Curtains to the nursery in the marine style

Parents always want to settle a child in a fairy tale. In a world where he would love to dream and make plans for the future. Often, such a dream interior for a child is a child in a nautical style. And, despite the general maritime orientation, everyone has different desires: someone wants to live in the ship's cabin, someone - on the seabed, and some even dream of the deck of a pirate ship, arranged directly in the room. So why not make children's dreams come true?

An important element that complements the interior room in a nautical style, are curtains. Sometimes they are even a style-forming element - for example, if the curtains are made in the form of a marine net for fishing.

Competent selection of color and type of curtains will help to give the room a finished and harmonious look. The information below, will allow you to navigate the main points when choosing curtains in the nursery in a marine style.

Primary colors

The first association that comes to mind is blue. Indeed, in most cases, the blue color is present in the interiors, made in a nautical style. Blue calms, calms and allows you to focus. At the same time, the abundance of blue suppresses mood, gives a feeling of cold. And dark blue tones visually narrow the space. Therefore, you should feel free to use rich blue in the spacious sun nurseries for active children. In all other cases, the blue color should be used sparingly.

The most winning and “sea” combination is blue with white. Neutral white color dilutes the severity and darkness of blue. And their combination reminds of the sailor’s vest or the Greek Santorini, an island with white houses and blue roofs.

Another active color that successfully complements the marine orientation is red. However, they should not be abused - tips on the eaves or red pelmets will be quite sufficient to bring paint to the curtains.

Also set the marine style of the room will be all shades of blue (from light blue to turquoise), beige and sandy colors,sunny yellow and shades of brown. It is important in this case that the color of the curtains match or complement the colors that already exist in the interior of the room.


If it seems that the plain curtains in the nursery will look dull or too bright, use a strip. Blue and white horizontal stripes symbolize the vests and will be appropriate in the design of the marine style. Their advantage is that visually they are able to expand the room. It will be good to add a print on the curtains with a similar pattern on the upholstery of furniture, pillows and other interior items. However, you should not hang curtains with a narrow strip - such a picture will quickly tire your eyesight.

The strip on the curtains can be vertical. Such a solution will visually make the room higher and add air to it. It is not necessary to use only blue and white colors. You can dilute them with yellow, red or blue. Different width of the stripes will give dynamism to the room.

Another type of curtains that perform a rather decorative function - curtains. If to show the imagination, such curtains will become the central element of design of the room. It is possible to make curtains by hand with a child from a thick rope, imposing knots on it and attaching shells, small pebbles and starfishes gathered on holidays at sea. Children will proudly show their friends a homemade curtain, and you will have a long memory of a pleasant joint leisure time.

An alternative to curtains are sometimes blinds. Perhaps they are not as colorful as textile curtains - although you can choose blinds of any color. However, they fully support the maritime theme. Doubtless plus blinds in practicality and ease of care for them. Installing blinds would most likely be appropriate in the room of an older child.

Marine patterns

Sometimes the child asks to arrange the nursery, being impressed by the specific heroes of the books or cartoons. For such a case in textile stores and shops offers a variety of fabrics with printed print in a nautical style. You can find curtains with simple shells, and curtain fabrics with drawings of cartoon characters of marine themes. At the same time, good solutions for companion fabrics are offered, it is possible to pick up lightweight organza curtains and light-tight, dense portraits for the second row with the same or similar pattern.

If the stores do not have what you want or your child, there is the possibility of photo printing on the fabric of the desired pattern.Be sure - no one else will have such curtains. But when choosing an image, special attention should be paid to its quality, otherwise when printing on a large area of ​​the curtains, the picture will be unclear or pixel.

Options for girls and boys

As a rule, children in the marine style are performed for boys. After all, they dream of traveling, adventures and present themselves as a brave captain or, on the contrary, a pirate. For them, you can make curtains in the form of sails, if the children's area allows it. It will also look good rope blinds. In general, any curtains in blue-blue "boyish" colors will organically fit into the nursery boy.

Girls in the marine style are most often attracted to the marine inhabitants. Therefore, the curtains in the nursery for girls can be with mermaids, fish, starfish. The most suitable colors are white, beige, yellow. Of course, the curtains can be with a traditional stripe, but for girls it is better to soften the colors - choose not bright blue, but pastel blue.

Universal version - Roman blinds, its color in harmony with the general colors of the room.

General recommendations

It is not necessary to overload with a complex design of curtains a small nursery. In smaller rooms, Roman blinds would be more appropriate, as they can support the marine style of the room.

You should carefully consider the choice of fabrics: it is desirable that they are dust-repellent, as the child will probably touch the curtains. Also, if possible, you should choose natural fabrics - linen, jute, cotton. Maritime theme involves the use of coarse textured fabrics, so you can combine the environmental friendliness of materials and aesthetics of the room.

Solutions in the interior

Using the grid as a supplement on the curtain is a win-win option that accurately characterizes the style of the nursery.

Maritime style is perfectly supported by ordinary blinds on the nursery window.

Instead of a fishing net on the curtains you can make threads of rope, on which knots are tied and shells and starfishes are fastened.

Another way to design - curtains with photo printing ship or any other pattern

Roman blinds, made in the form of sea waves, looks very unusual and creates the feeling of a whiff of wind.

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