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Of course, the choice of a crib is a very important matter. The extent to which it is comfortable for the child depends on the correctness of the formation of his posture, the strength of his sleep. And its convenience for the mother guarantees the best quality of care for the baby with less effort. All this seriously affects the tranquility of the home and the relationship between family members. In order to make life easier, modern manufacturers are developing a variety of solutions for the design and functionality of cribs.

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One of the simplest and at the same time ingenious inventions of our time is the transforming cot already known to many and appreciated.

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Features and benefits

Surely, the developers of the transformer child bed were themselves parents, who, for maximum convenience, themselves and their children were looking for a particularly productive solution in every sense to create the ideal children's furniture.And, it should be noted, quite succeeded in this. How else to explain such a wise and creative course, how to combine several objects into one? Yes, and with the possibility of increasing the size and changing its shape as the child grows?

The transforming bed is universal and durable, this furniture allows you to significantly save space in an apartment or room of a small size. She will definitely help to save her mother's strength and time so that she does not have to constantly move around the different sides of the room from one right place and object to another. This bed can significantly save the family budget.

A separately purchased cot, changing table, chest of drawers, bedside tables for laundry and baby care products, are much more expensive than a single transformer bed, which at the same time combines all these items. But that is not all. The developers took into account the fact that time is passing, and the child is growing. When the baby grows up, you need to buy him in exchange for furniture for the little ones, a larger bed and a desk for games and activities. All of these costs can be avoided.

According to the conception and possibilities invested in the product, the transforming bed is easily transformed into a new, necessary furniture.For example, initially a bed with high side lattices may have a shallow depth so that it would be more convenient for the mother to take the child out of the bed and lay it back. Bedside table can be used as a changing table. When the baby starts to get up on the legs, the bottom of the crib drops down so that it cannot accidentally fall out of it.

When the existing length becomes small, the bedside table is removed and can be used as a box for toys. The bed at the expense of it finds the big length and changes a look. One of its lattice turns into the bottom, the second - in the likeness of the back of the sofa. The top table of a bedside table can become a table top. Later from the gratings you can make a wall or a sports area.

The creative imagination of parents is also able to suggest other options for disassembling objects that are becoming unnecessary and assembling others instead. There are models that are designed to operate even up to 12-16 years, they are with all sorts of options for rebuilding them to the needs of the growing child. Using the description of the capabilities of a particular model of a transformer crib, you can choose the one that is most suitable for a particular family, given the preferred size, quality, cost, shape, material and color.


Transforming beds have many varieties, both in appearance and in functionality and mechanisms used. On sale you can find the following: a loft bed, folding, oval, playpen, 6 in 1, a convertible sofa bunk, with a pendulum, with a chest of drawers, and others.

Folding beds have a folding mechanism that allows them to become invisible in the interior during the day. This is a kind of built-in furniture that does not seem to differ from the usual room environment. There are two types of beds - vertical and horizontal. The vertical bed reclines along, imitates the folded door of a regular wardrobe when folded. In the unfolded form, it is a berth with a length equal to the height of this “cabinet”, also equal to it in width.

Horizontal beds are located across, they are vykatny and folding. Folded-out beds resemble a chest of drawers. In the unfolded form, each of the “drawers” ​​of this “dresser” rolled out on wheels is a separate sleeping place. Most often they are double, the mechanism of such beds is simple and easy, even children cope with it.

Single horizontal folding beds are often located under written or computer desks.During the day, they do not prevent children from playing and practicing, but at night they recline and turn into a sleeping place.

Folding beds are equipped with special straps-clamps that keep folded not only the mattress, but also the bed. This is convenient because there is no need for constant cleaning of blankets and pillows in the linen drawers for storage.

Folding beds are very diverse. This may be, for example, a table for practicing a child during the day, which unfolds at night and turns into a berth, they can be retractable. For example, during the day such a bed resembles a chair with armrests, under which, a little lower, the second part of it is pushed.

The chair-bed is a folding chair. Depending on the mechanism, they are foldable and withdrawable. In the withdrawable pull-out part is equipped with wheels or skids, in folding options, the parts fit each other.

Transforming sofas, as well as armchairs, are roll-out or foldout, they form double seats. Such sofas can be displayed along or across. Very interesting sofa, transforming into a bunk bed by moving his back up over the seat.Some models of sofas and chairs are equipped with drawers for daily storage of linen.

The loft bed is a complex structure consisting of cabinets of different heights, on one of which is a sleeping place for a child on top. Such a bed is always supplied with sides for safety and a ladder for lifting onto it.

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Double beds are vykatnye and bunk. In the first case, the beds are located next to each other. In the second, these are two beds, one above the other, with a ladder attached between them.

Pendulums are built into some models of cots for the youngest children. This mechanism of transverse motion sickness, similar to the motion of a baby in a cradle, has limiters of movement.


Since we are talking about furniture for children, the choice of materials should be approached responsibly. It is made from both particleboard and natural wood, such as birch, alder, or beech. When choosing furniture for the smallest, special attention should be paid to safety: there should not be any sharp corners anywhere, and surfaces should be well polished and covered with safe varnish.

Also, the top of the crates of the bed in some models is protected by non-toxic plastic. This is done so that the child does not nibble it and do not get particles of wood and varnish into his mouth.

When buying furniture for older children, you should carefully examine the quality of the joints of parts and material processing for strength and safety. This will avoid future splinters, injuries and possible injury to the child. It is preferable to choose products from natural wear-resistant materials that do not require special difficulties in the hygienic care of them.

