Transforming bed for teenagers

Choosing a baby bed is a responsible task for every parent. With age, there is a need for a new bed. The transforming bed will allow to solve this problem in the best way.

Features and benefits

Transforming beds are very practical. Their design is designed so that during sleep, the working surface is above the bed or below, under it. In the daytime, the bed is hidden.

Occupying relatively little space, they replace several pieces of furniture at once. In addition to the bed, the complex may include drawers, a bedside table, a wardrobe and other components necessary for a teenager. Fit well in both large and small rooms.

Transformable furniture will last long enough. In the folded position, these beds create extra space. They are easily divided into parts or replace individual elements, which will allow to make a permutation.You can change the purpose of the furniture as the child grows up.

Having such a bed, there is no constant need to make a bed. The surface is hidden along with the bedding.

Complete with modern models are orthopedic mattresses. This will provide your child with a place for healthy sleep.


The choice of transforming beds is wide enough. The berth is combined with such elements of furniture:

  • cupboard
  • chest of drawers
  • nightstand
  • table
  • sofa

The sleeping surface can be extended sideways, reclined from above, laid out from the wall.

Also, there are transforming beds for two children. Unlike an ordinary bunk bed, there can be tables, drawers, a desk and other necessary modules.

The bed-case will suit those who plan to hide a bed in a wall. Such a modification is good in a one-room apartment, small rooms or for rooms of mixed use. Cabinets may contain in their design more than one bed.

The bed-dresser is similar in design to the bed-wardrobe model, but the method of transformation differs. This modification is folding horizontal.When assembled, this bed really looks like a dresser. On top and on the sides there are additional compartments for bedding and other necessary stuff.

The bed, transforming into a table, is interesting because a teenager has a place to do homework. At the time of sleep, the desktop takes a sleeping place with an orthopedic mattress. In the transformers with a table, there are additionally niches for bed linen and boxes for stationery. A good feature of this model is the ease of its transformation. The child can make the bed without the help of an adult.

Bed sofa is a sofa that converts into a bed. Such a modification compares favorably with others in that there is a place for sitting. At the bottom is a drawer for bed linen. Certain sofa models can transform into a bunk bed. The downside is the lack of functional compartments for small items.

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Any of the varieties of transformers can contain more than one bed. This solution is useful if one bedroom is used for two children.The most popular are beds-wardrobes and beds-dressers. When assembled, both beds will occupy a minimum of space. This allows you to set in the bedroom desktop, which is necessary for each student.


In models like the sofa bed as the frame is most often used metal. For upholstery use dense textiles or eco-leather. If you choose a modification, where a table or a wardrobe with a bed is combined, then wood, MDF or chipboard is used here.

Chipboard material is made of pressed sawdust connected at high temperature using synthetic resins. Wins in price and color variety. The material is strong enough, protected from moisture and mold. The downside is the presence in the composition of a small formaldehyde resin. If there is insufficient ventilation, airborne particles can cause allergies.

Material MDF is a medium density plate, which is made of sawdust glued together with paraffin. Products from MDF have a smooth beautiful surface, they are eco-friendly and safe for humans.The minus of this material is relatively low resistance to mechanical damage and easy flammability near an open flame source.

Models made of natural wood are more beautiful and gain strength. However, beds made of natural wood will cost you more. For teenage bedrooms, you can combine elements of several colors. It will look bright and unusual. The bedroom of your children can not be called boring.

Choosing a transforming bed for a children's bedroom, pay attention to the quality of the furniture. The durability and correctness of your furniture depends on its strength.

How to choose

In the bedroom of a teenager, it is important to create a cozy atmosphere for relaxing. Prefer calm colors with bright individual elements. Pick furniture that is suitable in color and design for the interior of the room. Try to avoid flashy colors - it will irritate the eyes and interfere with the focus. Choosing dark colors, a gloomy, oppressive atmosphere is created in the bedroom, which does not favor to study and rest.

Using colors with vertical and horizontal stripes, you can visually increase the height and width of the room.Light glossy surfaces will help to create a feeling of purity for a long time. Shelves and compartments should be kept as closed as possible so as not to put on display the personal belongings of a teenager.

When choosing a transformer for a room, you need to pay attention to the following questions:

  • Are materials safe?
  • how durable the design;
  • how easily the bed is transformed;
  • quality of accessories;
  • dimensions of the transformer bed.

Furniture must have all necessary quality certificates. The materials used for its production should be safe for the teenager. Make sure there is no sharp chemical smell from the furniture.

Consider the size of the room when choosing a bed. Too bulky design will occupy all free space. At the same time, the furniture should not be too simple. Be sure to need shelves and drawers for personal items. Proper organization of the space of the bed will help with restoring order in the bedroom of the child.

A transforming bed for a teenager should not be laid out too hard. The child should be able to do everything on their own. The table should be well lit on the left side.Install the furniture so that when disassembled, there are no difficulties in moving around the room.

If you choose a modification of the bed-wardrobe, be sure to mount it on the supporting wall. This will nullify the risk of a wall collapse. Do not attach such a bed to plasterboard partitions.

When choosing a bed for a girl, it is worth considering that girls love to get together in companies. Well suited model of transformers, which have in their composition of the seating. It is also worth taking care of the availability of a variety of open shelves. Girls love to put in a prominent place photos, statues and other nice looking stuff.

When choosing a bed for a boy, choose models with a table, large closed drawers and niches for bedding. Choose the color together with your child, because teenagers want to make decisions on their own.

How to disassemble and assemble

Most beds use folding mechanisms. They allow you to fix the bed in the assembled state and keep it in this position for a long time. There are spring-loaded mechanisms with a counterweight and a gas lift mechanism.Gas lift is considered to be more durable than spring. It serves, on average, three times longer. The mechanism with a counterweight is considered the most reliable, however for its placement a lot of space is needed.

In other designs used sliding mechanisms.

If you can not find a bed of suitable configuration, you can assemble it yourself. It is enough to develop an individual drawing and purchase everything you need. Almost all components can be bought independently. Many furniture manufacturers offer to assemble furniture according to an individual sketch of the customer. Children's room will be comfortable, spacious and unique.

Interesting solutions in interior design

For the originality of the interior of the children's bedroom, you can use a couple of bright accessories that will stand out against the background of the calm tones of the room. It can be a bright pillow, a bedspread with your favorite cartoon characters or a beautiful floor lamp of a contrasting color.

Be sure to pay attention to the lighting of the room. Organize the correct illumination of the desktop, nothing should interfere with studies. Place a wall lamp or desk lamp on the bedside table so that the child can read books and go about their businesswhen the main light is off.

Choosing a transforming bed for a teenager's bedroom - you choose practicality. When planning a children's room, take care of sufficient availability of outlets in its different areas. In the modern world of gadgets, two outlets for the whole room will not be enough.

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