Curtains for a nursery

Forming the style of a child's room is a serious and responsible thing. From what colors will surround the baby, will depend on his mood and character formation. Curtains play a key role in the design of the children's room.

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Features and benefits

Textiles have one distinctive feature - it is able to set the tone and mood of the entire room. From an aesthetic point of view, textiles will help to transform the baby's room and make it very comfortable. Also, well-chosen fabric will help maintain the overall concept of the interior. Trying to make the room for their child stylish and special, parents approach this issue very seriously and responsibly.

Curtains will help to create an atmosphere of warmth, care and comfort in a children's room. Any interior they give a completely complete look. In addition, the beautiful setting around will contribute to the formation of the taste of the baby from early childhood. Psychologists in this matter, oddly enough, in solidarity with their parents.They believe that the environment that surrounds a child from infancy has a serious effect on his maturing and outlook formation, as well as the inculcation of taste preferences.

A feature in the selection of curtains is not only the general concept of the design of the room, but also personal preferences in the colors of the little owner. The simplest option is the selection of classic curtains. This accessory will fit into any interior and will be appropriate. Everything is suitable in any interior and the option of two curtains on a thin crossbar. With this option, you can vary the flow of light into the room depending on the time of day.

Children's curtains go well with organza or nylon tulle. However, you can eliminate the tulle from the duet with curtains and replace it with blinds. This option is perfect for a room with plenty of sunlight.

When choosing curtains in the nursery, it is important to pay attention to some other details.

  • The area and shape of the children's room play an important role in the selection of curtains. Volume curtains will hide the size and look not harmoniously in a small room.
  • It is important to match colors correctly.
  • It is necessary to carefully select the material from which the curtains are sewn.
  • Choose curtains need to take into account the age and taste preferences of the child.

It is important to understand that the room is the world for the baby. The world with which he is growing. The child's psyche is quickly excited, tired and learning something new. Kids love bright colors, clean and bright colors, simple patterns that cause pleasant impressions. This is another feature in the selection of curtains in the nursery. It is important to choose simple and durable curtains.

Curtains in the nursery should be washed as often as possible. For more simple care of them, it is worth choosing not too intricate color options. In addition, the curtains in the nursery should be sewn from high-quality and non-shedding fabric.

It is important to choose natural materials that do not electrify and do not attract the abundance of dust. If the kid is creative and there is a high probability that his work will be used on curtains, then too expensive options are not worth buying. Teens prefer darker and darker colors, but for kids and primary school children it is better to choose bright and pleasant colors.

The choice of a pattern for curtains directly depends on the taste, preferences and sex of the child. If the baby can already express his opinion, then you should listen to him. It is worth considering one nuance. The brighter and richer the curtains, the faster they can bother the baby. A good option can serve as curtains with an abstract pattern that will help in the development of the imagination of the child.

Experts also advise to give preference to simple styles and avoid layering and pomp. To decorate curtains in the children's room, designers advise to pay attention to a simple pelmet and podhvaty. Looks winning when the curtains are sewn from the same fabric as the bedspread or pillows on the children's bed. Designers recommend that you select curtains and in the color of the wallpaper or on the tone lighter / darker.

It is important to pay attention to fixings and curtain rods. They must be made of durable and high-quality materials so that the baby could not bring down the entire structure. It is necessary to avoid sharp fittings, so that the child could not get hurt.

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When choosing curtains in front of parents or designers are many difficult tasks. They must meet several criteria at once.Visually, they should be liked by the baby and his parents, be made from natural and safe materials and not lose their appearance from frequent washes. The choice of the pattern for curtains in the nursery is also important, but first it’s worth deciding on the view of the curtains in the nursery.

Classic curtains will look appropriate in many interiors. For this style, you should pay attention to the dense curtains or narrow curtain with the finest organza, which only scatters soft sunlight. During the sleep of a child, it is worthwhile to draw tight curtains so that the street light or prying eyes do not interfere with his sleep.

Another option for the design of the window in the child's room can serve as curtains with lambrequin. This technique will allow you to decorate not only the window, but the entire room as a whole. Non-standard type of lambrequin will make the design of the room more unique. With a combination of different fabric textures, the presence of folds and nip, it creates the effect of stylish and custom curtains. You can also combine the color of the lambrequin with a veil on the bed or with a children's sofa. Photo curtains will be a good and stylish option in the child’s room.Thanks to modern opportunities they can be of any color and design.

There may be short curtains on the window in the room of a boy or a girl. For very young babies, long curtains can even be a danger. In their desire to know the world, the crumbs may get tangled in them or be torn off along with the curtain. So experts advise for very small crumbs to look at the safe shortened versions of curtains.

Short curtains will be appropriate for the room of older children. They are very relevant in the presence of a child's working area at the window. Such curtains will allow to move the writing desk to the wall and make the room more strict and concise. In addition to short fabric curtains, you can look at the Roman blinds. They have a simple and concise design. The girl or the boy of elementary grades can easily use them. Such curtains are safe, reliable, functional and will be appropriate even in the room of a newborn. Due to the dense texture, they protect the room from light. In addition, they can be adjusted at any level along the height of the window.

Rolled curtains in the nursery are also appropriate.They have many similar characteristics with Roman blinds. Perhaps they look a little easier due to the lack of clutches and draperies. Because of this, they are very often combined with other types of fabric curtains. If parents do not want to block the passage to the window, then you can completely do with roller blinds with a small lambrequin. Options for curtains in the room of boys and girls are very diverse. The window in the room can be decorated and classic and curtains, and extraordinary design variations.