Color solutions

There are a lot of colors of children's furniture, you can always choose the color of the model for your interior, and at the same time please the child. As for the wooden parts of tansformer beds, they are made from natural wood species and, coated with varnish, have the appropriate coloring.

Some of the wooden parts of the transforming beds are painted in different colors, as are products made from chipboard. It can be either a natural wood texture or any other color. The palette is quite diverse, from white to dark brown, rarely black. Sometimes colors are combined with each other.

Textiles for children's furniture also has a diverse range of colors. Most often these are bright positive colors, beloved by all children: red, yellow, blue, green, orange. There are classic colors. There are monophonic products and in various versions of color combinations. It is important to take into account the preferences of parents and the wishes of the child, because the thing is not chosen for one year and should please everyone.

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How to choose

Not every family can boast of large housing sizes. For a small-sized apartment, the most optimal solution is the issue of beds with the help of transforming beds. The apartment or room in this case during the day looks much more spacious and tidier than being filled with extra furniture.

For babies of the first year of life, a transforming bed with an orthopedic mattress that combines a cot with a chest of drawers and drawers is perfect. It will easily fit even in the smallest room and will be able to serve him for many years, growing up with him. For very small rooms there are models of soft beds, playpens made of mesh fabric, which, if necessary, can be removed and put back.

Children from 3 to 5 years old can continue to sleep in their usual from birth, modernized by their parents, transforming cribs. But if you really want to update the situation, or the child slept before in a simple bed and grew out of it, or he has his own new room, then there are many options for transforming beds, specially designed for children of this age.

For example, a roll-out bed in the shape of a car is suitable for a boy. Its top is a seat or a table, and the bed is rolled under it, the headlights can be used as nightlights. For the girl, beds in the shape of nice decorated sofas will fit, some of which can have drawers for linen.

Beds for children from 3 to 5 years are always equipped with sides of different types. It is desirable that they be of sufficient height and reliable to mount, ensuring safety during sleep.

For two children fit double roll-out beds, sliding sofas, or bunk beds, transformers. Depending on the amount of space in the room, you can choose the most suitable model, but you should take into account the children's opinion thathow they want to sleep more: next to each other, or on different tiers.

The student, in addition to the bed, need a table for classes. A transforming bed will be suitable, consisting of two parts - a table and a bed, which, easily moving up and down, alternately occupy the upper position. It is a table during the day and a bed at night. Primary school students will enjoy the loft bed, equipped with a table for classes with shelves for books and textbooks.

For an older schoolboy fit folding horizontal bed, located under the desk. Another suitable bed for him is located on the second tier, the lower tier of which is the table. Of course, these options are not the only ones. If you wish, you can find something to your taste.

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Assembly Instructions

After removing the packaging from the bed according to the scheme, the product is checked. For assembly, you only need a screwdriver and a drawing. All the holes for the screws and fasteners of parts already prepared. It is more convenient to collect each item separately, and then put them together.

For example, when assembling a crib, the bed itself is assembled first.Alternately fixed to the bottom of the fixed sides, then the bed, and then the movable front grille. The design is fastened with screws. The assembly of the nightstand is reduced to the connection of the three side parts with the bottom and placing the collected boxes into it. The finished bedside is fastened to the bed with cogs at the level of the backrest. From above it is joined by the changing table cover.

Attention should be paid to the similarities of the top and bottom of some parts, and not to confuse them with each other during installation. At the end of the work it is necessary to insert the plugs into the holes in the screeds.

Top Brands Rating

Companies specializing in the production of furniture, in particular, beds, transformers, quite a lot. But there are among them the most widely known, familiar and well-proven. In the market, they are recognized as approximately equal in quality and design: Fairy, IKEA, Uliana, Chunga-Changa, Alice, Velar, Gandyan Betty.

These are the best manufacturers, and choosing a bed for a child makes sense to first see what they offer. Probably, in their assortment there is a desired product, suitable for price, quality and color.

How much is

The question of cost is a relative question, and depends on various factors. From the manufacturer, on the complexity, quality, and size of the product. But, given the convenience and practicality, and the fact that it is purchased for a child, you should not save on it. The range of prices is very large, for any wallet.

On average, from 5 to 30 thousand rubles are beds for newborns. Playpen can be cheaper. A loft bed with a table and a wardrobe is more expensive. Each family can choose a suitable model according to their wishes and possibilities.


The best can tell about the beds-transformers those who already use them. Unanimously marked convenience and functionality. The main advantages in the process of operation are the ease and noiselessness of moving parts.

Interesting solutions in interior design

The most interesting in the interior design unexpected solutions. When the sofa leans out from under the table, or when the sofa turns into a bunk bed, or the bookshelf slides off to the side, it opens a sleeping place behind it.

An interesting design solution exists for a large family. Two additional beds can be equipped in the kitchen by attaching two horizontal folding beds to the wall in two tiers.On the partition built in across the room there can also be a horizontal folding bed, or two, on both sides.

Comfortable get soft corners when combined chairs with tables. Mirrors on the vertical folding beds visually increase the room.

A bunk bed with a usual upper berth, and steps leading up to it - pull-out drawers - looks original. Below is the table under which the second bed rolls.

The corner of the lockers and shelves with drawers, in which the sofa is built, looks cute, and on one of the cabinets there is a sleeping place, decorated with a curtain-curtain on the semicircular bar.

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