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In our time, the apartment is less and less free space. This is due to the fact that there are more different household appliances, new interior items appear, and the area of ​​existing apartments does not increase. So now they often try to develop options for furniture, which, if necessary, can be easily installed, and it can be removed for a while when it is not used. The use of new technologies and materials allows you to make such furniture beautiful, comfortable and practical.

When the question concerns children's furniture, especially cribs, it happens that the sizes of such beds quickly become small for children. There is a problem buying a new bed and getting rid of the old one. Therefore, they began to develop models with the possibility of increasing the size, when as the child grows, you can increase the length of the bed. Folding bed models are popular so that the child can have a place to play, even in a small room.The design of these beds is created taking into account children's themes, and therefore they fit perfectly into the interior.


Children's folding beds can be divided into the following categories:

Cots beds. These are various modifications of the folding bed familiar to most of us. They are used, usually, as a temporary option for sleeping, but there are also clamshell permanent use, they take up little space when folded, and therefore are convenient for small apartments.

Folding sofas can also be referred to the variety of folding beds that save space. They are used for sleeping unfolded, and in the daytime when folded, they make room and can be used as a simple sofa.

Beds for growth. This option is convenient for its cost. These beds can be purchased for a newborn and use them for several years. Their size increases when the child grows up. Thus, there is no need to buy a new bed.

Let us consider in more detail each category.

Cots are available for both children and adults. Differ in size and design. The choice of such beds is now more than enough.

Temporary options for such clamshells are made lightweight, given that they can be transported and carried as needed. The design of the stationary is stronger, more massive and heavier.

Modern clamshells are superior in design and quality to older models. There are special types of attachment that allow you to sleep comfortably, rather than fall into the stretched fabric. The clamshell on the lamellae is especially popular and convenient. So called special fasteners of wooden slats, which in a certain order are located on a metal frame and create a convenient and comfortable bed.

The number of such lamellae within 12-14 pieces, it allows to achieve the required strength. A mattress with a filler, usually polyurethane, of medium hardness is laid on top. The mattress folds with the bed. This folding bed has an orthopedic effect, does not creak, is easy to operate and has a small weight. Often they are used for departure to the cottages, children's summer camps. Folding children's beds of the Russian production “Relax”, “Butuz”, “Junior” can be noteworthy variants of such beds.

Folding beds are also available with the usual fabric or mesh bed made of modern materials. Such models are lighter and more economical in price. As a variant of such clamshell models "Dream", "Sonya", "Drema".


No less popular are the stationary options for folding beds. An example of such a cot bed can serve as a bed-nightstand. It has one or three walls and when folded it looks like a regular pedestal. These beds are also equipped with mattresses with modern fillers that have good elasticity, which does not allow deformation.

Unusual, but convenient option of a bed for a nursery with a small area in which not one child sleeps, becomes a vykatny bed. It occupies a place as one bed, its design is similar to the loft bed, but has a smaller height. The second berth rolls out from under the first. These beds can be equipped with drawers, and sometimes a third berth at a very small height.

Sofa bed

Such furniture is most familiar in the version for adults. They are convenient because they do not take up much space when folded and fit perfectly into the interior.Mechanisms for folding children's models are used the same as for adults. Different from adults in size and design. But there are age restrictions for the use of sofa beds for children. It is undesirable to use them up to 12-13 years. Up to this age, the spine has not yet been formed and the difference in the level of the surfaces of the folded sofa can affect the health of the spine. And when choosing such a sofa for a child, it is better to stay on the sliding mechanism of unfolding. It is easier for a child to cope with it.

As an option, sofa beds are made and chair-beds. Such models are produced in a variety of designs designed for kids, in the form of machines, paravozik, funny animals.

Sofa beds and chair beds can have both spring mattresses and springless. Some manufacturers complement their mattresses with orthopedic effect. Usually equipped with drawers for storing bedding.

For growth

A special option are beds that change their size and design as the child grows.

Such beds exist in two modifications:

  • For age from birth to 10 years. They can change their size from the standard 120x60cm, for a baby, up to 140x70cm, and sometimes 160x70cm. In its original form, it looks like a regular bed for a baby with bumpers, equipped with a chest of drawers and a changing table. When the baby has grown up, the bottom is lowered, the fences are disassembled partially or completely, then the chest of drawers is dismantled. Thus, the bed is lengthened and remains comfortable for a long time at no additional cost.
  • For ages from 3 years to 15. These beds are already initially wider 50-90cm. Their design is no longer associated with an infant bed. They provide mechanisms for lengthening due to special sliding mechanisms. Such mechanisms are developed specifically for specific models and are protected by patents. In addition to the main mattress, extra beds are included in the bed set, which are placed on the extension section. Beds can be equipped with drawers.

What and how to choose

We considered different in design and function of the bed. But they all have one main task - to make the child’s sleep comfortable and safe. The choice should be based on the achievement of this goal.Appearance, design, compliance with the interior, that is, that “clothes for which they choose” is relegated to second place, and we must begin with the following:

First of all, make sure the strength of the selected model, the safety of sliding mechanisms, the absence of chipping on metal parts or untreated wooden parts. Check the drawers to prevent hands and fingers from being pinched.

Carefully study the technical characteristics, the permissible load, the materials used. Check quality certificates.

Choosing a sofa bed, make sure the smooth operation of the folding mechanism.

The mattress should also be tested for its strength, uniformity of filling, the presence of foreign odors. If possible, you can lie down to check how comfortable it is, while you hear a creak, then it is better to refuse to buy.

When choosing folding beds for very small ones, it is better to give preference to models where the bottom is made of slats rather than a solid sheet. So the mattress will be ventilated and this will protect against moisture accumulation in it.

The optimal bed length is determined by adding 15 cm to the height of the child.An oversized bed is uncomfortable for a child as well as a small one.

As for the design, there are no restrictions now. Forms, colors, materials, designs, prices can satisfy almost any request. On the market are folding baby beds, both domestic production and foreign.

For the production of baby beds, wood (ash, beech, pine) is preferably used. It is possible to combine when the case is wooden, and the boxes are made of laminated chipboard. If the selected bed body is not made of wood, you should seriously think about the advisability of buying. After all, the strength of such beds is small and can not withstand the high activity of children, which will shorten the life and can lead to injuries.

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