Baby bed with sides

A cot is one of the most important pieces of furniture in a child’s life. The health, good sleep and well-being of the baby will depend on its quality and safety. Experts recommend buying cots with bumpers that will protect him from any injury.

Features and benefits

Safety and good quality children's furniture for many parents is a matter of principle. Toddlers often spin in beds and sleep very restlessly. To avoid various unpleasant situations will help bumpers on the bed. The undoubted advantage of such a bed is a good protection of the baby from falling. In addition, the bed with the sides looks more comfortable. Recently, in the crib for newborns began to hang protective sides of textiles. They create not only an atmosphere of comfort, but also serve as an additional element of safety from impacts.

In addition to beds for newborns, there are options in the form of machines, fairy-tale characters or with the image of animals. Depending on the gender and age of the child, to pick up a bed with sides is not difficult. Often in these beds are convenient boxes for storing toys and other things baby. At the expense of such models there is an economy of space in the bedroom.

There are designs of beds with removable sides. This option can serve as a place for a child to sleep for more than one year. When the baby becomes slightly older, the sides on such a bed can be simply removed. Wooden side on the beds is an excellent protection for the child.

Protective mattresses, pillows or side chairs will not be able to protect the child from falling in a dream. The advantage of this model of bed can be noted the protection of the child from external irritants. In such a bed, he will be less distracted by toys and books before bedtime. In the crib on the sides you can hang various toys and bedspreads, such a technique will allow you to come up with your own ritual of falling asleep. A number of models are designed in such a way that a protective rim can be used as a shelf for books or toys. The sides of the fabric absorb dust, and it does not settle on baby's bedding.

Such designs have a number of significant drawbacks. Solid sides do not allow free air to circulate in the crib.

What are the sides for?

The sides will provide comfort and safety to the child during sleep. Because of this, the bumpers are used in the construction of beds for different ages. They are equally needed and the baby, and a teenager, located on the upper tier of a bunk bed.

A protective rim will help avoid injuries, falls and hypothermia due to the habit of throwing off the blanket in a dream. Very small children will save a protective side from drafts in the apartment. On the side you can always hang a picture or a toy, looking at which, the newborn will begin to explore the outside world.

Soft bumpers protect the baby from the encroachments of pets. In addition, they will protect the baby from other external stimuli. Wooden sides look good in any interior and are the safest option. They will save the child during sleep from falls. Soft sides from fabric are most often used in combination with wooden ones.They are necessary for newborns and children who have reached one and a half years.


The sides can be of various shapes, colors, textures and sizes. All of them are made from environmentally friendly materials. This type of protection for a baby bed can be divided into several types. It can be built-in, soft and side in the form of pillows, which are located around the perimeter of the bed. Bed selection is made according to the age of the child.

Nowadays, quite often there is a classic single bed with sides, a three-backed bed, a chair — a bed, a children's sofa — a bed with a removable side, a transformer, etc. Let us consider in more detail the main types of beds with sides.

The standard bed for a newborn has high sides of wood. Modern designers offer many options for such a crib. It may even be round. For a round bed the sides are necessary both wooden and made from textiles.

The classic model of the bed with sides will be an excellent option for kids over 3 years old. Single beds can last for many years.Even in adolescence, a child can continue to sleep in such a bed. Often, this model involves the presence of the boards with a height of about 30 centimeters.

A one-and-a-half bed with sides will serve as an excellent option for protecting a restless sleep of a baby. The sides of such a bed can be located on three sides, and in front of them a bed can only be partially protected.

Sliding beds are also referred to as bed-transformers. This type of construction was designed to save space and budget for modern families. Due to the special compartments that are extended, you can change the size of the bed. From a cradle for a newborn, it can turn into a bed for a baby, a cabinet and a desk.

Two-level bed is unthinkable without the presence of bumpers. Well if they are on two tiers. High bumpers on the top tier will save the child from falling. These beds can also be considered a budget option for children's furniture. It is impossible not to notice that such models significantly save space in the nursery.

Many fans by the bed - ottomans. Although this kind of bed came to us from the East, he has already managed to win a large number of fans. Most often it is low and wide.Modern models of an ottoman can be fenced with sides from three sides, and in the lower compartment there can be convenient boxes for storing bedding.

A chair - bed can serve as another option to save space and family budget. The armrests and the back of the chair in this case will serve as protective sides. Although it is very soft, such a folding bed is more suitable for students of lower grades. Kids up to 5 years old can fall in a dream from such a bed.


