Bed lock for the girl

If you want your little daughter to feel like a real princess, then just give her a suitable lock. And it does not matter if it is not a full-fledged fabulous building, but only an original decorated bed. Even such furniture will give your baby a real fairy tale.

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Features and specifications

Many of us dreamed of a fairytale castle. But to make children's fantasies a reality has become possible only now. Today there is a huge number of the most various models of beds locks which are capable to make a nursery rather fantastic.

At first glance, the design of the bed may seem overly bulky. But in fact, with the right location, this bed can be placed even in a small room. Bed lock is usually installed under the wall, which saves space, because the bed will take only one part of the bed.Thus, the rest of the room remains free.

In addition, a nice plus is that such a bed is not only a sleeping area, but also a place to rest, which means that by installing it, you will perform two functions at once.

Most often, this kind of furniture is made to order. This allows you to choose the parameters of the bed so that they are fully consistent with the size of the room.

Another interesting point is that the design of the bed, depending on your wishes, can be very diverse. You can choose a minimalist bed, which is only decorated, like a princess castle, or prefer full imitation of a game lock.

There are original cribs for girls, which are equipped with special spiral staircases, playgrounds and high turrets. This allows children to safely climb to the very top of the bed or play there during the daytime. On a par with the stairs, slides are also popular, and you can easily go down to the floor.

Turrets are usually not just a decorative element, but also a functional part of the room.Sliding drawers or shelves are often located inside the towers, where you can place all the necessary toys or decorations that will make the room look even more like a real princess's home.

How to choose

When choosing a bed-lock for the princess, it is worth paying attention to several parameters at once. First of all, it is, of course, the appearance of the bed and its ability to fit into the interior and size of the room.

If dimensions allow, then you should not be limited to a simple bed, limited only by columns in the form of towers. In a large room to successfully accommodate a castle for a princess with a huge number of game elements. It will be very convenient and practical, combining the functions of a playground and a place to rest at the same time.

Also, the design for the child must be completely safe. This is important because the child will spend a lot of time there, not only resting, but also actively playing. Therefore, the bed frame should be strong, and all additional elements - securely fixed.

Finally, it is worth noting the aesthetics of the bed. If the castle is ugly, then it does not make any sense.The sleeping area of ​​a real princess should be beautiful and well designed. Only in such a place can your daughter feel like the heroine of a favorite fairy tale.

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What interior will fit

To make your daughter’s room truly fabulous, complement it with appropriate decor and interior items. Here everything will play an important role, from the color of the walls and the ceiling to the decorative elements.

A stylish fairytale castle should fit well into the conditions of the room. He himself is very bright and attractive. Therefore, the remaining details of the room should be more relaxed. The best option is a room made in light pink, pastel or light green shades. In addition, in order to create an imitation of a fairy-tale forest in a room, you can paste the walls with photo wallpapers with pictures of fantasy forests with shady trees and fairy-tale creatures hiding behind them.

If you cover the floor with soft green carpet or shag rugs, you will get a charming imitation of grass. A blue ceiling, pasted over with light wallpaper, or painted with paint, will remind you of the summer sky in such a fairy forest.It is also good if clouds are drawn or printed on the ceiling. An imitation of the night starry sky, decorated with small spotlights, is also suitable.

In such a room, you can not use other furniture - just choose a functional bed-lock, consisting not only of the sleeping area, but also from the working space. A part of such a bed can be a working area consisting of lockers, a table and other details. Often this workspace is located at the bottom of the bed, and the sleeping area itself is on the second tier. Such an arrangement of parts of the castle will make the decoration of the room truly functional and practical.

Having installed such an original lock in the room of your little princess, you can really please your baby and bring her to a real delight.

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