Lambrequins to the nursery

Children's rooms are distinguished by original color solutions in the interior, and lambrequins in them are characterized by brightness and stylish design. Since the room for a child is a small fairy-tale world, its design must be carefully thought out in order for this place to become cozy and comfortable as much as possible not only for sleeping, but also for active recreation. A large variety of styles and a wide range of colors allows you to create just such an environment in the nursery, which will please the eye every day and contribute to positive emotions.

Features and benefits

Children's room is a separate area where you can simultaneously fit the sea, and forests, and mountains, and many other interesting episodes. Here the child should be comfortable to play, relax and develop, so when choosing these products should take into account the nature of the children, as well as their interests. Modern curtains with lambrequins look perfect when harmoniously combined with the walls and the overall style of the interior.They can depict fairy-tale heroes, cartoon characters and other relevant compositions.

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The main advantages of lambrequins for a child's room include:

  • a wide variety of materials and textures;
  • wide range of colors;
  • excellent practicality and functionality;
  • different styles of design;
  • unpretentious care.

The use of lambrequins in children's rooms allows you to expand the space and at the same time hide the eaves. In addition, now models are made for every taste and for different age categories of children, which makes it possible to draw a window in absolutely any image.


Lambrequins serve as a kind of decoration for the children's room, and also bring the necessary emphasis to the interior, making the atmosphere more comfortable and complete. Even the most boring room acquires a new look, if it is supplemented with a similar decoration. There is a large selection of styles of this frame, which are divided into three categories:

  • soft;
  • hard;
  • combined.

It should be noted that the soft and combined lambrequin is not used as often as hard. Designers recommend decorating rooms for children with rigid lambrequins, as they differ in a fairly solid base and are characterized by incomparable practicality.They are considered the most spectacular decoration of the window, which contributes to the development of imagination and the embodiment of amazing ideas that create a fabulous atmosphere.


Since its inception, lambrequins have gained attention in adults and children. At the same time, these products perform two important functions - practical and decorative. Therefore, in the selection process, it is worth paying due attention to the material from which the lambrequins are made for the nursery. The most popular are models from the veil or from tulle.

Vulal specimens are made from natural materials such as silk, cotton and wool. They superbly pass air, light, do not collect dust and do not electrify. The second option is characterized by a more dense structure, which superbly retains its original appearance for a long time. Such products are durable, easy to wash and do not tend to accumulate dust on their surface. As for the cost, lambrequins from synthetic fabrics are much cheaper in relation to products made from natural materials.

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Color solutions

Lambrequins in the room for children are characterized by bright colors,funny drawings and competent combination of every detail. The model is selected based on the overall design in which the room is decorated. The themes here can be the most diverse: marine, automotive, fairytale, sports, fruit and berry, or one that best reflects the character and outlook of children.

For girls and boys there are different colors. If boys are mainly blue, blue, green and light green, then girls prefer pink, yellow, orange and lilac tones. Additional decor can be flowers, bows, ruffles, stars, soft toys or other suitable details.

How to choose

To choose beautiful and original lambrequins, you need to approach this issue with special attention. The right model will make the room more interesting and fill it with a positive atmosphere. First of all, the child himself should like them so that he can fully use his personal space and receive a charge of new emotions every day. Regardless of whether the lambrequins are meant for a girl’s or boy’s room, they should be ideally combined with the colors of walls, carpets and textiles.

Girls fit more elegant products.They can have a luxurious assembly, exquisite decor and style. For boys, simpler copies will be relevant. At the same time, they can be complemented with bright prints or other elements of appropriate style. It is recommended to assess the quality of the fabric, its environmental performance and the level of practicality.

In the bright children's room, the lambrequins of soothing shades will look beautiful. Experts say that the best option here will be linen and calico products. Very stylish and presentable look models in a cage, which for many years do not lose their relevance. They can often be found in the room of a teenager.

How to do it yourself

Even without experience in sewing lambrequins, you can create luxury products for every taste, with a minimum of effort. They can be classic or supplemented by the author's decor and other details. The manufacturing process consists of the following steps:

  • perform accurate calculations based on the size of the window;
  • cutting fabric in rectangular shape and edge processing;
  • equipment of the upper part of the tape;
  • fixing on the eaves.

Such decorative detail as lambrequin,makes the room cozy and really beautiful. This feature, insignificant at first glance, plays a very important role in the daily life of a child. After all, the quality of the lighting directly depends on the correct design of the window, and hence, the regime of children's day.

Interesting solutions in interior design

Lambrequins for a children's room are made in the most different design decisions. Depending on the style of its design, furniture, textiles and carpeting are selected, which should harmoniously complement each other. For example, children in the high-tech style are often decorated with curly lambrequins. Every year their popularity increases due to exclusive design and unique production technologies. They are considered to be an innovation in the field of interior design.

Modern designers use in their work a lot of interesting solutions for interior design with the help of lambrequins. They competently combine with other elements, creating unique and very bright masterpieces that positively affect the development of children. Now lambrequins in the form of one volume composition are very popular.But each individual model of the product is in its own original and unique, which allows skilled craftsmen to create truly fabulous interiors in children's rooms every day.

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