Sizes of baby bedding in the crib

Quiet baby sleep - the key to a healthy and joyful child. To create all the conditions for a healthy sleep is one of the tasks of parents. Choosing the right cot is just the tip of the iceberg. You need to wisely pick and nightwear, and bedding.

A variety of children's bed linen is not only in the choice of colorings and motifs of the picture. The seller will immediately offer you options of different sizes. To buy bed linen later did not turn into a problem, you need to know exactly what you need.

How to choose

The choice of bedding depends on the age and sex of the child, as well as the size of the bed. The bed set for the crib will be the smallest size, the colors for the girl and the boy will be different, teenagers will most likely prefer to choose the bed linen themselves.

Before going to the store, measure the blanket, pad and mattress.For the size of the bed 120x60 and 1,5-bed need different in size sets.

We must be interested not only in the size of the linen, but also in its quality. In a dream, the tender baby skin will come in contact with these things; the child will inhale their scent. If the manufacturer has faked and used poor-quality fabric and paint, then the child’s health problems are ensured.

Poor quality bedding material will subsequently entail more waste than buying a quality set. Bad fabric wears out quickly, deforms, loses color and appearance.

Painted poor-quality paint bed set can leave marks on the body of the child, cause allergies, itching, irritation and rashes.

To make linen for a bed can from natural and synthetic fabrics:

  • cotton (natural fiber),
  • satin (dense silky fiber, one side of which is smooth),
  • polyester (synthetic, soft fiber),
  • flax (natural smooth fiber),
  • calico (cotton, weightless fiber),
  • sateen-lux (the dense fiber, cast by gloss),
  • poplin (cotton, silky fiber).

Less often for the manufacture of a bed for children choose silk and nylon, ranfors and superkotton.

All canvases of natural origin are good for kids. Cotton canvas (coarse calico, satin) stands out among other special density of the flight of fibers. Such kits are more expensive, but they are durable, made from natural raw materials. The kit does not lose sight after a lot of washes, and it can serve as years.

Always pay attention to the label attached to the set of linen. It must contain information about the material of manufacture, method of painting, mode of washing and drying. This information should be considered when washing the bed set. Improper care of things can lead to their deformation and rapid deterioration.

Be sure to pay attention to the quality of sewing kit. You should be alerted by non-observance of simple rules:

  • The coloring of the children's bed should not be bright or dark tones. For pastel and light drawings use less harmful paint.
  • The seams of the product must be of high quality. All corners, cuts are processed properly. There should be no excess, sticking or hanging threads.
  • The threads themselves should be lighter or darker in tone than the main fabric.
  • Pay attention to the smell. An unpleasant or chemical smell does not bode well. This means that when dyeing the fabric used low-quality dye. For a child, such underwear is definitely not suitable.

Standard sizes

You can buy bedding products without looking, but already at the first fitting you will encounter a mass of inconveniences. The blanket is constantly lost in the big duvet cover, the pillow sinks in a pillowcase, and the sheet continually crumples or slides off the mattress. Sleep in such conditions, the baby can not calmly.

Each type of bed has its own standard of linen. There are kits for babies and older children.

Reference bedding parameters for a child's bed can be seen in the table:

Duvet Cover 1m16sm x 1m48sm
The sheet 1m21sm x 1m 51sm
Pillowcase 0.41mx 0.61m
Protective boards 0.25m x 0.75m

Children older than three years in most cases, buy a half bedding sets. They are suitable not only for children's and teenage beds, but also other, even adult, beds. If only one pillowcase is included in the children's set, then there are two of them in a one-and-a-half set. The set parameter of bed linen for beds, which is also bought for cots, is as follows:

Duvet Cover

1m60sm x 2m 20m

The sheet 1m80cm x 2m40cm
Pillowcase (2pcs.)
0.7m x 0.7m

What is included

Mostly bedding sold in the installed configuration: duvet cover, sheet, pillow. Double and one-and-a-half sets are completed with two headboards.

You can also find some types of configuration.

For a newborn

Only born babies can buy special kits. Basically, such a standard set is bought only once.

Bed linen sets for newborns include not only bedding:

  • blanket (1m40cm x 1m10cm). In this set for infants should be a few pieces, depending on the season;
  • duvet cover (1m12sm x 1m46sm);
  • boards for protection (3m60cm x 0.36m);
  • pillow and pillowcase (0.6m x 0.4m);
  • canopy and fasteners (at the request of the parents);
  • side pockets;
  • on the mattress;
  • sheet (1m27sm x 1m46sm). The size of the sheet on an elastic band is slightly different - 1m20cm x 0.6m.
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For children of preschool age

For preschool children, one-and-a-half bed sets are mainly purchased:

  • blanket cover 1m60cm x 2m20sm;
  • sheet 1m80sm x 2m40sm;
  • pillowcase 0.7mx 0.7m.

For kindergarten

Beds for children's groups used to be the same size.Now every kindergarten buys their beds. The size of the beds is better to check with the teacher.

A kit for a kindergarten must be chosen from ecological canvases that meet all sanitary requirements.

The sizes of linen for kindergarten are:

  • blanket cover 1m10sm x 1m45sm;
  • pillowcase 0.4m x 0.6m;
  • sheet 1m x 1m45 cm

For schoolchildren

Sets of linen for students depend on the size of their bed. For a half bed and a double bed, respectively, and buy bed sets.

Double set for children. Double beds for children are found not too often as one and a half. In the market it is quite difficult to find a double set for children. The low demand for such kits causes their shortage in the market.

The children's double set is produced with the following sizes:

  • duvet cover 2m x 2m20sm;
  • sheet 2m15sm x 2m40sm;
  • pillowcase (2 pieces) 50 x 70 cm.

You can also offer euro kit. The difference between the double set and the euro is small. It should be considered:

  • duvet cover 200 x 220cm;
  • sheet 2m15sm x 2m40sm;
  • pillowcase (2 pieces) 0.5m x 0.7m.

The combined set. The situation when the child sleeps in the big bed is familiar to all. It is still difficult for him to shelter with a big blanket, so he uses a small one. The same remains the pad.

Buying a standard one and a half set does not make sense. For this there are different sets of bed. One of them includes one duvet cover, one pillowcase and one bed sheet, the others - one duvet cover and one pillowcase. You can buy a large one-and-a-half sheets and a children's pillowcase, and a duvet cover. When the child grows up, it will be possible to buy a standard set of linen.

For a teenager

In older age, when choosing a bed set, it is important to consult with a teenager, whose tastes may not coincide with yours. Mostly for teenagers they buy half size sets. If parents focus on the composition and quality of the set, then teenagers for coloring and prints.

Find a bed with a variety of film and cartoon characters is now quite simple. You can choose any coloring, any pattern that a teenager wishes.

European standards

When choosing a bed set can often be faced with the European standard. Most often, this standard is used by manufacturers from other countries. There are enough foreign firms in the market. You need to be ready for the differences. Such bedding is different from ours in parameters.The table shows the parameters of bedding sets from different manufacturers.

A country


Bed sheet

Sheet with rubber

Duvet Cover



1m20sm x 1m50sm

1m15sm x 1m47sm

0.4m x 0.6m


0.56m x 1m18cm

1m20sm x 1m70sm

0.6m x 1m20sm

1m x 1m20sm

0.4m x 0.6m


0.71m x 1m32cm

1m07cm x 1m83cm

0.71m x 1m32cm

1m01sm x 1m21sm

0.4m x 0.6m

When you can’t decide on the size of bed linen, add five centimeters to the measurements. Based on the resulting figure, you buy the optimal size.

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