The choice of materials for the manufacture of such models is very extensive. Experts recommend choosing models from solid wood. A wooden bed is always safer and more environmentally friendly. Pine beds are much cheaper than oak or birch models. This is affected by the characteristics of wood.

An interesting and safe option is an air bed with sides around the perimeter. Another advantage of an inflatable bed is that during the day it can be blown off and put into a closet. Plastic models and beds made of chipboard will certainly be cheaper than solid wood. Metal beds, many experts do not recommend choosing.They can be quite traumatic.

Color solutions

Color options for these options models a huge amount. A white bed for a newborn or for children a little older always looks light and airy. The classic options are beige and brown. They are perfect for cradles, and other models of beds with sides. Children's beds with sides in the form of animals and cars represent a huge range of bright colors. Manufacturers offer red, pink, orange, yellow and green models.

Manufacturers usually offer removable sides in gray, white or turquoise tones. But the bumpers of textiles for the crib of a newborn are impressive with a variety of patterns and colors. You can choose the right models for any design and interior of the children's room.


Several years ago it was difficult to imagine what furniture is made to order and it may not have standard sizes. Currently, the choice of models of various sizes is so diverse that parents do not have difficulty finding the ideal option. Standard beds for the newborn are 128 x 68 centimeters.This bed is perfect for a newborn and for a three-year-old baby. If parents do not plan to change the bed for a child for a long time, then you should pay attention to the size of 140x70 cm. This size is also found in transformer beds. The single bed with sides has a size of 80x160 cm. It is suitable for a baby of 3 years and will last until the end of primary school. The one-and-a-half bed has dimensions of 160x80 cm. It is perfect for a child of primary school age and a teenager.

Types of bumpers and accessories

The simplest and well-proven option will be the bumpers made of cotton fabric. They are easy to sew, wash and iron. They are very easy to operate and maintain. The sides with removable covers have a number of drawbacks. For their manufacture will require much more fabric. Due to the greater consumption of material, the price is much higher. Removable bumpers have zippers, which curious babies can swallow the sliders. Border pads are more thick. Due to this, the bed looks cozy and it will be very warm. Often there are pads instead of the sides. Pillows are not connected to each other.They are simply tied to the sides of the bed for the ribbons. They can be completely different designs.

In the last season, the most popular are the original side-houses and the side-cats. Such kits can be purchased at the store or sewn on an individual sketch. Always worth having in stock an extra set of bumpers. While one is in the wash, parents can always hang a spare.

Many parents use a canopy in addition to the sides. It allows you to protect the baby from external noise. A popular option is to prevent children from falling. Its construction includes a plastic frame and protective mesh. Such a model is removable. When the baby grows up, parents will only need to remove the stopper, without changing the bed itself. Silicone lining on the sides will also help protect your baby from injury. There are sliding and folding sides. This is also a good barrier against the fall of a child in a dream.

How to choose

Attitude to the side of many experts is very ambiguous. Dr. Komarovsky does not recommend the use of bumpers in the crib for a newborn. In his opinion, they can cause the choking of a baby. According to a specialist, such accessories will be safer by the year of a child's life. In 2012, according to reputable magazines, bumpers were recognized as the most dangerous product for newborns. In some states of America, they are completely banned for sale. Other less reputable doctors on the contrary, advised to use bumpers to protect the baby from injury. Every mother should think carefully and taking into account all possible risks, make the right decision for herself.

The baby from 1 year no longer needs such a soft side in the crib. He has grown considerably and is strong and can coordinate his movements consciously. If the parents still decided to buy the bumpers in the crib for a newborn, the range of children's stores is impressive. The combination of sides and bed linen in the same style bring up a sense of beauty in the baby.

Children from 5 years old parents often buy beds with removable bumpers or limiters. The kids are already big enough, but the likelihood of falls during sleep is great. The height of the side is about 30 centimeters.

How to tie

Many experts recommend tying the sides on all four sides. This will protect the baby from extraneous noise and will allow to avoid drafts. There is a rule that it is necessary to close the blowing side. The bumper must be attached to the side opposite the door or window. Such protection will not interfere with the newborn even in the warm season, because the child’s body still lacks immunity.

