Cot with pendulum mechanism for a newborn

Sleep is a guarantee of harmonious development and health for the newborn. The first months of life often have to take him in his arms to calm and put down the child.

Children quickly become accustomed to such a ritual, and very soon it becomes clear to parents that rocking a child is a long-term commitment. To make life easier for parents will help bed - rocking chair.

Features and benefits

Not all parents are supporters of motion sickness, believing that this will disrupt the work of the vestibular apparatus of the baby. There is an opinion that the baby, who is used to rocking, cannot subsequently fall asleep on a regular bed.

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Adherents of motion sickness remind of the centuries-old traditions of raising children, because our ancestors always put the baby in the cradle or in the rocking bed. Specialists - physicians believe that the oscillatory movements have a beneficial effect on the body of the newborn, contributing to its successful adaptation to the outside world.Rocking movements resemble movements to which the baby has become accustomed for 9 months of coexistence with the mother. Based on this, motion sickness is an absolutely natural process for a newborn and is incapable of harming it.

Which bed is better: with or without a pendulum?

It is very important to choose the right bed, which should be comfortable for the crumbs and practical for adults. The standard bed is equipped with everything necessary for a child: a rack bottom, two levels of a bed, a front wall that is falling, a box for storing clothes.

In models from good manufacturers, self-centering wheels with stoppers and silicone pads on the crossbars, the so-called “rodents”, are necessarily provided. This bed is fixed, but it can be rolled up to the parents' bed, the front wall is lowered - and at night it will be convenient for the mother to reach the baby and calm him down without getting out of bed.

In addition to these devices, the rocking bed has a special mechanism for rocking. These can be simple arcs on which it rests, or pendulum swing mechanisms.

The action of the rocking crib is based on the fact that it is enough for the parents to give it the slightest acceleration, and in the future it moves on its own, calming the child.In some cases, such a rocking chair begins to sway, even from the stirring of a baby who woke up in the middle of the night, and he swayes himself.


The rocking cot can be of several varieties. A cradle is recommended for the little ones.

The cradle usually sways from side to side; this type of swaying is called the transverse rocking mechanism. Two types of designs are possible: on arcuate runners or with a pendulum.

Both designs allow you to rock the cradle with a light touch of my mother's palm. It is worth noting that the rocking crib can also wiggle slightly from the movement of a sleeping baby. This bed produces smooth reciprocating movements, without any sudden drops and unexpected stops. The cradles on the runners are necessarily equipped with anti-tipping systems. Braking occurs absolutely silently and naturally, without loud blows and knocking, not disturbing and not frightening the baby.

In a stationary state with a sleeping child, such a crib - the rocking chair itself should be centered in a strictly vertical position without the slightest deviations.In the case when the pendulum swing mechanism is used, a key is provided - a stopper that parents need to use so as not to rock the baby indefinitely.

Modern cots - cradles are equipped with an electronic pendulum, capable of starting from a crying baby and independently stopping its movement after the child calms down.

One of the main drawbacks of the cradle is that it should not be used after the baby begins to sit on its own. That is, after 5 months of life, the cradle for the child in any case will have to be replaced with a cot.

By this age, the baby is usually already gaining considerable weight, it becomes difficult to rock him in the arms, in this case the bed with a pendulum mechanism will be comfortable.

The main feature of this crib is the pendulum itself. He makes an oscillating motion, slowly rocking the bed. At the same time, the base of the crib does not move, that is, it does not make any extra sounds, which is especially important at night. This bed is started in one easy movement, you can touch the back of the bed and continue to sleep.That is why beds with pendulums are often installed near the parent bed. There are two types of pendulum: transverse and longitudinal. Unlike the longitudinal pendulum, the transverse "walks" from left to right.

Experts believe that motion sickness forward - backward will be more useful for the baby, he will fall asleep faster and will sleep in a deeper sleep. This is due to the fact that motion sickness occurs along the body of the child, creating a feeling of caring parental hands.

The most comfortable beds are equipped with a universal pendulum, capable of working both longitudinally and transversely. In this case, parents can choose how to rock the baby.

When a child simply plays in such a bed, it is fixed in place with the help of clamps.


