Curtains for a teenage boy

Adolescence is considered the most difficult period in the boy's life. This is a time of new change, when the character of an adult man begins to form. In order to highlight the individuality of the young gentleman and emphasize the statement of his personality, the designers recommends that parents completely change the interior of the room. Making the room in the new design, it is important to update all the elements of decor, especially for curtains.

The curtains in the room of a teenager boy perform two basic functions - they create coziness and protect the room from sunlight. It should be borne in mind that the curtains are not a separate element of the interior, so they should be in harmony with the overall style of the room, filling the room with warmth and comfort. Since the room of a teenager is considered to be a multifunctional zone, where he not only engages and rests, but also meets with friends, the curtains in it should be practical and comfortable.Today, blinds, light tulle, thick curtains and roller blinds are especially popular.

Features and benefits

One of the main elements of the decor in a teenager's room are curtains. Thanks to their original appearance and universality, they reflect in a special way the inner world and hobbies of the boy. When choosing curtains, parents need to think first of all about the safety of health and give preference to natural fabrics. As for the color range, everything depends on the style of the room. In order to give the interior an attractive look, the room can be supplemented with curtains with a pattern. It should also be remembered that the tone of the canvas will vary depending on the location of the windows.

To protect the room from sun rays, it is recommended to combine curtains with horizontal blinds. For mounting this design object, eyelets are used; they not only fit perfectly into the interior of the room, but are also quite strong. Often the curtains are decorated with various elements of decorations in the form of brushes and drapes.

For teens in the room is best to choose the classic version of the curtains.Beautifully look double-layered Roman curtains with geometric patterns. At the same time, parents need to remember that a teenager is no longer a little boy and can independently take part in the design of his room.


A crucial moment in creating the interior of the teen room is the choice of curtains. They will become not only a beautiful decorative, but also a multifunctional element. To date, there is a huge selection of classic curtains, day curtains and curtains, but for the design of windows in the room of teenagers most often used a more modern version of the decor in the form of roller curtains. They do not load the window opening, and the free space on the windowsill can serve as a convenient place to read books. As a rule, this type of curtains is made from natural fabrics, so they can be suitable not only for the teenagers' room, but also for the nursery.

The design called the "cafe" originally looks; it consists of two vertical short curtains and a lambrequin. Thanks to a special sewing method, the room will always have a stream of light and access to fresh air.Such curtains are made from natural materials of various colors.

Unusual and convenient option of curtains for the room of the boy of the teenager will become models on cringles. Such curtains are completely safe for health, practical to use, move easily, fit any style of the room, well protected from light.


The main requirement in the design of the nursery and the room for a teenager is the safety and environmental friendliness of all decorative elements. Therefore, buying curtains, first of all, you should pay attention to their quality. The material from which the curtains are sewn should be natural, easy to rub off, not attract dust and not electrify. All of the above requirements meet the fabric of cotton, flax, viscose. Mostly curtains sew from:

  • Silks
  • Veils
  • Polyester
  • Organza
  • Flax
  • Reps
  • Taffeta

When choosing a material for curtains, you must also pay attention to the layout and features of the room. In that case, if the rays of the sun do not penetrate into the room, then it is desirable to select transparent fabrics that perform a more decorative function than the function of protection. For rooms located on the south side, you need reliable protection from light, so in this case, the right choice would be curtains with thick linen and transparent tulle.

It is also important to pay attention to the shape of the windows. For small window openings suitable for blinds or roman blinds that do not take up much space. For large windows it is best to hang classic curtains.

Colors and prints

In order to create an atmosphere of comfort in the room of a teenager boy, it is important to correctly combine the color scheme in the design of the room. In addition, each color has its own individual characteristics:

  • Red. It is characterized by increased activation, so it may not be suitable for the psyche of a teenager. An abundance of red shades provoke emotional stress and aggression. Therefore, it is recommended to choose more invited shades of red. A good option would be pink.
  • Blue. Used as a primary color for curtains in a teenage boys room. For a blue or blue hue, disciplinary action is typical, which helps to focus. It is a little strict color, therefore it is recommended to be in harmony with warm shades in parallel. Looks great blue with white, as well as peach and orange.
  • Separate attention deserve orange curtains.They well stimulate all physiological functions, are suitable for dark rooms in which there is a lack of light. A tonic effect on the nervous system is characterized by a yellow tint. He does not overwork, well stimulates. Its creamy shade is especially popular.
  • The most natural and natural color is green. It is not only pleasing to the eye, but also has a positive effect on psychological and physiological indicators. Green color is harmoniously combined with any shades.
  • Purple and purple are especially popular with teenagers. Thanks to this range, young people not only express their attitude to the world in a special way, but also fix a period of maturation.

How to choose

Choosing curtains in the nursery or in the bedroom of a teenager boy, you need to take into account many nuances and give preference not only to beautiful appearance, but also to quality. For example, curtains, made from artificial fabrics will not be the best option, as they will attract a lot of dust. We should not forget about the functionality of the curtains. They must be safe to operate, fit the interior of the room, well protected from the rays of the sun.

Since teenagers in their rooms like to hang posters with their favorite soloists, musicians or heroes on the walls, in this case it is best to choose curtains in discreet colors. Adolescence is characterized by special contradictions, so for the decoration of the room as an option suitable curtains in the style of minimalism or Japanese curtains.

Interesting ideas for modern children's design

The design of a teenager's boy’s room differs significantly from traditional design options, since he does not have the presence of various decorations, quilling and bows. Therefore, the interior of the room should contain a minimum of decorative elements. In order to give the room some bright colors, the use of lambrequins with different patterns or photoprints is recommended. Also, modern styles include the use of curtains with graffiti patterns.

Beautifully looks room in a thematic style, for which they use curtains with special pictures. In this case, the subject may be different - in the form of images of the sea, the starry sky or with images of balls.

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