Curtains for a teenager

In adolescence, it is especially important for a person to equip a room according to their desires. Curtains in the nursery is an important attribute of the interior, which should please the teenager and at the same time meet the practical requirements of the parents.

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Features and benefits

Although often teenagers consider themselves to be well-to-do and adults, yet every parent must take care of the comfort and safety of the curtains for his child.

Requirements for curtains in the nursery:

  • use of natural fabrics;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • strength;
  • convenience.

To make the curtains really comfortable for the student, choose simple options that you can curtain without effort at the right moment. So, with models of dense materials that are too high, the changeable and quick-tempered nature of a teenager can hardly get along. A much better option would be Roman or cropped curtains.If the desk is located by the window, shorter curtains will also protect the child’s sight, ensuring free access to light.


Each teenager, choosing curtains to his room, thinks first of all about design and fashion. Here comes the turn of caring parents, choose the right kind of curtains.


Classic curtains of thick drape fabric combined with delicate tulle or organza. The latter provide a soft dispersion of solar color.

A big advantage for teenagers is a wide scope for creativity. On long canvases it is easy to apply modern designs. In addition, the classic curtains perfectly protect sleep even from the bright summer rays.

With inadequate attention to materials, synthetics will quickly acquire a charge of static voltage and will attract dust to itself. Dense and expensive materials are not recommended for cleaning at home. Care for this element of the interior will have to be carried out in professional dry cleaners. As a rule, the curtains are fixed on the ceiling curtain, which is a significant drawback for the still growing child. To pull the curtains in this case is extremely inconvenient.

Designers recommend to buy long draperies, if the window is free from closely standing sofas and other furniture. Otherwise, the materials begin to form creases and look sloppy.


If the area of ​​the room at the window is occupied by furniture, you can pay attention to the blinds. Their lineup is amazing today. Here you can find horizontal and vertical models made from fabric, plastic, wood and bamboo. The best option for the nursery is still natural materials.

The advantages of blinds are in their inexpensive cost, excellent protection from sunlight, the availability of clean air to the room. In modern design are becoming increasingly popular youth colors blinds. Here you can find rich monochromatic options, as well as multi-color vertical blinds, visually adding to the room height.

The disadvantages of blinds lie in a certain fragility, as well as thorough cleaning of every detail. Agree, cleaning for a teenager is not the most pleasant thing.


Rolled or Roman blinds are gradually replacing the blinds. It's all about their environmental friendliness and ease of use.With the help of winding up the shaft, Roman blinds are easily raised and lowered.

On the curtain can be painted any pattern and ornament. A rich color palette gives the room an update. The low price of this variety helps the parents of the young rebel to change the interior in accordance with his desires.

The disadvantages of roller blinds can be attributed to the accumulation of dust, especially in models of synthetic fabrics. Untimely cleaning with a damp cloth can lead to stubborn stains, which can no longer be removed.


A teenage girl will certainly be pleased with the shortened curtains on the grommet or hinges. They are beautiful in combination with weightless organza. Short curtains can be divided into two parts and look romantic with grabs on both sides.


As mentioned earlier, the fabric for curtains in the nursery should be natural, however, in the case of luxurious curtains, this rule is not always fully implemented.

A good choice for a teenager's room would be chenille. This dense material with pile, is richly decorated with various patterns, does not crumple, muffles noise and does not let in sunlight.

Organic cotton is beautiful in gabardine. All sorts of prints, including youth, make curtains of this material relevant and stylish. However, it is worth remembering that on the sunny side of cotton has the ability to quickly fade, resulting in curtains in disrepair.

Speaking of blinds, do not be afraid of bamboo and wood. Caring for them is simple, and the interior of the room is cozy and warm.

Colors and prints

According to psychologists, in the adolescent transitional age, neutral colors and shades should surround the house, ensuring peace of mind after a busy day. An excellent option would be a beige color scheme. Its combination with gray, brown, blue and white tones looks organically.

Blue curtains will also fit well into the room of a teenager. This romantic color becomes the choice of gentle persons. Materials for the implementation of the correct curtains in this tone should be light and airy fabrics, such as cotton or linen.

If the room of the teenager does not have bright strokes and accents, curtains with a “city landscape” print will be a good choice. Paris, the sunset of London, the Arbat and the quiet streets of squares will certainly please the boys and girls, inspiring thoughts of travel.

Despite the opinion of psychologists, many adolescents want a special brightness in their personal premises.Print "graffiti" performs this function completely. Bright inscriptions, images of people, signs and symbols attract attention with their originality, which is so important for teenagers looking for themselves in this world.

How to choose

Choose curtains in the nursery is easy, knowing a few rules:

  • maximum strength and environmental friendliness;
  • combination of dark and bright shades. When using day and night curtains, give preference to contrast tones;
  • design choice is important to trust a teenager;
  • An original solution would be the combination of thick curtains with the material and the tone of furniture upholstery, for example, with a bedspread for the bed in the bedroom.

If it seems to you that you have found the perfect option for curtains, be sure to consult with your child, because it is possible that the print with Spider-Man has already gone out of fashion. Treat with respect the choice of a growing person, and he will answer with confidence and will go to a small but compromise.

Cost of

The cost of different types of curtains varies in a wide price range. Rolled curtains and blinds on average cost from 1000 rubles and above. Photocurtains with high-quality printing will update the interior for 5,000 rubles, of coursein online stores you can find cheaper and more expensive options depending on the fabric.

Dense portiere made of natural materials are not cheap. High-quality canvas can be found on average for 10,000 rubles. Deciding on such a purchase, remember that the soul of a teenager is very changeable during his growing up, which means that the decision to change curtains in six months of use will have to be taken calmly.

Interesting solutions in interior design

Bright curtains in the style of minimalism are made in a neutral white tone. Red accents transform this model, and black geometric shapes make it youthful and stylish.

An interesting option is the combination of roller blinds and floor models. Horizontal and vertical stripes skillfully play on contrasts.

Original photo curtains with the image of the sea and palm trees will be a good solution for creating a relaxing atmosphere in a teenager's room.

Stylish short curtains in a beige shade for Anime lovers.

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