Children's beds: a review of models

Italian cots for children are recognized as leaders in their niche thanks to a set of unique features: the use of natural materials and quality fittings, a safe and ergonomic design and the elimination of toxic elements. Let's talk about the models of Italian beds for newborns and for grown children.


Famous among parents, the famous brand from Italy, Papaloni, is notable for the variety of choices of cots for newborns. The brand offers products based on natural wood and high-quality Italian fittings: rocking beds and models with a pendulum mechanism.


  • Cots differ in the type of swing and in the presence of an additional drawer in the base: more expensive models have storage space, the rest do not.
  • Each of the Papaloni beds has a standard size: 120 * 60 cm.
  • The Papaloni bed range also differs in design: for modern parents, the brand produces products from white to wenge, with patterns on the sidewalls of the bed or without, there are models in strict English style.
  • Each of the Papaloni models has an orthopedic base, along the entire length of the product there are slats of a safe width, in addition, the bottom of the beds is adjustable in height.
  • Papaloni cots have a mechanism for lowering the front wall, which allows you to remove it when the baby grows up and learns (wants to) climb on its own bed.


The crib model for newborn Papaloni Giovanni is the leader of the brand of the same name. It is made in a laconic Italian design using unique Russian technologies, so there’s no doubt about the quality of this product.

  • The sizes of a bed are determined 125 * 65 cm;
  • Existence of 4 wheels thanks to which it is easy to move a bed; wheels are easy to remove;
  • 2 levels of the bottom position;

Different colors from classic dark or light wood to bold shades like pink and blue.


The Italian bed Giovanni Grande or Prima is an excellent choice for children over 2 years old: it has a solid pine frame, an orthopedic base of solid slats and fixed rims on both sides to protect children's sleep. Let's talk about its features:

  • The basis is an environmentally friendly material - an array of New Zealand pine, which is famous for its relatively light weight, practicality, elasticity.
  • Models are designed for children 2-10 years.
  • The bed height is 40 cm.
  • Extra cover beds do not have odors and are suitable even for children with allergies.

The presence of the sides on the sides will protect the child from falling out of bed; The half-sided design is ergonomic and comfortable for the entire period of use of the Giovanni Grande or Prima.

High quality Italian fittings are used in fastening elements of the product; the accessories are safe: does not possess a smell, reliably "hidden" in the basis of a product.

  • The size of the Giovanni children's bed is 85x85x176 cm, the mattress for the product is selected on the basis of these measurements: 160x80 cm; The Prima model is 174 cm long.
  • The laconic design of a children's bed of Giovanni will turn the nursery into a cozy room where the child will spend the most part of the free time.

Model Diva Valencia is literally created for young girls-princesses, because it has a concise exterior design and is made in a snow-white shade.

  • The dimensions of the bed are 160 * 80 cm;
  • The bed has a pair of protective sides that can be easily removed;
  • The main material is solid pine;
  • The bed easily turns into a sofa thanks to removable structures - the front wall.


Children's furniture Bambini includes in its range children's beds for grown-up children with an amazing and original design.

  • Bambini offers single and bunk beds, single and double beds for children from 2 years old.
  • A variety of model choices: with Bambini, simply create a unique nursery atmosphere; choose models
  • In addition to traditional beds, Bambini presents a set of furniture for the child: a bed with a built-in pull-out table and a high chair for fun and exciting activities; There are sets with a wardrobe, chest of drawers, stairs and even a slide.
  • The brand produces collections for girls and boys: the color schemes of bed models are different (from black and blue to red and pink). Available in light or dark wood.


Cilek cots have a safe construction: they are resistant to hesitation and have no sharp corners. What additional features do Cilek beds have for children?

  • The range includes classic cots (on wheels and “pendulums”) and transformers, beds in the form of cars, bunk models and beds for grown-up children.
  • Design solutions embodied in the Cilek beds, which allows you to create an amazing nursery interior with a distinctive feature - a unique bed.
  • Almost all models of Cilek cots have different modifications: single-tier or two-tier model of the same design.
  • Baby-friendly bedding materials and their accessories are used to create each sample; The company has European certificates and standards.


The Italian manufacturer of children's furniture Pali is distinguished by excellent models of cribs. They are united by the laconism of forms and the use of solid wood at the base, so modern and practical parents choose beds for Pali children.

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