Transforming bed for newborns

Many, planning to purchase a baby cot for a newborn, complain that this purchase is not a cheap one.

It will have to use it for no more than three years, after which it cannot be expensively sold, since during operation the bed can lose its appearance or it can simply be spoiled by the grown up baby. A great option in this case is to buy a transforming bed for newborns.


There are a lot of types of transforming beds.

  1. With a dresser. These cribs, which are transformed into a full bed, have a chest of drawers. Some models have a changing table with fences. A small bed on them is equipped with a rolling pendulum.
  2. Baby bed 3 in 1. This is an oval bed. It is suitable for a child up to 5 years old. It can be transformed into a circle, imitating at the same time my mother's tummy, and an oval for the grown up baby, later it is possible to remove the back, thereby allowing the baby to slam and climb onto the bed, or turn it into a sofa.
  3. Baby bed 5 in 1.This is almost the same 3-in-1 bed, but with additional functionality in the form of the possibility to make an arena from this bed, as well as attach it to my mother's bed, securing it with special fastenings to the side of the large bed.
  4. Children's bed 6 in 1. This is a 5 in 1 bed with the possibility to additionally make a table and two chairs.
  5. Baby bed 7 in 1. This is a 6 in 1 bed with an additional function of the changing table.
  6. Baby bed 8 in 1. This is a bed with the functions described above, additionally equipped with a pendulum for rocking a baby.
  7. Sliding metal construction. It is fully equipped, starting with a canopy and ending with an extra cradle for a newborn.


Transforming cots are mainly made from those types of material.

  • From natural solid wood. This material is most suitable for the manufacture of baby beds, it is harmless, environmentally-friendly, warm.
  • Laminated chipboard. Dirty on the hand manufacturers can use for the production of this material harmful resins that will adversely affect the health of your child.Therefore, buying a cot, do not forget to check the certificate of quality. But this material, as well as wood, is warm and tactilely pleasant.
  • Made of metal. Metal beds are strong and durable. The only drawback is that this material is cold, and if the rag side is removed, then the child will experience discomfort when touching the metal.

Forms and sizes

Forms in transforming beds two.

First, it is a round bed, transforming subsequently into an oval. Secondly, it is a standard rectangular shape.

The sizes of the transforming beds are different.

The metal bed with a sliding mechanism in assembled form has a size of 700x1190 mm, when unfolded, its length increases to 160 cm.

The transforming bed with a chest of drawers has a different length. It depends on the length of the dresser. The size of the crib is standard 60x120cm. The large bed has dimensions of 60x160 cm or 60x180 cm.

The oval bed has a size of 73 * 127 cm, in a round condition, its diameter is 73 cm, respectively.

Features and benefits

The transforming bed is essentially two beds in one, just after a while the small bed is removed, freeing up space for sleeping, or in other versions the end back is folded, thereby lengthening the bed. But is she comfortable?

To determine all the pros and cons of beds, you must consider them in accordance with the modifications.

Transforming bed with a dresser. Such an attribute of furniture was created in order to combine several functions in one place. At the same time, it is quite comfortable to sleep on this type of bed, since in its essence these are ordinary beds, and if you install orthopedic mattresses in them, it is an indispensable thing in the house.

  • It allows you to save space in the apartment.
  • Has storage places, both in a dresser, and under a bed. No need to additionally buy a separate dresser.
  • Easily turns into a full bed.
  • A chest of drawers can be removed and placed next to a full bed in the form of a bedside table.
  • It has all the functions of a normal crib for a newborn: a pendulum of cross rolling, a descending front wall, the ability to set the mattress in two positions.

The disadvantages of these beds too.

  • Do not put on the bed mom.
  • Chest drawers are not very large.
  • On the top cover of the dresser, not all models have fences. But if you put a bed in a corner with a dresser, then this is easily corrected and the child will not roll down anywhere.
  • Attach a canopy can only be on the back wall.

Transforming bed from metal. It is transformed into a large one by reclining the end backrest, thereby extending the sleeping place. It is quite comfortable to sleep on the bed in a folded state; a mattress with a thickness of 8 cm is included in the set. But if you like, you can replace it.

She also has a number of advantages.

  • In its kit usually contains a cradle, canopy, mattress and bumpers. Buying such a bed is not necessary to additionally spend money on a set in the crib, buying only a blanket and bed linen.
  • Increases in length, suitable for an older baby.
  • If the child is placed in the cradle, it is easy to rock.
  • Changing the height of the mattress.
  • Beautiful and neat look.
  • You can pull out the stand and use it as a changing table.
  • The side backrest is fully lowered, it is convenient to put the sleeping baby in the crib.
  • There are wheels with clamps, you can move to put right next to my mother's bed.


  • It is made of metal, cold, can break away paint.
  • No storage system.
  • Oval bed. It is comfortable to sleep on it with the condition of buying orthopedic mattresses. But, firstly, for this bed they need at least two, and if you use the sidewall for sharing sleep with your mom, you need another one, and the price for mattresses of these forms is far from low.

Pluses, we describe them for the maximum configuration.

  • This bed is made of solid beech or birch. It is a warm and natural material that does not cause allergies.
  • The round shape of the bed reminds the baby the shape of the mother's belly - the familiar environment of the newborn.
  • You can make a comfortable sofa.
  • It has a pendulum mechanism.
  • Can be used as a playpen.

Virtually no drawbacks, except for the inability to install in a corner and the lack of a storage system.

