Three-tier bed for children

Features and benefits

A three-tier bed for children is an ideal option for a large family. It saves space in the apartment and solves the problem of finding additional space. Beds with several tiers can be made independently or made to order.

Most often in the house you can find two-tier furniture, it is easiest to purchase in specialized stores. But those who have three or more children in the family should not get upset prematurely.


Roll-out, combined and unfolding type - these are the main types of beds for children of several floors. Each of them has its own assembly features, which can fit into the room design in different ways.

  • Three-tier bed not folding type. The bed is quite difficult to assemble yourself at home. The main difficulty lies in the manufacture of a lifting mechanism that will be reliable in operation.Disassembled structures are made of chipboard, such material ensures their strength. At the same time, the configuration and design of furniture depends only on the desire of the owner of the apartment. Please note that such a bed will be much cheaper than a similar folding product.
  • Baby bed with roll-out mechanism. This bed is the perfect solution for boys and younger girls. Consider that the three-storyed berth will be small. The advantage is that the third bed extends, usually it is hidden inside a niche or cabinet, the upper part of the bed is fixed. It turns out the device on the principle of matryoshka.

Three-tier bed of the combined type. The bed is constructed of several floors. The lower part is an exit mechanism, which can be easily hidden during the day, and thus save extra space in the room. Only the third bed is fixed. The second and third in a row are lined up with a ladder. The maximum height of such a product is about 1.5 meters, which also acts as an additional measure of safety when a baby falls.

Children's room

A prerequisite is the presence of an individual bed for each child. In addition, your child may need personal space to store things, toys, and textbooks. For these purposes, it is best to have one large table with shelves, divided into several zones, or several small tables.

Do not forget that children grow up rapidly, and as they grow, there is a need for a personal space. So, for example, adolescents, you may need an extra locker to store your secrets.

With a catastrophic shortage of free space in the room, it is best to purchase a three-tier bed. Older children can be sent to the upper beds, while the younger ones can safely occupy the lower ones. Thus, there will be an invisible demarcation of space.

Ideas for arranging multi-storey beds

Hundreds, or even thousands of models of multi-storey beds for young parents offer modern furniture stores. When choosing products, you should first of all rely on two main factors - the size of the budget for the purchase and taste, design preferences.

If in an apartment or a private house allows ceiling heights, then it is best to purchase three-tier beds. Children will be in equal conditions. In such furniture there is one big staircase, with which you can get to any of the levels.

Be sure to pay attention to the fact that the product was equipped with reinforced limiters. They will save your kids from an undesirable fall from a height.

Ideal - this bed, made exclusively from natural wood. The question is not even that they will perfectly fit into any interior, but that they will not cause allergic reactions in children. Natural materials always provide comfort and quality sleep of your kids.

An important point is to install additional lighting on the last tier of the bed, especially if children like to read in bed or do their homework. An additional element may be additional shelves located on the wall near each bed, for example, for books, toys or water.

Unusual accommodation options

For a family in which there are 3 children, the best solution is a corner model of a multi-tier bed.Thus, space is saved and a lot of space is left to arrange such additional furniture as chairs, tables, bookcases.

In case the room is rectangular, it is rational to arrange three-tier beds close to each other so that children sleep leg to foot.

Since children love to delimit personal space, it is possible to put a three-dimensional staircase between two bunk beds to raise the upper floors. It sometimes additionally stores books or children's toys. Such items can always be ordered in the furniture store.

When boys and girls live in a family, the room is painted only in neutral colors.

In large houses, sometimes they arrange multi-storey beds to the window. However, this is not a very convenient option, as in the winter in the case of a cool climate, children will be blown. A small plus is good lighting in the daytime, but when the beds are against the wall, lighting fixtures are easily built in by experts.

In general, do not be afraid to experiment, if possible, consult with children, ask them how they see the design of the future room.It is possible that they themselves will prompt the best solution for the arrangement of residential premises.

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