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When a newborn appears in a family, the question of purchasing a bed and a locker for diapers and uniforms for him involuntarily arises. To do this, allocate space in the room. And if it is small-sized, then the family faces an obvious problem. Its ideal solution is a children's bed-dresser with all the necessary functionality.

Advantages and disadvantages

The children's bed-dresser possesses the mass of positive properties:

  • There is a place to store things baby. The model is designed so that it has a large variety of shelves, drawers, where you can place absolutely all the things of the little man.
  • The presence of a table for changing. The table is present in the beds for newborns. It is very convenient to swaddle the baby.
  • A variety of designs. There are beds, chests, designed for two children. At the same time the bed consists of three tiers. The top two are sleeping places, one of which is extendable.The bottom tier is occupied by boxes for linen.

Some bunk models do not transform. They are static and sometimes very bulky. In order to climb to the second floor, there is a comfortable staircase. Often, these beds on the second tier there is no side, which is unsafe. A child may fall in a dream. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase this item separately.


For a child of school age, an attic bed has been created, which also looks like a chest of drawers, only of impressive size. The berth is located on top of the drawers. A staircase leads to it. There is an additional table for school homework. It can be pushed under the bed, which is very convenient if there is not enough free space in the nursery.


For teens there is a folding bed-dresser. The assembled bed is hidden from prying eyes. This design solution significantly saves space. The mattress of this model is securely attached with special straps so as not to move in the assembled position.

  • Wide range of prices. Despite the extensive functionality, you can buy a bed-dresser at an affordable price.True, in the budget model will not be a lot of boxes.

Expensive beds embody interesting design solutions, have a lot of decor, corresponding to the style of the product. Interesting in this regard is a bed in the form of a steamer in a white and blue color scheme.

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For a newborn

The creators of this model have provided all the nuances and features of the lifestyle of the mother and her baby, making the design as comfortable as possible.

The biggest plus of this crib - The presence of a table for changing. It is equipped with small sides (sometimes soft), which is a kind of safety system for the child. When the need arises to swaddle the baby, it does not need to be carried somewhere far away from the crib. It is enough to put it on the table and get a diaper from the drawer. Everything you need will always be on hand, which is very important at night.

The berth is a playpen with fairly high sides. The grown-up baby will be happy to take the first steps in the bed, and the mother will be completely calm at the same time, since the playpen system will not allow the child to fall out of the crib.

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Mother often has to lull the baby for a long time.If the bed is static, then you have to rock the baby on your hands. It takes energy and strength. The baby can wake up at night and has to be rocked again. A model with a pendulum is a real find for moms. There are beds that react to the sounds of the child, his movements. Such “smart” furniture automatically turns on the wiggle mode and the mother does not have to get up in the middle of the night to see her child. The bed will do everything by itself.

Cots with a pendulum mechanism are presented in two versions of wiggling - longitudinal and transverse. When installing such a model, it is necessary to take into account the amplitude of oscillations, and position it not close to the wall so that the bed will not touch anything when rocking.

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Tips for choosing

Get cots from natural wood. It is not only durable, but also safe for the health of the child. The wood is carefully processed, covered with colorless varnish and looks noble. If there are notches, cracks, then you can not buy such furniture. It easily injures the skin of the child.

If the side fence consists of rods, then the distance between them should not be more than 5 cm.Otherwise, the child may injure itself by pushing an arm or leg into the lumen.

Pay attention to the strength of the fabric cover, which are covered with playpen. With the advent of teeth, the baby begins to gnaw everything that comes to his arm. And the case is no exception. If the fabric does not have a sufficient level of strength, then its use is unsafe, as the child can easily gag on pieces of material or mattress filler.

Prefer bed with orthopedic mattress. He will make a child's sleep healthy, help his skeleton to form correctly.

As for colors, buying a bed-dresser in the nursery, be guided by the floor of the child. For girls, it is ideal to use different shades of pink, beige, lilac, and for boys - blue. Use the method of contrasts, a combination of different shades of the same color, bright red accents.


For a child it is very important that his place of rest is clean. In this regard, every day you need to wipe the bed with a special tool, not only eliminating dust, but also having a disinfectant effect.

For polished surfaces suitable polish.But you need to use a tool that does not have in its composition of harmful components, especially acetone.

Wipe the furniture with a soft suede cloth.

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