The dimensions of the beds vary depending on the age of the child for which they are designed. For the smallest there is a cradle, its size varies from 90 to 100 cm in length, depending on the manufacturer. Width is usually 50 cm.

A cot designed for the age of a three-year-old child is usually 65x125 cm in size. Minor deviations inherent in almost every manufacturer, for example, 66x126 cm or 66x123 cm, do not have a fundamental difference.For babies from 3 to 5 years, size 87x130 cm is provided, which also varies depending on the manufacturer.

How to choose

The choice of beds is very diverse, and what exactly to buy, parents choose, based on their own tastes and life experience. In all cases it is important that the bed has wheels with a stopper, two levels of the bed and orthopedic slatted bottom for correct fixation of the spine of the newborn.

Cots with a longitudinal pendulum are recognized as more appropriate for pediatric physiology. In this case, the quality of production is important in order to avoid unnecessary noise in its work. It is desirable that the mechanism of motion sickness was closed, which will save it from the ingress of foreign objects.

When choosing this crib there are some nuances: for example, parents should think in advance where they will put it, because there should be enough free space at the back and front for a quiet movement of the pendulum.

The complication of the model of the bed leads to an increase in its value. In this case, only parents decide which bed they are interested in.

Assembly scheme

To assemble the crib - a pendulum with a linen box is quite capable of any skillful man.

Stages of work:

  1. Installation of a fixed base (side, bottom and headboard);
  2. Installation of the bed and the insertion of a movable fence;
  3. The assembly of the pendulum, which is mounted on 4 guides (with the bottom of the crib between the upper guides);
  4. Assembling the lower back of the pendulum;
  5. Installation of the box, which is placed inside the pendulum;
  6. Installing the crib on the drawer, fixing the legs.

Browse popular models

Cots with a pendulum mechanism can be made in various combinations of natural wood with chipboard and MDF.

The cots of the brand "Lel" are made of beech or oak, covered with non-toxic and waterproof varnish. There are models with a longitudinal, transverse and universal swing pendulum. Mechanisms of swing systems are made of solid wood based on a bearing on a metal hub and are equipped with a lock to stop its movement. They have a built-in drawer for storing children's clothes, removable slats, “rodents” and three levels of the bed.

Another popular model - Chung-Chang, from the company “The Island of Coziness” is made of pine, birch and chipboard. In its composition, in addition to the crib with a transverse pendulum swing, there is a changing table and a cabinet for linen. All this is located on a single basistherefore, in the process of growing up a child, extra items can be easily dismantled, a long mattress is purchased - and the bed for the baby turns into a teenage bed.

The model "Uliana" is also a bed - a transformer with a cabinet, designed to become a bed for a teenager. Made of pine in combination with chipboard, the facade is trimmed with MDF. The transverse pendulum does not require unnecessary space for the crib and ensures a smooth swing of the crib bed.


Reviews of beds - rocking chairs can be divided into two opposite groups.

It is believed that such a device, exceeding the cost of conventional cribs, is an excess and unnecessary waste of money. In this case, the main emphasis is placed on the fact that the infant age passes quickly, and you can wear the child on the arms until he gets used to falling asleep on his own.

Another point of view comes down to the fact that in the postpartum period a woman experiences too heavy loads, therefore, if there is at least some opportunity to alleviate this hard work, then you should not regret for that money, because the calmness of the mother ensures a happy childhood of the child.

They definitely recommend rocking beds for those families that do not plan to stop at the birth of one baby. A well-made bed will last a long time and will pay for the money spent on its purchase.

Interesting solutions in interior design

When choosing a bed color, an important factor is the preferences and tastes of parents, but it is worth remembering that the baby begins to learn the world, looking at the objects around him.

Usually cribs are made in various shades of wood color, but there are exceptions. A white bed, decorated with delicate tones of mint or blue, will set the baby in a contemplative mood and will create a calming mood in his parents. It will perfectly fit into the design of a classic nursery in a romantic style.

Decorated with rhinestones or appliqués - will take the attention of the child and teach him to concentrate. Complete with the same dresser or wardrobe, this bed will create a truly aristocratic atmosphere in the nursery.

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