Baby photo wallpaper

Each caring parent wants to create a cozy and stylish children's room for his child, so that the kid feels comfortable and at ease there. In this case, a good helper will be wallpaper. You can choose a variety of options that will appeal to your child.

Features and benefits

It should be noted that wallpapers are a more budget option than, for example, hand-painted walls. At the same time, they look quite attractive, stylish and fashionable. Products will be able to decorate the children's room, teen bedroom. Key Features:

  • Products help to perfectly increase the space.
  • You will be able to effectively support the thematic component of the interior.
  • With the help of photo wallpaper you can add accents, select the playing area.
  • The room will reflect the interests and hobbies of your child. He will be happy to be in it.
  • You can choose a special children's wallpaper, which will help the harmonious development of your child, help him to learn easily, and also just raise his spirits.

Experts advise to glue the wallpaper on one wall. So you can create a bright accent that will not overload the entire interior. Usually the most common location options for items are the play area or the area behind the bed. Let the wallpaper will coexist with monochromatic walls or striped wallpaper. It is better if the background walls are light colors.

What to look for?

It is necessary to deal with the fact that every parent should pay attention. Children's room should be made out with love, you should consider the age of the offspring. When you choose materials, consider the following:

  • Products must be environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic.. When buying a product, look at its certificate of quality. It is better to choose paper as a basis for photo wallpaper. That it is considered the best material under which the walls will breathe. As for the type of printing, it is better to prefer latex (based on latex ink). So you can not worry about the health of the household.
  • Pay attention to practicality. Any child can accidentally ruin a wallpaper during the game: draw something, stick it. This nuance should be foreseen. It is better to purchase a product that has a special decorative protective layer. So you can use light and easy movements to remove the result of the creativity of your children from the surface of the photo wallpaper without harm to the latter.
  • Pick a theme according to the age of the child. Experts advise babies up to two years old to choose murals in soothing shades, with pictures in the form of flowers, soft toys, and birds. This will help soothe the baby and make it easier to stack. As for older children, here you should be guided not only by your desires, but also ask your child about the preferences. Children will tell you which characters they want to see in their room. You can always find a compromise.
  • It is necessary to choose scenes that will develop a sense of beauty in your baby.. Fashion for various superheroes and characters of famous cartoons quickly passes, and the style of the wallpaper will affect the mood, character and livelihoods of your child.


Modern manufacturers present various options for children's photo wallpapers. Relatively recently, a special wallpaper on the ceiling appeared on the market. They have a specific pattern. It can be self-adhesive products from non-woven fabric, banner mesh, fabric. As for the image, you can choose the most popular option (sky) or apply interesting textural options. Select wallpapers better, focusing on the concept and style of the room.

The following type - options for walls. Here you can focus on your own preferences, as well as on the needs of the child - to translate into reality a fairy tale for your baby. You can select images of your favorite characters, nature, water elements. With the help of a correctly chosen pattern, one can even visually expand the space if the walls are narrow.

Create an additional effect will help spot lights. It can be placed both on the walls and on the ceiling. You can repeat the theme in bedding or toys - all this will create a single concept, turning your baby's room into a favorite place.

There are other varieties:

  • Vinyl

These options have several advantages over other products. They do not absorb moisture, they tolerate high temperatures perfectly. You can safely clean and wash them with the help of chemicals. You can not worry about the fact that the wallpaper will deteriorate or lose its original appearance.

  • Flizelinovye

Thanks to special technologies, this type of photo wallpaper does not accumulate moisture and does not pass air. The peculiarities of the material include the presence of special pores inside the wallpaper. They contribute to the active circulation of air masses. Such wallpapers are very durable. They will be a great option for interior decoration in the nursery.

  • Fabric

Basically, these models are used in the design of living rooms. They consist of fabric fibers, which allows you to create the most interesting and creative designs. They are pretty durable. As for the drawbacks - this accumulation of dust and moisture. It is not very difficult to guess that in this situation a fungus will quickly form.

  • Paper

These models are not very durable, but they are the most budget option. They will not harm your health.

