for the care of the laundry and the manufacturer's contacts, if they are absent - this indicates the manufacturer’s unreliability and possible non-compliance with the above requirements.
  • As a rule, you can pick up a small set of replacement linens for a large, multi-component set - this will allow you to keep the design of the room even during the washing period of the main set.

Manufacturers Overview

For leadership in the Russian market of baby bedding is fighting several countries-manufacturers.

The most elite bedding for children, which can be purchased in Russia produced in Italy. Brand Feretti cares about the convenience of the baby and his mother. For the manufacture of bed linen, this company uses only natural materials and applies only advanced technologies. In addition, the unique Easy Wash Cutting System allows you to wash blankets and pillows in a washing machine.

Belarusian brand Perina supplies very high quality underwear for children. This linen has very attractive price and bright design.

Underwear from Poland and Turkey, as well as sets of local manufacturers are in great demand.

Interesting solutions in interior design

Noble brown

Most parents try to make the baby's bedroom bright or bright. This solution is ideal for small apartments, where the nursery at the same time serves as a bedroom, a playroom and a room for classes.In the case of large houses, where the bedroom is a place solely for sleeping, you can safely use dark, soothing shades such as brown. This noble color will make the baby's room calm and peaceful, but at the same time not boring at all, because brown is perfectly combined with a huge amount of light and bright colors.

Light furniture is ideal for a room with brown trim. Textiles can be both brown and white, cream, beige. The combination of pink and mint-green shades in the decoration of the bed and walls will look very original. In such a room it will be cozy not only for the baby, but also for his mother. Such a calming environment will help tired mom to relax and calm the nervous system.

Sea cruise to childhood

It so happened that the blue color is considered "boyish." Preparing a room for a newborn boy, many parents opt for the blue color, but how to make it original? Now it is very fashionable to make the rooms of boys in the sea or pirate style. The heart of such a room, of course, should be the ship.

Now it’s quite simple to find a cot in the shape of a ship in furniture stores, there are a lot of small furniture companies that are ready to make products for any design for their customers. Focusing on the color of the ship-crib, you can create your own, unique marine design. To create the visibility of the ocean, first of all, you need a suitable design of walls and floor coverings. White, blue and various shades of blue will be very appropriate.

Very relevant will look decorative elements in the form of a ship's steering wheel, dolphins, water droplets. High-quality textiles not only complement all the magnificence of this design, but also add to it realism. Thanks to the high-quality curtains, you can create the illusion of waves, and the bedding will help you complete the captain’s cabin and create comfort.

Green lawn

The most versatile color for a child’s room is perhaps green. A room made in green color will suit both a boy and a girl. Green color has good soothing properties, it promotes the development of imagination and brings with nature.With this color, you can turn a children's room into a green lawn, filled with bright summer sun. To do this, just pick a good wallpaper of warm color and high-quality flooring.

The ideal furniture for such a room is a set for a children's bedroom, made in bright colors. The decor in the form of flowers, butterflies, small animals will look very original - all this will make the room more “alive”, will bring a drop of magic into it. It is important that such a room is very light, so a light transparent curtain will look good here.

The bedding should also be according to the style of the room. This is a perfect bed in green shades - it will create a feeling of sleep right in the grass of the field. A warm yellow or peach bed is as if enveloping the baby with sunshine, and a white one will wrap it with a warm light.

Pink cloud

The pink color in the interior of the children's room seems to shout that this is a room of a small, naughty fairy girl. With the help of pink color, you can create the feeling of being on a fluffy pink cloud. If the walls of the room are made in pink color, then further abusing it is not worth it.The furniture in such a room should be very calm, it should balance and dilute the brightness of the room, so it is better to opt for a white or light cream headset.

To make the room look harmonious, you need to add white and pink elements to it. For example, the carpet may be pink, in the color of the walls, and the curtain and canopy (if any) - white. The rest of the textiles in the room can combine both colors. It will look great bed linen in white with a pink, large print. It is possible to decorate such a room with pictures in frames, butterflies, flowers and hearts - attributes of any fairy.

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