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Children grow up very quickly, and the years pass by like a moment. It seems that the child was just born yesterday, and you lovingly and care set up a children's room for him: they glued wallpaper with interesting little animals, bought soft toys, purchased children's furniture for arranging the room.

And your baby grew up in front of his eyes, became a teenager. He has already outgrown the familiar atmosphere of the children's room - it's time to think about arranging the room for a teenager. Adolescence is a serious stage in the life of your child, he learns to make decisions and express his own opinion. Therefore, setting up a room for a girl or for a teenager boy, consider their interests, tastes and preferences.

Requirements for teenage furniture

There are some features that are characteristic for purchasing furniture for teens:

  1. Functionality and ergonomics - a large number of textbooks, books, notebooks, teaching aids and other school supplies should easily fit.
  2. In the production of furniture for teens should be used environmentally friendly materials that do not cause allergic reactions, do not contain harmful and life-threatening substances.
  3. Stylish and fashionable design - at this age children have a sense of taste and style, therefore it is necessary to fully maintain and develop this quality. If trendy or modern elements are used in the room, the teenager will be happy and proud to show them to his friends.
  4. Saving space - the teen room should not be cluttered with furniture. There should be enough space for games and gatherings with friends.
  5. Spaciousness is especially characteristic of cabinets for girls, since the young lady has a large number of clothes that need to be placed somewhere.


A child in adolescence spends more time studying and studying. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully equip the workplace.

Ideally, the teenager’s workspace should be equipped with the following types of furniture:

  1. The writing desk at which the child will do homework, read books and prepare for extra classes.
  2. A computer desk at which a teenager will work at a computer or laptop.
  3. Chairs for writing and computer desk.
  4. Various devices for storing school supplies and necessary things to do: shelves, drawers, lockers.

Well, if the children's room is quite spacious, and it can easily fit two tables for a teenager. Often, the area of ​​the room is limited and written, and the computer desk is combined into one work item.

When choosing a desktop in the room of a teenager, remember that your child should be comfortable and comfortable to work with him:

  1. The width and length of the table top must provide all the necessary school supplies. There should be a place for a computer or laptop monitor, which must be placed not to the detriment of the workspace on the table. The most suitable parameters: width from 60 cm, length from 1.2 meters.
  2. The height of the table should be comfortable and comfortable for a teenager. The back of the child should not be constantly in tension, otherwise he will quickly tire, and in the future there may be health problems.The best option is if the child’s hands are free to lie on the table, and the shoulders are both not very raised, and not too lowered.

Desktop teen should be stylish and modern design. An interesting option - desks for teenagers who have height adjustable. It can be a godsend for you and your child. You will save money on the purchase of various tables with the growth of the child. A teenager will be comfortable and comfortable to sit behind him, it is enough to adjust his height as soon as a boy or girl grows up a little.

A desktop for a teenager can be installed in the corner, near the window. You make the most of your space. Corner models of desks are characterized by increased ergonomics and spaciousness. In addition, near the workplace of a teenager will always be a source with natural light.

Look also at the desk in the form of a letter L. One teenager can use one part of this table to perform lessons, and on the second place a laptop.

Buying a desk for a teenager, do not forget about the chair. With chairs it is not so difficult to decide how with a table:

  1. Prefer models that can increase in height.
  2. The chair should have an ergonomic back, which will maintain the correct posture of the child during class.
  3. It is better not to buy models with armrests, since leaning on them for a long time, the child can break his posture and this will negatively affect his health.

Sleeping place

Sleep, as well as at an early age, plays an important role in the restoration of the child's vital activity. In order for him to sleep peacefully, the bed should be comfortable and comfortable for rest. A child in adolescence is already catching up in all respects an adult person, so a bedroom set must take this into account.

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Types of bedroom furniture for teens a large number: a classic bed, an ergonomic sofa or sofa, sleeps transformers.

If the space of the children's room is limited, you can purchase a bed with a table, this model is also called a loft bed. Upstairs is a bed with a bed, and below is a working space with a desk and additional elements in the form of drawers and shelves.

This bed with a table will allow you to save precious space, but note that the desk will be located far from sources of natural light. Be sure to equip your workspace with artificial lighting, for example, put a desk lamp or make a built-in light.

Storage space

Make sure that the teenager has a spacious wardrobe, which will be clothes and shoes. You can equip a children's room with various shelves or racks, where all the necessary things will be located. When every thing has its place, it teaches the child to order.

For a teenage girl, it may be relevant to purchase a dressing table where she can put her appearance in order and store cosmetics, combs, elastics, hairpins and other accessories. There are options for a desk, combined with a dressing table.

In adolescence, the child will want to have their own TV or audio system. Make sure that there is a place for household appliances in the nursery.

The space of the children's room should not be overly cluttered with furniture.The child can invite friends into the room, who will have to settle down somewhere. The child should have enough space not only to move around the room, but also for active games. Indeed, despite their ostentatious adulthood, adolescents still remain children.

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