  • Self adhesive

The basis of this product is self-adhesive base. Products consist of a film with a pattern - from the outside, the bottom film that hides the sticky base. The advantages include the ease and speed of targeting beauty with such photo wallpapers in the baby’s room.

Drawing and color palette

Experts believe that children can be framed in completely different colors. The desk can be white, the vase is yellow, and the clock is blue. Do not use too bright and contrasting shades, they can adversely affect the nervous system of the child. It is worth noting that light shades will visually expand the room, make it larger and more spacious. It is better to avoid gloomy tones. Other options of drawings:

  • "Disney"

Very common options - characters of Disney cartoons. It can be princesses, animals. Of course, such products are often chosen for very young children. They will help to soothe the child, easier to put him to sleep.

  • Transformers

Popular transformers in the room - it seems, the dream of almost any modern boy. You can choose a toy under the style of photo wallpaper and interior,to create a single concept in the nursery. The child will happily be in a fairy tale and feel like a positive hero.

  • "Cars"

The animated cartoon that has been loved by everyone will not leave indifferent any young rider. You can create a single style of the room and add original wallpaper with a modern toy pillow in the shape of a car. Joy and positive emotions will become constant companions of your child.

  • Ship

Marine subjects like boys and girls. Wall mural where the ship and the captain are depicted will be appropriate in the boy's room. He will feel like a real adventurer. But for the girl suitable options with the sea and the island.

  • "Masha and the Bear"

It is difficult now to find a child who does not like this funny couple. Having decorated your room with your favorite characters, you can not worry about the bad mood of the baby. With him will always be near "Masha and the Bear."

  • Fairy forest

Such universal wallpapers are suitable for children of any age. Of course, most of them will be chosen by younger children, especially if the forest is filled with many fantastic creatures: elves, fairies, wizards.

  • "Minions"

Minions are one of the few characters that are loved by both children and adults. They will help to improve the mood, set up a positive mood, charge with vigor. In such a nursery, parents are also happy to stay. Yellow heroes will share their positive attitude.

  • "Spiderman"

Such products will suit those who love Spider-Man. The boys will focus on their favorite character. But spider-man is a symbol of justice, goodness, knowledge, courage and skill. Let the kid improve these skills together with the hero.

  • "Star Wars"

Star Wars is a great option for both adults and children. They will look good in the teen room. It will be good to pick up products to the style of the room.

  • Dinosaurs

For those who are interested in dinosaurs, it would be a good option to install such wallpaper. This may be footage from a well-known film or other options. Of course, you should not order threatening drawings, it is better to pick up less aggressive characters.

  • Locks

Majestic castles, which attract with its attractiveness and mystery, will look good in the room of a teenager.For girls, you can choose a fabulous castle, which will also give her a lot of positive impressions.

  • In nautical style

It is possible to decorate the room of heterosexual children in a marine style. You can add a picture with various attributes of furniture and decor. For example, you can order the appropriate style curtains, floor lamp, lamp. Blue and blue will have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, calming the baby. This shade allows you to collect your thoughts and concentrate on some business.

  • Monsters, Inc

For young guys, you can liven up the room with the help of a famous cartoon. These wallpapers will bring kindness and joy to your home. Experts say that your favorite characters are able to calm the child, they will not adversely affect his nervous system.

  • Smeshariki

The famous cartoon will look good on the wall in the nursery. You can select individual characters or sketch a particular scene. Your child will be quite so original decision and decoration of the room.

  • Pirate

This option will suit more boys who love nautical themes, adventure motifs and are ready to go in search of treasure.Photo murals can depict pirates on a ship or in search of treasure. This decor will not go unnoticed. The guys will feel cozy and comfortable.

  • With princesses

Princes and princesses are what most young girls want to see. Your daughter will strive for beauty, grace, which the fantastic character personifies. If this is a scene from a cartoon, then the girl will feel like a real heroine of a fairy tale.

  • With bears

Popular options for photo wallpapers are bears. Usually such an image is made in warm pastel colors, which gives the room additional comfort. Complement the nursery with plush toys, and you can organically complete the composition. Usually such products are chosen by girls, very young children.