For very young experts recommend picking up curtains in calm and neutral colors. The design of the room and curtains in the room of newborns should be pleasant and easy to read. Such tones will calm even a hyperactive baby. To increase the activity on the contrary, it is worth looking at the bright and contrasting tones.


The main thing for curtains in the nursery is practicality and simplicity. Of course, the fabric should be light and not cause allergies in babies. Curtains must withstand numerous washing, easy to remove and dress. Curtains made from natural fabrics will help maintain a healthy atmosphere in the baby’s room.

Manufacturers offer a large selection of curtains from silk fabrics. Of course, this is a very beautiful option, but absolutely impractical for a child's room. Such material will not withstand the world with the presence of clay, paints and markers. Silk itself is a dense material, but puffs and difficult to remove stains easily appear on it. In addition, this material is not cheap and there may be difficulties with the frequent replacement of curtains in the nursery.

Another option for curtains is a nap material. For example, velvet and velvet. Such curtains certainly look rich and aristocratic. But more suitable for a bedroom in a medieval castle. In addition, such heavy curtains will serve as a good dust collector, which is completely unacceptable for a child's room. An excellent option would be a veil or organza. However, the latter type of fabric does not allow light and air to pass through. Experts recommend using it as lambrequins or finishes. Recently, models of felt curtains began to appear. Such curtains can introduce an element of the game into the child’s room. After all, it is possible to cut out various figurines of felt, which are easy to attach to different places on the curtains.Such an activity in the form of a game develops fine motor skills and imagination in children.

The ideal option for curtains in the nursery will be flax and cotton. Of course, cotton will require more careful care due to its specific features. If we consider artificial materials, viscose has performed well in this regard. A small amount of synthetics will provide greater wear resistance and durability of curtains.

It should be remembered that most manufacturers process curtains for children's rooms with special compositions that improve the quality of materials. In addition, antistatic impregnations eliminate electrification and prevent dust from collecting on the curtains. Modern technologies allow the use of compounds that repel oil, dirt and make the curtains more resistant to handprints in plasticine, paint or jam.

Color solutions

When the model and material of the curtains are selected, it remains to pick up the necessary shade. Experts advise to avoid variegated and bright options, such colors can cause irritation and nervous tension in a child. However, this does not mean that the color of the curtains in the nursery should be faded and expressionless.You should choose a cheerful coloring, which does not strongly press on the sight. Do not forget about the golden rule.

If the pattern on the wallpaper in the room is large, then it is better to choose monophonic options. If the walls in the nursery are plain, then you can choose curtains with a discreet pattern to enliven the room. It is important to remember about the parameters of the baby’s room. Any designer will tell you that some colors can expand the space, and some, on the contrary, make them smaller and more inconspicuous.

Visually increase the height of the ceiling will help vertical stripes on the curtains. The color of the curtains can not only increase or decrease the space, it can also affect the amount of light in the nursery. If the room is too sunny, then blue, green and other cold tones will help to make it a bit darker.

How to choose

Do not forget that with the maturation of the child the curtains, like the whole surroundings in the room, will need to be changed. With age, the child's outlook and taste change. The children's room and all the interior items in it convey the mood and inner state of the child. Making curtains choose, given the age of the child.

In the bedroom for a girl and a boy, you can choose not to have any specific theme. Curtains can be decorated in neutral tones or bright, but not annoying eyes. Children's room for young children should be as light as possible. For this, experts recommend choosing curtains of light and warm shades. For kids it is worth choosing curtains with an interesting pattern that will help in understanding the world.

For kids from 3 years will fit the curtains with the image of the characters of your favorite cartoons. Perhaps by this time, the child can already say in what subject he wants to register his room. Of course, the curtains must be in harmony with the interior. Their color should be bright and bright, you should also consult with the child in his preferences. The nature of the child also influences the choice of curtain shades. To add activity to the kid will help yellow, orange and juicy green.

With the start of school, the child is already beginning to consider himself an adult. Therefore, the choice of curtains for the nursery must be carried out jointly. The selection of curtains is a rather complicated process and must be approached thoughtfully and seriously. Of course, it is important to choose such an option that the child should like and blend harmoniously into the interior of his room.

Cost of

The price range for curtains is quite large.Much depends on where the purchase is planned. Of course, to buy curtains on the market or in a network hypermarket will be much cheaper than their exclusive tailoring. Double curtains made of polyester with a length of about 260 centimeters and a width of one and a half meters each will cost 4 thousand rubles. Cotton curtains of the same size will cost parents 5 thousand rubles.

Beautiful solutions in interior design

Imagine the interior of a modern apartment without beautiful drapery on the windows is very difficult, even more difficult if we are talking about a children's room. Many parents try to adhere to fashion trends and equip their homes in accordance with them. Recently, high-tech style and Scandinavian style. Designers offer to look for the middle between modernity and home comfort.

A great solution for a room for girls of school age will be lavender curtains in combination with light furniture and walls in the room. Overlap with curtains can floor lamp and lavender canopy on the bed. This room looks very elegant and stylish.

For the room of a newborn princess, a combination of short and long curtains in a delicate pattern is perfect.The warm tones of the curtains will give the room a warm and gentle atmosphere. The brothers advise the brothers to dilute the sunny room with gently blue walls and blue-gray curtains to the floor of organza and threads. This combination for a nautical-style room will give a finished look. For a newborn prince and a room decorated in a white and turquoise range, designers recommend choosing short tulle and turquoise roman blinds. This combination will give a fresh and trendy look to the children's room.

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