Curtains in the room of teenage girls

Here comes the age of first love, girlish secrets, romantic evenings. Your baby has grown great! It's time to think about the spectacular and stylish interior of her room. Settle her in a real castle with soft puffs, bedding in powdery shades, and carpeting, in which soft toys are scattered. For a teenage girl, the interior plays both an aesthetic function and a psychological one.

The conditions in which you settle your child depends on the formation of her personality, mood, and perception of the world around her. Check with her, what colors she prefers, what tone to choose for the bed, window opening, floor surface, lighting. Every detail will be important here: from the decoration of the door handle to the location of the furniture, the color of the curtains. How you decorated your daughter's room will depend on her bringing up the artistic taste.

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You can choose a design in the style of your favorite cartoon, fairytale character. She can be close in spirit to rock or vanilla "tinsel", adventurous kitsch or baby-doll style.Pay special attention to the tulle, curtains and curtains that are going to hang in her room. This will be the final touch of the style composition of the interior of the girl's room.

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Choosing curtains, first of all pay attention to the material. A huge number of options will allow you to choose the appropriate, individual. Fabrics should be considered light, airy, not capricious in care.

The ideal choice for the children's room will be polyester, a material that does not crumple, does not lose shape, has rich shades. It can be draped, washed, ironed as you like. You can choose models with different prints, textures. Curtains from organza, airy, shiny fabric that fits perfectly folds will look flirty. Such elegant tulle or curtain will create a festive atmosphere in any room, especially girly.

Some shyness, charm will add a spectacular taffeta. Such curtains perfectly fit into the interior styles of loft, classic, vintage, rustic, boho-chic. Very little light will pass the veil. It is better to hang it on the sunny side, to supplement curtains, massive curtains.

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If you prefer natural fabrics, then pay attention to flax and cotton. This is the "elite" in the category of environmental and style. The coloring of such models looks solid, extravagant. The material itself does not fade in the sun, demonstrates an interesting fabric texture. Such products will be interesting to look in the interiors of country, vintage, shebbi-chic, romantic, rustic.

For gentle, touching natures, you can choose silk models. Curious colors will allow you to adjust the necessary atmosphere in the room properly. They will add a "touch" of exotic, Oriental, magic. Silk curtains will remind you of magic, bring fabulousness to any interior of a teenage girl's room.

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Color print

Among the wide palette, pay special attention to bright contrasting colors, various textures. Glossy effects can alternate with matte, and metallic - with velvet inserts. All this will be in the best way in harmony with the furniture, draperies, mirrors in the nursery.

To teach your daughter order and self-organization, it is best to choose curtains in the classical style with particular restraint and refinement.To frame the window opening you need light shades of fabric. Floral prints and animal ornament can serve as prints. The design allows the use of wide pickups, exquisite draperies. Lambrequins and swags will also be appropriate.

Those who are 16 years old have already crossed the threshold of their childhood. Young, romantic, incredibly tender age requires the same attitude, environment and atmosphere. You will not regret if you turn to pretty curtain-kis. They are created from decorative threads, often decorated with glass beads, beads, rhinestones, and beads. With their help, it is easy to adjust the atmosphere of glamor, inject some dollhouse, charm into the room.

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Design and style solutions

Does your daughter have new preferences that scare you a little? Posters are hung over the bed, the walls have a non-cheerful tone, and instead of normal lighting do candles burn? This stage and the self-expression of your young girl can be turned into a real adventure, if you correctly approach the choice of interior elements. For the Gothic and any other informal style, a spectacular decor will suit in purple, lilac shades interspersed with pink, black, red.

In this case, look at the design of the tapestry curtains, an unusual design of stained glass windows. In order to give "kindness" and unbridled fun in her "gloomy mansion" use LED garland on the eaves in cool shades of white, blue, lilac. For curtains it is necessary to choose a printed fabric, which in combination with led-bulbs will give an incredible effect!

For a real princess in the nursery include notes of the empire. In this case, the curtains in the room of teenage girls are selected with a brilliant texture, large drawings and Lurex. It would be appropriate to use fluffy folds, draperies, as well as wide pickups.

This style is only suitable for spacious rooms with large window openings. You can repeat the style of the curtains for the canopy bed. The color scheme of the curtains should repeat the rest of the textiles in the room (upholstery, bed linen, etc.).

In the age of protests and frequent mood swings, it is most welcome. models in modern style. Modern curtains can be decorated with stylized images of animals, birds, graphic drawings, 3D colors.The ideal color scheme for Art Nouveau is silver, subdued gray, pale pink, emerald, purple. Include in the design of such curtains asymmetry, sharp and clear lines.

Play with a palette of bright orange, pink, ultramarine or turquoise will turn out in style Art Deco. For a young lady, he demonstrates a charming tandem of lightness and grace. From the drawings here you can use prints with broken lines, all kinds of abstractions. Popular today are: zigzag, Herringbone or "fish bone", a large graphic cell that resembles the interweaving of window frames.

Gentle romantic people will definitely like curtains in style. vintage Pastel colors, the presence of ruffle, clips and tulle - the best solution to plunge into the beauty of an innocent age. The decoration of the room must be emphasized avant-garde curtains. Use bold key, layering, fabrics with iridescent effect. An alternative to the traditional eaves will make metal wire or string.

In the room of a teenage girl, you can combine curtains with pleated blinds in the same color.For creative people it's time to experiment with the Mediterranean, oriental style. You can use the curtain to decorate the room, similar to the boudoir of the French queen, Barbie doll.

It will be interesting to look silk models of curtains on the African motif. It is also appropriate to hang bamboo products, roller shutters. Proper design of the window can introduce a stiff restraint of the English decor or be a reflection of the rebellious nature of your daughter.

The best option in the girl's bedroom will be the selection of durable and reliable curtain rods. Your child should not feel any discomfort when opening or shading a window. Prefer clips, decorative "clothespins", magnets, lacing. Such elements will be able to adjust the length of the curtain, exactly as the hooks. When buying additional accessories for curtains, in the first place you should be its environmental friendliness and safety.

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Be sure to follow the dominant color of the situation in order to “fit” the curtains and curtains into the overall interior of the room. Austrian curtains made of translucent fabrics with prints of cats, owls, bird cages, feathers will look fashionable.The lowered curtains look nice with a few soft folds, puffs along the bottom edge.

The original design has most of the curtains on the loops, ties, drawstring and with pelmets. For teenage girls also fit the model of curtains on the grommet with metal, plastic rings. With the help of such elements, the curtains will drop expressive folds on the hem, look modern and unusual.

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