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When a long-awaited baby appears in the family, I want to surround him with care, love, and the most high-quality and functional things. It is very important to choose the right furniture such as a comfortable cot. What should be considered when choosing it?

Manufacturer selection

On the modern market you can find a huge number of cribs from a variety of manufacturers - both domestic and foreign, and the domestic industry is not inferior in quality to good foreign companies. Very positive reviews has a factory of children's furniture "Sonya". It produces children's furniture since 2004 and is one of the leaders among Russian manufacturers. Its range includes cribs and changing rooms of the highest quality wood.

In the production of used both Russian and foreign equipment. The “Sonya” children's bed is a product made only of solid wood, the cover is hypoallergenic varnish or water-based paint. The bottom of the bed is equipped with a functional drawer.

A huge selection of cots for every taste and budget is provided by the Russian company Mebelgrad. This is one of the largest federal networks of furniture stores with branches throughout Russia. It is also possible to choose and buy furniture in the official online store.

When choosing a crib, pay attention to the following points:

  • First, be sure to ensure that the bed for a child is safe. It should not have sharp corners, the sides and headboard should be high enough. If there are airing holes in the side walls of the crib, make sure that the child cannot get stuck in them or fall out. These criteria are fully met "Sonya";
  • Choose a high-quality comfortable mattress, make a bed with high-quality linen from natural materials - this is the key to a healthy sleep of the baby and your peace of mind;
  • The material from which your chosen bed is made is very important.
  • If you choose a cot for two or three children, you can buy a two-or three-tier structure. However, do not forget that such beds are rather bulky, and the stairs to the upper tier may be unsafe;
  • Not the last role when choosing a bed for a child is played by its design and additional accessories, such as a box for linen.


  • The most common and recommended material for the manufacture of a baby cot is wood. It is popular due to its environmental friendliness, durability, variety of colors and textures. The best wood species are alder, birch and maple. There are also beds made of pine, but they are less durable, they may remain marks from bites and blows toys;
  • MDF is also an environmentally friendly and recommended material; the strength of such beds is almost identical to the strength of wooden beds, but their price is lower;
  • There are beds made of chipboard. They attract consumers with their low price. But when buying such a bed, you must remember that in the production of cheap chipboard, formaldehyde, which is known for its toxicity, can be used, therefore such savings are doubtful;
  • Metal beds are quite rare, as a rule, these beds are transformers. The metal is cold and unpleasant to the touch, therefore it requires a special coating;
  • The cheapest material used in the production of cots - plastic. It is light, warm, but very fragile, therefore, as a rule, it is used only in the production of cradles for very young children.
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It is also very important to know what the bed cover is. Of course, the best option is its absence, but if you still choose a coated bed, you should know that a special harmless varnish for children's furniture or water-based paint will work best. If possible, check the quality of the cover - scratch the product and, if there is a trace, it is better to refuse to buy such a bed.

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