Another option for mounting the sides is to partially enclose the bed. This option is perfect for parents who are worried about the circulation of fresh air and consider soft bumpers as a dust collector. The sides can be attached to the headboard and side of the crib. The baby will be open to review, and he will always be in the field of view of his parents. Attach the side stands to the railing or the top edge of the crib. Many parents prefer to hang on them additional toys in order to develop the sight and perception of the world in the baby. It is not so difficult to dress the sides, it is important to look after them properly and in a timely manner. To put on bumpers on a bed it is necessary after obligatory washing.

How to remove

Removing the bumpers is much easier than hanging. Basically they are attached to the side of the bed with ribbons. It is enough to dissolve the knots or bows and bumpers are ready for replacement.When the baby climbs over the fence in the bed, the need for soft bumpers disappears completely.

For grown up kids and children, the removable bumpers are simply removed and removed as superfluous. If the bed comes with stationary sides, it should be replaced with a new model.

How to make

A few years ago the bumpers were not so widely represented in the market of children's products. Many craftswomen preferred to sew the bumpers themselves to their children or to make them individually. Now many seamstresses make original and beautiful bumpers to order. But there is nothing better than to make the bumpers for your own crumbs.

First you need to choose the appropriate texture and color of fabric. Then decide on the appearance of the sides and calculate the required number of sections. After preparing the pattern, you can start cutting parts. To decorate the sides need ribbons. Tapes need to be stitched on the principle of oblique beyki. Then the tape will be able to go around the entire rim around the perimeter. A cord is inserted inside it to provide the necessary rigidity and fixing of the rim.From the remnants of the tape on a typewriter strip over the future strings of the bumper.

Then you can start sewing the base. Rectangular parts are stitched together from three sides. A zipper is sewn on the fourth side, and then a border is sewn around the perimeter and ribbons are sewn. Then we put any filler inside the resulting pocket and carefully fasten the zipper. The side is ready with your own hands. There are different types of bumpers. Many people like knitted sides or models of felt.


The sides must be washed. It is advisable to do this once a week. This can be done manually or washed in a typewriter on a gentle mode. It is worth remembering that the sides with foam filling can be washed in any way, but the sides with synthetic padding will have to be washed only by hand. It is necessary to use special hypoallergenic detergents. It is important to remember that foam rubber retains moisture for longer. Such sides need to be dried longer.

How much are

The price of sides depends on materials and the company. Basically, the price for soft bumpers in a newborn's bed is a lot of 700 rubles and more. Tailor made from natural fabrics can cost several thousand rubles.

Top Brands Rating

A baby bed with sides is a great option for creating a cozy and comfortable sleeping place for any baby. Consider the most popular manufacturers in the domestic market of goods.


Beds with sides from this manufacturer are very popular. The side of the bed provides safety to the child. This bed can be used for children from 2 years. A distinctive feature of the design is the image of a dolphin on the side of the bed. Beds of this brand are suitable for kids 2 years old and older children.

I grow

A bed from the company “I grow up” is perfect for a child from 1.5 years. At the request of parents, the width of the bed can be changed by special order. A distinctive feature of beds of this brand is the presence of a removable rim and use in the production of natural materials.

Karina Lux

A large selection of standard and bunk beds made of wood is represented by the brand "Karina Lux". All beds are equipped with safe sides and made of natural materials.

Winnie the Pooh

Colorful beds and soft bumpers from the Winnie the Pooh brand will make the interior of a nurseryThe rooms are bright and memorable. The baby will like such a colorful and beautiful bed.


One of the most popular companies for the manufacture of textile sides is the brand "Intex". Delicate patterns and colors will be perfectly combined with any baby cradle. Natural and high-quality materials are perfect for the cradle of a newborn.

Golden Goose

The company "Golden Goose" specializes in the borders of textiles for newborns and children under 5 years. Original design and nice colors make this brand popular.


The best thing about any product is not the advertising articles of manufacturers, but real customer reviews. According to most parents, bumpers are a real find among children's products. They perfectly protect newborns from blows and bruises. And beds with stationary and removable sides are an excellent solution for the safety of babies from 2 years old.

Interesting solutions in interior design

The sides in the children's bed can add style and tone to the whole room. Standard white bed will look fresh and comfortable thanks to the original sides.For a boy, they can be made in turquoise and white colors with the image of ships and stars.

A bed with removable sides will be an excellent option for a child from 2 years. The combination of blue, blue and white is perfect for a room made in a nautical style.

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