The ceiling of plasterboard in the children's room

Loving parents always want to create for the child in his room a small and wonderful world where he will grow up happy and joyful. Of course, for this a lot of effort is being made in choosing the interior of the room. So, the choice of the ceiling will require a serious approach. For a child's room, the choice must always begin with the safety requirements for the health of the child.

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Ceilings, like any other part of a child’s room, must meet certain requirements:

  1. Made from environmentally friendly materials, that is, do not have components harmful to health.
  2. Have a high ignition resistance.
  3. Do not accumulate static electricity, do not attract dust and dirt.
  4. Easy to clean without deterioration.
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These requirements currently meet the following options for ceilings:

  • Wooden
  • Covered with water-based paint or plastered with special wallpaper
  • Gypsum plasterboard
  • Stretch ceiling

Each of these types has its own characteristics, positive and negative sides. The choice will be determined by the style of the nursery, its size, budget, technical capabilities of the embodiment of the selected design.

One of the possible finishes can be drywall. This material appeared at the end of the last century and quickly gained popularity due to its undeniable merits.

In the production of gypsum plasterboard is used, which is a natural material, it is completely safe for health, non-toxic, does not cause allergic reactions.

Gypsum is a non-combustible material, which means that this material has high fire safety.

It has good plastic qualities. It is possible to make both straight and curvilinear profiles from drywall.

Allows you to hide most of the flaws of the ceiling.

The space between the sheets of plasterboard and the ceiling makes it possible to install electrical wiring for any variations of the lighting system imperceptibly to the eyes.

A large number of options for decorating drywall.

The possibility of replacing the damaged part of the ceiling without complete dismantling.

The material has a low cost.

But there are no perfect materials, drywall also has drawbacks:

The main disadvantage is that such a ceiling will steal from 7 to 12 cm in height of the room. For a small child, such a loss is not noticeable. But if the room is low, it is worth considering other options or choose a decor that visually adds height.

This is a rather fragile material. It is necessary to work with it at installation of ceilings with care. For the installation of a suspended ceiling with their own hands will need additional equipment.

The disadvantages include the need for additional processing of the joints between the sheets after installation.

Himself drywall has a low cost, but for the installation will require a metal profile, and this increases the price of the finished ceiling.

Nevertheless, it can be noted that there are more advantages to using drywall, and therefore this type of suspended ceilings is popular.


Plasterboard false ceilings can be made:

  • At one level. The use of drywall for this classic version allows you to hide the existing shortcomings, to apply different types of painting.For the decor are also used wallpaper, wallpaper, painting.
  • Ceilings of two or more levels. Drywall is very well suited for creating bulk multi-level compositions. Build complex decor options that unite the surface of the walls and ceiling.
  • As a variant of a multi-level ceiling can be considered combined. In this part of the composition is performed from one or more levels of drywall, and some of the stretch ceiling.
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When choosing the number of levels and the shape of the ceiling, you should focus on the size of the room, its design features, the furniture available, the age of the child, the overall style of the apartment.

Single-level ceiling is universal. It is suitable for any room and age. But this does not mean that such a ceiling can not diversify the interior. Moreover, it is convenient because it is easier, if necessary, to change it, choosing a different color, painting, pasting photo wallpapers, adding decorative volume elements. Do not forget that overloading the ceiling with paints and drawings is simple, but it can negatively affect the child’s psyche.

Several levels make it possible to embody any fantasy and turn a nursery or bedroom into a fairytale castle, spaceship or uninhabited island, cosmos or ocean.If the area allows, with its help, you can divide the room into zones for recreation, games, activities. Proper decor levels will visually increase or decrease the space. But such fancy ceilings should be used with caution. They are good for a certain age of the child, and sometimes, can harm the psychological health of the child. The fairytale room is interesting for young children, but it is unlikely that a teenager will like him, and therefore, he will have to completely change the complex structure. In addition, in the conditions of the city several levels of drywall require regular and difficult cleaning. Few people will like a fairy tale with layers of dust.

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Ways of decor

If a single-level ceiling is chosen, then the main methods of decor will be the choice of color, pattern, texture of its coating. To create a cozy room there is a large selection of materials, so it is important to find a suitable option. Warm light colors will add room lightness and airiness, glossy ceilings will make it more elegant and brighter, visually add height, and a matte surface will give softness and warmth. A good way to raise the ceilings and create additional volume will help 3D drawings.It is possible to make additional touches to the design with the help of three-dimensional decorative elements, stucco. All options can be supplemented with light.

When it comes to the decoration of multi-level suspended ceilings, the options here are countless. You can create a volumetric sky with clouds, you can turn the ceiling into a fabulous green oak or space with distant planets. A large number of options, of course, is good, but it requires care not to end up with a construction overloaded with details.

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Most often, parents choose the design according to their taste, their ideas about what they like the child. They habitually focus on design options for girls or for boys using traditional pink or blue tones. But children have their own tastes, their own interests, and therefore not every girl, will be delighted by the princess’s bedroom, and not every boy will be enraptured by the spacecraft. Therefore, before embarking on grandiose projects in the nursery, it is worth finding out what room the child wants to see, what is interesting to him. Consultation with a professional designer who will help to create a three-dimensional model, select color solutions, and placement of lamps will also help. This will save money and time.

One of the advantages of multi-level ceilings is that with their help the room can be divided into zones, divided in half, if it has two children. Create comfortable corners for games, recreation, study. And lighting will play an important role in creating such zones.

Decor with light

Children's room simply must be bright. First of all, it is necessary to maximize the use of natural light without blocking window openings, without curling them with dark, heavy curtains. Effective use of natural lighting will help light walls. For the evening time, when there is no natural light, in the nursery you need to find the right lighting. The selection of lighting devices, their location can perfectly help in creating the original interior of the nursery.

It is optimal to provide in the nursery not one type of lighting. Now for this there is a rich selection of lighting fixtures. With their help, you can create an unusual design, "raise" the ceilings, "push" the walls, light the stars.

In the nursery can not be neglected upper central lamp. It provides lighting evenly distributed around the room and the floor, where children spend a lot of time in games.The design of such a lamp will be easy to pick up to the subject of the overall design.

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Drywall is plastic and convenient in that it allows you to turn on lights in an ornament, place them in volumetric elements, emphasize levels, highlight elements in different colors.

It should be noted that in the nursery there will definitely be games, including with the ball, and not to choose fragile lamps made of glass, their life will be short-lived, and the fragments are dangerous for children.

For lighting specific areas are well suited sconces and lamps. It is especially convenient to use transforming options, with the ability to change the direction of light, the brightness level. But we must not forget that for a child any electrical appliance is a source of danger. All lights must be durable and provide protection from direct access to incandescent bulbs.

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Original compositions for the interior can be created with the help of spotlights for slots. Such lamps are placed both linearly, emphasizing the contours of the suspended ceiling, and in groups, creating a detail of its design.

The most flexible lighting option for decorating the ceiling are LED strips.By placing them in the levels of the false ceiling, you can achieve soaring clouds, flickering stars and other lighting effects.

And the use of fiber has become one of the most advanced light design systems. This option can create any pictures, and the elements of these pictures can move. There is an opportunity to see on the ceiling the heroes of favorite fairy tales, the movement of galaxies, the morning dawn. This method of lighting is convenient and economical because it runs on batteries and consumes little electricity.

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