Curtains in the nursery with their own hands

Many parents wondered how to decorate the nursery on their own? One of the most original ideas are the curtains, sewn by their own design. Do not be afraid not to cope with the task. In order to sew the curtains, it is not necessary to seek help from a professional seamstress. Much more interesting to do everything yourself. After all, it will help to realize your ideas and spend time with benefit. In addition, self-tailoring curtains will save money.

What material to choose, and what decorations to choose - all this should be carefully thought out. It is also important to take into account who the curtains are for: girls or boys.

Choosing a design

Getting started, select the design of future curtains. They can be absolutely any kind. It all depends on your imagination. Selecting the design, you need to take into account the overall interior and style of the children's room.Curtains should complement and support the overall style, and not be a separate element.

With the help of curtains, it is possible not only to complement, but also create a children's theme. For example, to create a car theme, you can simply paint the walls blue or stick blue wallpapers. You can finish the design of such a room with curtains with images of cars.

To create a floral style, you can arrange the walls in light green or pink color, and hang curtains with a floral pattern. Pictures with the image of nature will help to complete the room, and you can put flowers in pots on the window sills.

If the nursery is full of bright colors, the curtains need to pick up muted tones. For example, white or beige.

For a room decorated in pastel colors, you need to pick up the curtains brighter. So the room will look elegant and colorful. Selecting the design of future curtains, keep in mind that a bad choice will spoil the overall look of the children's room.

Choosing a fabric

An important point in buying a fabric is the right color. For a child's room, it should be bright, bright and expressive. No dark tones. Too dark and dark shades spoil the overall look of the room.Color design curtains should fit into the overall interior, but not be separate from it.

The fabric in the nursery need to choose moderately dense. This is necessary so that, if desired, the curtains can dim the bright light from the street. This is especially important during daytime or nighttime sleep, when the bright rays of the sun or the light of lanterns should not fall into the room. Despite the thick fabric, the curtains should not be heavy. Such curtains are prone to dust accumulation, which can cause allergies in the child. In addition, too dense and heavy fabric in the nursery looks out of place. When choosing a light or transparent material, install blinds. They will help make the room darker or lighter, depending on how the children themselves want.

Children's room should be environmentally friendly. Therefore, the material for curtains should consist of natural components such as linen and cotton. This fabric is easy to wash, it does not electrify and does not attract dust. Curtains for the nursery need to be sewn from durable material, which also does not have to iron for a long time.

For girl or boy

After you select the desired material and texture of the fabric, you need to decide on the pattern.What will be the design of the curtains, depends on what sex your child and how old he is.

For example, for small boys, it is preferable to choose a pattern of cars, airplanes, fish or animals. If a boy loves football, then there must be an image of balls. If he is interested in puzzles, the curtains may have a pattern that is assembled as if from puzzle pieces.

For teenage boys, fabric for curtains should have a simple pattern, for example, triangles and squares. The fabric can be monophonic. No jewelry and lace for the adult guy's room are needed. This is appropriate for young children, but not for a teenager.

In the room for the girl, choose pink, white, purple hues. For a little girl you need to pick up fabric with a pattern of mermaids, ponies, ladybirds, kittens or angels. Decorate the curtains will help the ideas of the girl. Perhaps she wants to attach flowers or figures of butterflies to the curtains.

Teenage girls do not need a cartoon theme. In their room, the curtains should be of delicate colors, perhaps with plain patterns. Instead of curtains in the room you can hang curtains, because they are usually sewn of velvet or velor.

In any case, choosing a fabric pattern for curtains, consult with your child. After all, he has to live in the room you have designed. Your preferences may be very different from the desires of a son or daughter. Consider and their opinion.

Sew your own hands

To start sewing curtains, it is necessary to determine the complexity of the work. If you are new to sewing, then do not take up difficult tasks. Start simple.

Simple curtain

  • Stripe the fabric with an iron.
  • The selected fabric must be laid on the floor in order to make a pattern.
  • Observe the symmetry of the pictures, if any.
  • Leave about 10 cm of tape on the bottom of the fabric and 2 cm on the sides.
  • The edges of the fabric overlay or hem yourself.
  • Sew a ribbon with loops.

The curtain is ready. Now it remains to hang the cornice with hooks and hang the curtain on them.

Difficult curtain

  • Find a pattern on the Internet or in a magazine.
  • Take large-sized paper, such as drawing paper or A4 sheets glued together.
  • Apply a pattern to the paper and cut out the details.
  • Place the pieces of the pattern on the fabric and circle them with chalk.
  • Cut out the details of the fabric and, using the instructions, sew the curtain.

For decoration, you can sew curtain holders.It looks beautiful and fits well with the interior of the nursery.

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