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Each parent strives to give the best to his child, so very often special attention is given to the design of the children's room. Also taken into account many of the wishes of the baby. Many boys are addicted to cars, ships, a variety of cartoon characters, which become the prototypes of their children's games. Modern furniture stores represent a wide selection of children's furniture sets, among which every boy and girl will be able to find and choose a room according to their taste and preferences.

One of the most common topics for the boy, in addition to automotive, is the sea. Children's ship beds symbolize the ocean, waves and adventures. Very often, parents prefer to stop their choice on this particular topic, since its primary colors, white and blue, are calm and will not irritate the child’s eyes with excessive brightness and abundance of colors.And as you know, almost all psychologists agree that the children's room should be done in pastel, soothing colors, which will contribute to the optimal mood of the child, preventing him from being over-excited.

How to choose

When choosing a particular bed model, be sure to pay attention to some details that are very important. Of course, first of all you need to focus on the appearance of the bed in the shape of a ship, since it is very important that the child himself likes it. But if for children the main component is only the appearance, then the parents are more insightful in this matter and they should be extremely careful when buying.

It is worth evaluating not only the appearance, but also the reliability and quality of the model, since the bed is purchased much more than just for one year. It is very important that the bed has a spacious sleeping place and a wide frame with a frame. Be sure to check the naturalness of the materials that will not cause an allergic reaction in the child. It is desirable that the bed had additional drawers, where it will be possible to put various children's things, toys, books and much more.As a rule, such boxes are located directly under the bed.

Be sure to check the safety of every detail on the bed. If there are any decorative elements, all of them should have a rounded shape so as not to cause danger during children's games. The bed should not stagger, but on the contrary, should stand firmly regardless of how active your child is.

If there are two children, then a bunk bed in the form of a ship will suit you, which will become not only an excellent and original solution, but also an economical option that does not take up much space in the room. In this case, some more features should be taken into account: all fastenings should be strong and of high quality, the bed should be equipped with an additional side or a crossbar on the second floor to prevent the child from falling during sleep. Particular attention should be paid to the stairs, it should be durable and of high quality, preferably having soft cushions on the steps. It is important to consider the distance between the tiers, as well as between the upper bed and the ceiling.

It is advisable to choose a high-quality mattress with an orthopedic basis so that the back of the child rests during sleep.


In the form of a yacht

This model of the ship bed is made of the highest quality materials. It has an elongated shape, narrowed, sharp stern and a very rich look. Every detail of these beds emphasizes the high cost and luxury of the model: a mast with a sail, a beautiful steering wheel made of expensive wood and much more.

The berth at beds of yachts can be rather wide, and directly below it there are often boxes for storage of things.

Pirate bed ship

If your kid loves a nautical theme, then surely he often imagined himself as the captain of a pirate ship, which cuts through the waves in search of a treasure island. Children's fantasy has inexhaustible and very wide boundaries, which not every adult can learn. But modern furniture stores can come to the rescue by offering a wide selection of different beds in the form of a real pirate ship. This is the best gift for a boy who loves adventure.

There are models of ship beds, which are bundled with the other components of the furniture set, of which the choice completely depends on the taste preferences of the child and parents.

First of all, when choosing this model of bed, you should focus on the area of ​​the children's room. These models are very large and occupy a lot of space, it is important to consider that in addition to the bed, the child will need other furniture. Some manufacturers produce beds in the form of a pirate ship with a large deck on which the child can play. There are models with other additional attributes that will suit the little adventurer.

Beds in the form of a pirate ship have their own distinctive features, thanks to which you can immediately understand that before you is a real pearl of the seas. First of all, it is a streamlined shape with a narrowed stern, which really resembles a ship. In addition to the frame, designers equip such models with special details to make it even more interesting for the child to spend time in his room. These include: movable anchors, a steering wheel that can be rotated, representing itself as the captain of the ship, rising and lowering sails, as well as a real pirate flag. Some beds also have masts to climb.

For schoolchildren, who are presumably already more serious, there are more practical models. They do not have additional game elements, but they are equipped with various drawers, a more restrained style, as well as the possibility of transforming into a classic bed when the child grows up and the pirate theme will not be particularly interesting to him.

Bunk models

If you have two children, both of whom are fond of nautical themes, then the bunk bed ship will be the best option for you. Modern stores offer many types of this item of furniture. Basically - this is a two-tier model with two beds and side shelves for various trifles in the form of toys, books and much more.

For girls

There is a perception that pirate and maritime subjects are of interest only to boys, but, as practice shows, this is far from the case. A lot of girls also love adventure, travel and just ships. Bed-ships for girls differ little from the boys' options, but it is worth adding a few details, as the harsh pirate look instantly changes to something more tender, sweet and girlish.Many parents prefer to add a pair of pink and white details, as well as a white canopy to give a more airy look.

Some girls are very fond of Disney princesses, so you can decorate the board with decorative stickers in the form of heroes of Disney cartoons, such as Ariel or Merida, who had a considerable share of adventurism and craving for adventure.

Bed linen should be chosen in light pastel colors. Warm colors contribute to a more pleasant perception of the child's room.


Wanting to make a room of a child in a nautical style is not enough to buy only one bed-ship. Care should be taken of the surrounding interior and fine details. Wall-paper, curtains and a carpet should correspond to the general mood, and details in the form of figurines or other sea things will become fine addition as a treasure chest or a picture with the ships.

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