  • Jungle

Feel like in nature, being in your room, everyone can be willing. Boys and girls who love nature and travel will not give up such photo wallpapers. In this case, you can create a stylized room, decorate it with soft toys in the form of animals, flowers and a green blanket. This option will always help to enjoy, develop harmoniously, as well as build a trusting relationship.

How to choose?

Many parents tend to arrange furniture in the room according to Feng Shui.. This also applies to photo wallpapers. It is believed that the walls are able to accumulate all the negative information. Therefore, experts recommend changing any type of wallpaper at least once every three to four years. So you can “clean” the space.

Choose the product should also be according to the laws of Feng Shui. It will be better if you prefer light colors. White will be associated with cleanliness, health and decency, he is able to visually enlarge the room, is a symbol of goodness. The blue shade will relax, adjust for relaxation, balance the emotional component of the person, including the child.

Yellow palette will help add joy and optimism. Green is the color of harmony. Positively affect the psyche of the child will be the animated characters of his favorite cartoon. It is worth noting that the images of elephants, phoenixes, dragons can bring good luck and well-being.

It is worth remembering the basic principle of feng shui - balance. Do not clutter the room with all sorts of details. In the room the child should be comfortable and cozy.

If you have low ceilings, it is better to choose a picture with vertical lines. It can be high-rise buildings, trees, metropolis. A narrow room can be effectively expanded by placing on one side of the wall wallpaper with horizontal lines. You can pick up the image to the style of sofa upholstery, curtains and other products.

The most versatile shades are black and white. You can, for example, pick up beautiful photos of big cities, bridges. However, such options are suitable for older children, teenagers (or if children of different sexes live in the room).

Pay attention to the safety of products - this is the main criterion not only for the children's room. Wall mural should ideally be printed with latex ink. They do not smell, create bright colors, eco-friendly and sustainable.

Brands Overview

There are many modern manufacturers who produce high-quality children's wallpapers. Among them are well-known and proven options:

  • Komar

Many users speak positively about this company. High quality products are appreciated. All models of photo wallcoverings of the company have their own characteristics, scope of application.Most of the products are images and subjects that successfully fit into the nursery. Universal pictures fit boys and girls. The plots are quite diverse, they will appeal to all the guys.

The company produces wallpaper in soothing shades. It has a beneficial effect on the child's psyche. You can choose the characters of your favorite cartoon films, seascapes. It all depends on your child's taste: be sure to consider it when choosing the most suitable option.

  • Winx

This manufacturer offers very high quality photo wallpapers. There are a variety of options - both for kids and for older children. Your child will find what he likes. The baby’s room will become a real fairy tale with your favorite characters. The advantages include the availability of the cost of goods. You will get a quality product - and at the same time you will not spend the entire family budget.

Interesting ideas for interior decoration

You will be able to create a creative children's room where your child will be as comfortable as possible. If you are not confident in your creative abilities, then you can rely on the taste of designers.They will help you choose the right option for your family. Of course, you should contact only experienced and trusted professionals. There are many ideas on how to decorate the room of your child using photo wallpaper. In this case, you always need to focus not only on your preferences, but also on the wishes of the child. It is necessary to try to find a compromise to make the baby comfortable in his room.

The original version will be a special wallpaper for drawing. Small artists will be able to realize their creative potential - and at the same time you will have fashionable and stylish wallpapers in the children's room. You can decorate the nursery with a photo of a child, family photos or an author's photo. Such options always look original and fresh, and children will be given only pleasure.

For boys, most often images of ships, vehicles, aircraft are used.. For a girl, it will be logical to decorate the room with princesses, fairies, nature, animals. You can create an option for children of different sexes. These should be universal images. Perfect nature, as well as a geographical map, marine subjects, buildings, bridges, interior items.

The main thing is that the composition was to the liking of the little inhabitants of the room. Then the child will always be in a good mood, able to grow and develop harmoniously.

This article describes the main features and benefits of children's photo wallpaper. Now you can get the option that you like. Do not forget about the safety of your child. Purchase products is only in professional stores. Do not skimp on financial resources.

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