How to choose

When choosing a transforming crib, you first need to determine the functionality that you place on the bed. If you need additional storage space for children's things, it is recommended to choose a transforming bed with a chest of drawers. Here you can combine a chest of drawers, extra drawers at the bottom of the bed, and a changing table.

Afterwards, when the baby grows up, you can make a small computer desk or a place to do the lessons using simple devices from a small cot. If you don’t need the maximum functionality of the bed, this is just a place to sleep, it is better to choose a metal bed, especially since it is already equipped with many sleeping elementsand you do not need to additionally purchase a cradle for a newborn, bumpers, a mattress and a canopy.

The oval bed is the most expensive, because it is made of natural materials, in addition, you need to buy special mattresses for it, which you can hardly save on. This bed can not be put into a corner, but its appearance is presentable, and the child will be very comfortable in it. And it is worth the money spent.


You can assemble the crib yourself. It is not so difficult. The instructions for each type of bed are described in detail how to do this. Consider the assembly of the crib-transformer with a chest of drawers, as the most complex. Initially we collect all the parts separately. The laminated chipboard is already cut, the mounting holes are made. All accessories are included, including some keys. For work you need only a screwdriver or screwdriver, and a hammer or a construction stapler.

We install a large bed, install a chest of drawers on it, having predetermined the side on which it will be located. Then go to the installation of the crib. Here one can not cope. Installation of the crib is carried out on the hinges on which it will later swing.

In the end put the mattress, insert the boxes and put in the place where the baby will sleep. The build is complete.

Rating of popular models

Since there are a lot of models of transforming beds, and there are even more of them, we will determine the most popular models and furniture factories.

A bed a transformer with a dresser of furniture factory the Fairy is a bed of the Russian production. It consists of a large bed, small bed, dresser, equipped with a changing table at the top. The beds of this manufacturer are made in several colors: ivory, maple, beech and maple-wenge.

Italian oval transforming beds brand SWEET BABY DELIZIA - this is a wonderful bed. In the maximum modification it can be used in different functionalities. Looks rich and modern. Subsequently transformed into an elegant sofa, which with the help of textiles can be entered into any interior.

Premium Baby Polish cots are made from two types of wood - beech and birch. They are made in three colors: white, beige, wenge. Polish beds carry all the benefits of oval beds, not inferior to the Italian.In addition, on the Russian market, there are models of an exclusive series, made in the form of a carriage, with a small chest of drawers with a changing table added to it. The bed is decorated with lion heads and gilt.

Geoby metal transforming beds are also very popular in Russia. Presented in Russia since 2005. Their advantage is that the kit already includes everything you need to sleep your baby, no need to buy extra mattress and other bedding. Suitable for children up to seven years.


Since the transforming beds in their various modifications have appeared on our market for a long time, a clear and unequivocal opinion about these beds has already been formed.

Round and oval beds are very popular among people with high incomes, the price of the beds and accessories for them is very high. This is the only negative. Otherwise, judging by the reviews, this is an excellent bed, convenient for parents to use, it is comfortable to sleep and play in the baby, it looks great, it is easy to install even in the parent’s bedroom, and then you can easily transfer it to the nursery. Great sofa or tea table with chairs after the baby grows out of it.

Also, referring to the reviews, a positive impression remains from the use of transforming beds by Russian manufacturers. The bed fully performs all the functions assigned to it, and will last more than one year for sleeping and playing your children. Spacious drawers are great for storing baby clothes, diapers, and all other bedding and accessories, including diapers. Their changing table, though small, is quite sufficient for dressing the baby.

A silicone strap on the side wall is very convenient; a child, gnawing at it, leaves no teeth marks. The disadvantage is that there is no top lid on the bottom drawers. When the mattress is raised in a small cot, the things that lie in these boxes are gathering dust.

Metal beds also leave positive feedback in the soul of their owners. Even despite the fact that they are mainly produced in the Middle Kingdom. They are made with high quality, without odors, using natural materials. It is very convenient that the mosquito net comes with these beds. The bed is not very bulky, and the wheels will allow to bring the baby on it even on the street, of course,provided they live in a private house, which allows the mother to do housework and work in the yard while the child is sleeping, while the child breathes fresh air in the meantime.

Interesting solutions in interior design

The transforming bed is so diverse that it can be entered into any interior of the children's room.

  • A bed of milky color with a bright dresser will be a great accent in the interior of a child's baby.
  • Another bright example of a transformer bed with a chest of drawers
  • The gentle style of the room will be supported by an oval light-colored cot with white sides. Exquisitely, does not mean difficult.
  • Oval bed in the color of wenge will fit into the interior of the room for a newborn boy
  • A wenge transforming bed will be a bright accent in a room of pastel colors.
  • A white bed in a bright interior will soothe a lush design.
  • A transforming cot with bright textiles will be a decoration in a faded room.
  • The transforming bed from the natural massif of a tree will be not only eco-friendly, but also will perfectly fit into an interior of the nursery.
  • An oval bed for an older girl is a great option for sleeping.
  • A transforming bed with a chest of drawers, using the lower bed for sleeping, decorated with the help of pillows in the form of a sofa.
  • Italian transforming bed, converted into a sofa for the nursery, with the help of additional ready-made accessories-pillows.
  • Metal transforming bed. The budget option, but it looks great.

Choosing a bed in the children's bedroom, pay attention to the transforming bed. This is a very comfortable, functional model of the bed for your child. He will be able to sleep in her, from birth to at least eight years. A transforming bed is a great option for a small-sized apartment, and for a one-room apartment - almost the only option of 160 cm in length, in which you can fit a chest of drawers, a cot, and a changing table.

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