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As you know, children love to turn into a toy absolutely everything that comes their way. Children's fantasy knows no boundaries, so even the most ordinary at first glance things can become something fascinating if you include a drop of imagination. Often, children use furniture in their own room for their games, so modern designers have decided to create an interior item that will have both practical and gaming functions. This object was a children's bed with a slide.

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Features and benefits

A children's bed with a slide is an excellent example of furniture that combines a sleeping place and a play area. For this purpose, you can use any bed, the height of which reaches at least one meter. There are special beds lofts where the space under the bed is used as storage of some things. Some organize a playroom for small children there,but in this case one should be very careful, as there is a small risk that the child may hit his head due to carelessness.

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A bed with a slide has quite a lot of advantages, the first of which is of course the entertainment part in the face of the slide. Children with great enthusiasm roll down a slide and get great pleasure from it. But the most important advantage, from a practical point of view, is the strength of this structure, since it has a reinforced frame, and in the case of a two-tier model, there are also special mounts that ensure the best stability of this bed and ensure the safety of the child. Some models are even equipped with additional mounts to the wall. The safety of the child is also determined by special bumpers, which are located not only at the bed, but also at the very side of the hill. So, if the child sits to roll down, the possibility that he will fall is extremely small.

This design, as a rule, has a wider sleeping place, so the child will be comfortable and cozy in it. The very design of these models is very interesting and beautiful, so that your child will definitely like it.And some furniture salons offer complete furniture sets, which additionally include a desk and a wardrobe.

In some models, the slide is removable, so if you are afraid that the child is not yet ready to constantly climb up and go down on his own, you can simply remove and install it whenever you want. Thus, the baby will ride exclusively under your strict guidance.

Children grow up quickly and their interests change, so the design, which seemed to them the best and most exciting bed with a slide, turns into a less interesting one over time. It is not surprising if already a schoolboy or teenager will ask him to replace the children's headset with something more classical. Perhaps this is the only drawback of this model of the bed.


Like any other furniture, a bed with a slide has its own subspecies, each of which combines one detail, namely the slide itself.

The most common model with a slide is loft bedwhich is an analogue of a bunk bed, but with only one berth at the top and a ladder.The height of this design varies from one meter to the possibility of a normal descent from the slide. This model is practical, beautiful and very original. The space under the bed itself can be used in completely different ways.

Many parents organize there an additional place to store any large children's things: suitcases, bicycles, scooters and much more can be placed under the bed, as there is plenty of space. But in addition to the storage of various items, at the bottom you can organize a real house, which will become a haven for your child and a place for his interesting pastime.

Usually, children call it their little house, which can be arranged in different ways. The easiest way to isolate yourself from the outside world is an ordinary curtain, which is mounted on the upper frame of the bed. Depending on the desire of the child, you can draw or cut out the windows and the door.

Some furniture stores offer a ready-made two-story house at once, where both tiers are decorated as a refuge, that is, each floor has its own walls, and the top one is equipped with a roof.In the case of a slide, you can organize a sleeping place on the first tier, and the playing area on the second.

The inner filling of the playing area everyone chooses. You can nail additional shelves for toys and books, put a small table and chairs for tea, and even hold a light. All these details delight the kids who love original things very much.

Double decker

In case you are happy parents of two children, you can safely buy a two-tier model with a slide for children. They will be delighted. Of course, the slide does not replace the stairs, it is only an assistant during the descent, and in order to climb, the child will have to use the stairs installed nearby. Bunk beds with a slide are very comfortable, as they take up much less space than two separate beds, and the slide will bring a lot of positive emotions to children.

With table

Some beds lofts with a slide provide for a working area, which is usually located under the bed. This is a very convenient and economical option that not only accommodates a few furniture items, but also leaves enough space for other items in the room.Such bedroom sets are ideal for rooms with a small area. In this case, be sure to hold the lighting under the table, so that the child has enough light during class.

How to choose

When buying a bed with a slide in the first place you should pay attention to the quality of the design and its strength. The bed must have special sides on the sides so that the child does not fall down during sleep, and must also be equipped with a convenient ladder for lifting. It is better if the bed is bigger for convenience.

When choosing a particular model, you need to look at the appearance, so that it would be to the liking of the child. For girls it is better to choose beds of soft, pink or white tones. You can buy real castles of princesses, the descent of which will be carried out from a hill. Your girl will feel like a heroine of Disney cartoons.

For boys, you can choose a bed in the form of a ship or car.

Browse popular models


Vasilisa company produces furniture in Russia. All products are made from high quality materials. The bed with a slide from this brand has a height of 121 cm.It is equipped with a slide and a comfortable, wide staircase around the edges, and in the middle there is a special rim that ensures the safety of the child. Under the bed is a free zone, which can be used at the request of the child.

Bambini domini

Beds with a hill from this brand are also made of natural materials and have a hill with a convenient ladder and a wide side. Under the bed there are additional cabinets, open or closed - the customer decides for the storage of children's clothes, toys and clothes. This is very convenient, as parents will not have to worry about purchasing additional shelves for the first tier.


Beds with a slide from Cilek from the playful coco series have a bright design, dominated by blue, red, yellow and green colors. Unlike other brands, these beds are made of metal, and the slide and ladder are attached to the side of the bed as if in a separate unit. The lower tier is curtain in the form of a tent and has its windows and a door. This is a ready-made gaming house, which does not need any additions.


Disney slide beds are a true work of art.These are ready-made houses, castles, garages for racing cars or pirate ships. All of them have bright colors and are most often devoted to certain cartoon characters. If your child loves Disney cartoons, then he probably will like the bed with a slide of this brand.

Interesting solutions in interior design for a boy

The appearance of the chosen bed, of course, depends primarily on the sex of the child. If girls prefer a variety of beautiful houses, castles of princesses with heroines from Disney cartoons, then for boys the choice is even wider.

If the child is keen on marine-themed, then you can buy a bed with a slide in white and blue colors, supplement it with a sail and a mast, as well as a steering wheel. The lower part can become the captain's office, where the map will hang.

There are models with the design in the form of a car with tires, as well as all kinds of forest houses and military tents. But the treasure cave will cause a special interest in the boy. The upper tier can be arranged in the form of a pirate ship with a mast and steering wheel, and the lower one can become a real dark cave, where treasures and other interesting things are hidden.

There are always a lot of design options for a child's room, it all depends on your child's taste preferences, as well as on fantasy.

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