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To raise a healthy and happy child, you need to invest a lot of energy in its development. An important role in this is played by taking care of a full-fledged berth. And this is a valid concern, since much of the time the child spends in a dream. Moreover, the correct formation of the spine depends on what the child sleeps on.

Cots are usually equipped with orthopedic mattresses. But by the third year the child grows out of it and then the question arises of replacing the crib with something else. Well, if the living conditions allow you to buy a bigger bed. And what if square meters are not so many? And then a good alternative would be to purchase a children's orthopedic sofa.

Manufacturers offer such a large range of this type of furniture that you can get confused. In this article we will help you understand the basic issues that arise when choosing a model that is right for you. Before you go to the store, you must:

  • familiarize yourself with the models of sofas offered by manufacturers for children;
  • decide how the sofa will be used: daily or periodically (guest version);
  • choose a suitable transformation mechanism;
  • pick up the desired filling of an orthopedic mattress.

Features and benefits

First, find out what an orthopedic mattress and what are its advantages.

Orthopedic mattress is different from any other in that it supports the spine during sleep in the correct position. As a result, the back muscles are unloaded, which contributes to proper rest. The orthopedic mattress must have sufficient rigidity so that the spine does not sag. Therefore, the main criterion when choosing an orthopedic sofa for a child will be the material from which it is made.

Most often, polyurethane foam is used as a filler. It meets all requirements for children's products: does not cause allergies, is resistant to mold, does not attract dust, is environmentally friendly. Foam polyurethane mattresses have a “memory effect”, i.e. the ability to repeat all the bends of the body.Polyurethane foam can be used as the main filler, and in combination with other materials.

Another popular material is coir (coconut fiber). A distinctive feature of coir mattresses will be their rigidity. This quality makes them indispensable for children with curvature of the spine, as well as for the prevention of such problems. They are well ventilated, which makes them comfortable to use regardless of the season.

Latex mattresses are made from an extract of the milky juice of Brazilian hevea in the process of foaming and vulcanization. Latex as a filler increases the anatomical characteristics of spring mattresses. It should be remembered that latex can cause allergies in the child.

Combined mattresses are made from two or more fillers. As a result, the product acquires the characteristics of the materials used in it.

Orthopedists recommend using springless mattresses with a thickness of at least 10 cm. But in adolescence, it is better to switch to mattresses with a block of independent springs. Periodically turn over the mattress, if the mount allows.To remove dirt, wipe it with a damp sponge, then dry in the open air.

Especially careful selection of designs will be needed if you buy a sofa for daily sleep. In this case, in addition to the material of the filler and the strength of the mechanism, it is necessary to take into account the design features, namely:

  • transformation mechanism;
  • whether additional space is required for unfolding;
  • the presence of boxes for things;
  • shape and upholstery.

The speed and ease of folding and folding of the sofa depend on the transformation mechanism. Also in different mechanisms a different number of cracks in the mattress. The smaller the cracks, the more monolithic the surface, the higher its orthopedic properties.

The manufacturers present the following designs of orthopedic sofas for children:

  • "Book" - the most simple and long-used model folding sofas. Has a box for linen.
  • "Eurobook" - the ease of unfolding in one motion, in the unfolded form takes up little space. There is a box for linen. The disadvantages include high sleeper.
  • "Click-klyak" - an evolutionary version of the "book", with the additional option of the third position
  • "Half-sitting."In the unfolded form gives a great place to sleep. Has drawers for linen.
  • "Vykatnoy" - a convenient design that allows you to get a spacious berth, "rolling out" part of the loop hidden in the seat. The difference between the heights is eliminated furniture back cushions. Requires some space in front of the sofa.
  • "Accordion" - allows you to get a bed without gaps and gaps. Requires a significant place for folding. There is no laundry box.
  • "Dolphin" - the original mechanism allows one movement to get an even berth by rolling out with the automatic lifting of the hidden part. In the corner models there is the possibility of the device box for linen.
  • "Rotary" - provides an equal berth. Used in corner sofas.
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The options "French" and "American" folding beds are practically not used in children's orthopedic sofas for daily sleep.

Frame material

Of great importance when choosing an orthopedic sofa for children is the material of the product frame. Frameworks are metal and wood. Metal frames are stronger than wood, but also more expensive. The advantages of metal frames:

  • maintain the big loading;
  • do not depend on temperature drops;
  • resistant to corrosion, thanks to a special anti-corrosion coating;
  • not affected by mold and mildew, because the design has ventilation holes;
  • there is no risk of insects and parasites;
  • welding is used during assembly, not glue, which can be toxic.

Choosing a sofa with a wooden frame, you need to check the quality of drying and processing parts.

Upholstery material

For children's sofas there are many upholstery, for every taste, design and request. Upholstery should be made of natural fabric, have high strength, hygroscopicity, to be pleasant to the touch. It is desirable that the upholstery was removable for easy cleaning. A good option would be models with a spare case.

The berth should be not only comfortable, but also attractive to the child. Let your child take part in choosing his sofa. However, it is not worth buying too frilly and motley models if you buy a sofa for growth. In this case, it is better to stay on neutral colors.

Tips for choosing

When choosing a model of a children's orthopedic sofa, you can use these tips:

  • it is desirable that the base is monolithic, i.e. disassembled, there were no seams and crevices;
  • You can change the characteristics of the "native" mattress with a mattress pad-topper: reduce or increase the rigidity, close the gaps and seams. Rolling a topper into a roll, you can put it in a box for laundry;
  • consider that the child is growing. Buy with a stock of at least 50 cm in length. The width should also be maximized. This will ensure a comfortable sleep for the child;
  • choose models with a back and sides to exclude falling of the child in a dream;
  • for posture correction, choose models that the doctor will recommend;
  • purchase models with quality certificates. The design and its components must have a high degree of safety.
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