Baby carpets in the room for boys

Even in the last century, carpets were very popular, and therefore were part of any home. They were placed not only on the floor, but also on the wall. In the modern world, carpets that adorn the walls can only be found in the villages of the elderly. Our generation finds it ridiculous to use this for flooring and prefers to use the traditional way of placing it.

Carpet product is very important for the boy’s child’s room. The correct model will help not only to warm the floor, but also to emphasize the individuality of the room and its owner.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of carpets is that they are suitable for organizing a room for both a little boy and a teenager. After all, the main function of the product is to protect the feet from the cold, which allows the child not to catch a cold.

Another advantage of carpets is their softness. Thanks to this property, it is convenient to play on them and lie down for a long time.

It is also very important that the fabrics have sound insulation.

Therefore, parents and neighbors will not hear the noise level that could have been had the floor been uncoated.

In modern flooring stores, you can find baby carpets of any design. These can be items with children's drawings or with a neutral pattern. It all depends on the age of the boy and his hobbies.

Speaking of cons, you can only note that any carpet is a place of increased pollution. Especially if he is in the nursery. Therefore, it will have to be subjected to daily dry cleaning and, if necessary, to clean the stains with detergent.

Manufacturing materials

Selecting a carpet in the nursery, it is very important to take into account a number of qualities that it possesses. It is very important that the product is made of natural materials that will not cause an allergic reaction. Even if the boy never had an allergy, it does not mean that you can choose synthetic products. Better to be safe and choose the safest option.

For the boy's room, it is also important how simple the material from which the carpet is made. This is to ensure that it is easy to clean from dirt and dust.Therefore, a long nap for a children's bedroom is undesirable.

For the baby, it is necessary to select a canvas that is equipped with an anti-slip backing or is heavy.

This is necessary so that the child does not slip and fall while playing outdoor games.

Speaking about the materials of manufacture, it is possible to distinguish three main types used for the manufacture of carpets in the nursery:

  • Wool - it is a warm and durable natural material with durability and high safety. It also has the ability to absorb sounds and retain heat indoors. Despite the many positive properties, wool has its drawbacks. Firstly, it is expensive, and secondly, it has the ability to collect dust and debris too quickly.
  • Artificial wool - This is acrylic, polyacryl and polyamide. These artificial materials have an affordable price, but are not inferior to natural products in their qualities. They are equipped with antistatic impregnation, which repels dirt and dust, which is very important for a child's room. It is also good that the artificial wool has a low weight and is not a place of accumulation of bacteria and insects.But it is not as warm as its natural counterpart.
  • Modern materials - it is polypropylene or ethylene vinyl acetate. Externally, the canvas of these materials resemble rubber and combine the positive qualities of natural and synthetic fibers. From modern materials, carpets are made in the form of a puzzle, which may interest any boy.


Many parents when choosing a children's carpet are guided only by its size. But it’s important not only what part of the room it will occupy, but also how it will look. After all, this element of the decor can both emphasize the interior and create its general direction.

With the help of a small canvas or track, you can visually divide the space into functional zones. But at the same time it is better not to use several carpets, it can be limited to one or two products in order not to overload the interior.

For the boy's room, the classic square or rectangular version would be best. But if you want to increase the visual perception of space, then you need to choose oval or round canvases of light colors.

For kids it would be good to choose a product with an interesting pattern.

This may be a railway, traffic lights, numbers, letters, etc. Kids love to explore the world around them, so a bright rug will attract their attention for a long time.

But for schoolchildren, it is desirable to select a more restrained canvas. It is better if it consists of washable materials so that in case of pollution it is easy to clean.

For a teenager, you can pick up a carpet of unusual geometric shape, especially if the young man is a creative person. A polygon or a rhombus will create an unusual atmosphere in which a teenager will feel like an independent person.

Color solution

The range of children's carpets is so huge that choosing the right one is a difficult task. Canvases have a variety of colors, shapes, patterns and sizes, so when buying, you should not only rely on personal preferences.

A large carpet should stand out from the rest of the furniture, so it can have a contrasting color in relation to the overall color scheme. Sometimes he can repeat one of those shades that are decisive in the interior. For example, it can be the same color as the walls or curtains.

If the rug is small, then it can have the most bold color.

For example, lime or mint, to highlight the zone in which it will be.

In the bedroom area you need to create a feeling of comfort and tranquility, so the carpet should be bedding. And in the work area you can lay a blue or white mat, so as not to distract the student from doing homework.

The choice of color design depends on the age of the boy. For a very young child it is undesirable to have an abundance of bright colors, because they can overestimate his psyche. Therefore, if the room has enough brightness, then the floor should be neutral tones.

How to choose?

When choosing a carpet, parents should rely not only on quality, which is a very important point, but also on the boy's age. After all, the floor can reflect the interests and hobbies of the child, if you choose an interesting option.

For little babies, the mat is a place to play, so it is important that it matches the game parameters. Boys love cars, airplanes and trains, so it’s not a bad idea to select a carpet in a theme close to a child.Instead of transport on the carpet can be depicted cartoon characters that children love so much.

For kids and preschoolers, an interesting puzzle is a puzzle that can be disassembled and assembled. It has a good effect on the motor skills of the hands and logical thinking of the boy.

For schoolchildren a good idea would be a canvas depicting animals or sports games. For example, a green product with soccer balls will decorate the room of a young football fan. But the beginning zoologist will be very interested to consider various animals depicted on the floor.

For teens, a rug is not a place to play, so it should have a calm look. Of course, if the young man is keen on something, then on the surface there may be a drawing that represents a hobby. For example, a chessboard or mathematical formulas can indicate the intellectual abilities of a room owner.

It must be remembered that a carpet is a durable product, and it can decorate a room for years.

If the parents do not have the opportunity to change the carpet once every 2-3 years, then it is worth initially to dwell on the classic version. And if they want to transform the boy's bedroom as he grows older, then you can purchase inexpensive carpets that you will not be sorry to change.

And, of course, choosing such an important element of decor, it is important to take into account the wishes of the child, especially if he has already reached school age and knows what he wants.

Many parents want to do everything perfectly when decorating a child’s room. Therefore, even the choice of carpet for them is an important task. Depending on the age and hobbies of the boy, the canvas may have different shapes and designs, but the main thing is that it should be easy to clean. Parents note that boys are very mobile and restless, therefore flooring resistant to sliding is the best option for a child's room.

You will learn more about how to choose a carpet for the children's room in the following video.

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