Children's sofa bed

Sofa - bed in the nursery. Advantages and disadvantages

Many parents in order to save space in the nursery choose not a regular bed, but a sofa - bed. Should I buy it?

When choosing a sofa - bed, carefully review all its advantages and disadvantages. After all, like any other furniture, it must be safe and comfortable for use by a child.

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  1. Compactness. In the normal state of the sofa - bed takes up little space. It is very convenient for a small room.
  2. Multifunctional. The sofa bed can be used as a sofa - a place for entertainment and reading, and as a bed - a place to sleep.
  3. Material. Usually, a sofa - a bed consists of soft materials. It is comfortable to sit and lie on it, and the child will not hit the wooden walls that a regular bed has. Unless, of course, the sofa has no armrests.
  4. Storage system Inside the sofa - the bed there is always a place where you can remove the bedding after sleep.
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  1. The folding mechanism may break, while the bed does not have such a problem.
  2. Daily analysis and collection of the sofa is a tedious process. Not all children will want to constantly fold the sofa bed.
  3. Lack of mattress. The surface of the sofa is not perfectly flat, so it is not always comfortable to sleep on it.

At present, furniture stores offer a wide range of sofas - beds, which are equipped with orthopedic beds. Its functionality is the same as that of orthopedic mattresses for the bed.

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The main criteria when choosing

When choosing a sofa, parents should pay attention to the quality of the sofa, its safety and functional properties.

It is for these parameters you need to choose children's furniture.

  • Quality. The frame of the sofa should consist of a good treated wood. The sofa must hide the fastening system and the folding mechanism so that children do not fit into the structure and are not injured. The fabric should consist of natural ingredients so that the child does not have an allergy. True, such upholstery will often have to be cleaned, because children often eat on the couch or paint. Therefore, buying a sofa made of natural fabric, immediately buy a cover for it.It is easy to take off and put on, and its design is quite diverse.
  • Functionality. The sofa bed should be easy to fold out and assemble, so that the child himself can cope with this task. The mechanism must be strong, so that even after many years it will be in good condition.
  • Security. The materials of which the sofa is made, must be natural.
  • Price. A good sofa - a bed is not cheap, but just such a sofa will last much longer than a cheap one. If an inexpensive sofa is often laid out and folded for sleeping and playing, then it will soon become unusable. Therefore, you need to choose a sofa - a bed with an orthopedic bed at a high price.
  • Manufacturer. Foreign sofas - beds are intended for irregular use. They are usually placed in guest rooms. Therefore, it is necessary to buy sofas of domestic producers. They are designed for daily use, and therefore will not break.
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  • Sofa - book - a very popular model of the sofa. It is possible to rest and sleep on it, even if the sofa is in the folded state. Sofa foldable. Lay it out like this: lift the lid until it clicks, then release it.The sofa is folded in the same way: they lift the lid and lower it when clicked. The disadvantage of the sofa - the book is that when folding it will need to move to the wall, and laid out, on the contrary, you have to first move away.
  • Sofa - couch. This type of sofa is suitable for a small nursery, because It is very compact. If desired, it can be turned into a bed. The back wall of this sofa is sloping and it plays the role of complementing the interior. He has a big place to clean the bedding. Sofa - couch is on the legs or on the frame. Some models are equipped with armrests. A huge plus of such a sofa is that it is made of durable materials and it is not easy to spoil it or bring it to a defective state.
  • Sofa - chair. Another way to save space. This sofa is equipped with a single bed in the unfolded form. When folded, the chair takes up little space and frees up space in the room for children's games. Models for children have a colorful design, some of them are made in the form of a cartoon hero. For example, a hedgehog or pig.
  • Mini sofa - ideal choice for a small children's room.It is compact, has small dimensions and is inexpensive. The dimensions of the bed for a child’s mini sofa are 190 cm by 100 cm, 70 cm by 100 cm. There are models that, in addition to the sofa, consist of small dressers.
  • Folding sofa - bed. Very interesting solution for a child's room. This sofa looks like a real bed. He may have small sides that will protect the child from falling in a dream. The sofa is equipped with a storage box. Many models have shelves on the side of the sofa, where you can put children's books.
  • Corner sofa - bed. This sofa is designed to be installed in the corner of the room. The only minus of such a children's sofa is a large overall size. It is not suitable for a small nursery.

Popular models

  • "Click - klyak." This sofa can be installed in a lying, sitting and half-sitting position. Some models can be transformed into armrests and headrests. This sofa - bed takes up little space, so it is suitable for a small children's room.
  • "Accordion". This sofa is very compact and easily transformed. The width of the bed is 180 cm, which allows it to be used not only for children, but also for adults.Inside the sofa there is a place to store linen. To expand the "accordion" you need to pull the seat forward, and fold the double back into one level.
  • "Dolphin". This sofa consists of a simple design and has an exhaust unit, which is located under the seat. In order to expand the sofa simply pull the unit and lift it up to it was on the same level with the sofa. This model is suitable for both small and large rooms.
  • Roll out sofas - beds. Such sofas can be used as a bed and as a sofa with footrest. The sofa can be decomposed in three versions:
  1. Fully, to get a full bed;
  2. Seated to sit in a chair legs lay on a stand;
  3. Sitting to get an ordinary sofa.

Determine the main components of the sofa

It is especially important when choosing a children's sofa - to take into account the quality of its mattress and upholstery.

Mattress should be moderately rigid, ideally orthopedic, so that the child does not have a curved spine. If the mattress is too soft, it will be uncomfortable for him to sleep. Sofas with an orthopedic mattress take the form of the body and support the body.A sofa with an orthopedic mattress and pillows is expensive, but it is safe to use.

Upholstery. Fabric for sofa upholstery must be of high quality and made from natural materials such as cotton and linen. Artificial fabrics quickly collect dust and are harder to clean. In addition, in this upholstery dust mites can start, which cause allergies not only in children, but also in adults.

Models for kids and teenagers

For young children there is a huge selection of sofas - beds with a unique and original design. The sofa can have any shape, you only need to choose the appropriate option.

  1. A sofa in the form of a house or a car is perfect for a boy. Very popular sofas in the form of minions. The colors should be dark tones: gray, black, blue. Dilute the color can be bright accents.
  2. For girls, you can choose a sofa - a bed in the form of a fairytale castle or the sun. Coloring should be bed tones. On the upholstery can be a picture of a princess or stars.
  3. Sofa - bed for teens should be made in a more soothing colors. For a boy, you can choose a sofa in a classic style. For girls fit style "hi - tech".Be sure to sofa - a bed for a teenager should have a large bed and a roomy storage box for linen.
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How to choose?

For a start, consult with the child, and only then proceed to the selection. In the furniture store, choose a sofa, given the growth of the baby or teenager. Do not hesitate to once again ask the consultant about the filling and upholstery of the sofa. You need to make sure that the sofa is orthopedic and made from natural materials. Before you buy, read the instructions for use and check the certificate.

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