Curtains in the nursery

For each child, his room is like a separate world in which he feels safe and private. More precisely, not so - you have to make this world such. And the matter is not only in relation to the child and the full support of his interests regarding the room, but also in the design of the very nursery. Every detail is important - from the color of the wallpaper and curtains to the chairs.

Features of the interior of the children's room

The interior of the nursery should combine practicality and originality. The first is for the parents, the second is for the child.

Most often for children choose bright shades - wallpaper, curtains, furniture. This is a common mistake, and that is why - repairs in the children's room are not done for a year or even two, and the bright atmosphere with time can annoy a teenager. Pick up those shades and colors that may later like the child - and give up the brightness in everything. It is better to pay attention to the basic calm tones, and complement the design with bright accents.

Of course, over time, you still have to change the interior of the nursery. So-called evolution can occur - from a cute children's room to an almost adult adult shelter. These metamorphoses are the main difference between the interior of a nursery and the design of any other room. Children's bedroom seems to be changing along with its inhabitant. Children's curtains are gradually replaced by calmer or photo-curtains with images of favorite groups or idols. The child in the process of growing up presents to the room the features of his personality. You need to be prepared for the fact that a teenager at some point will want to repaint the walls or buy new curtains.

What to look for when choosing

How to choose curtains in the children's bedroom? First of all, when making a child’s room and choosing curtains, pay attention to the floor of the child. On his preferences, his personality and favorite colors. For children of different sexes, if they live in the same room, it is very important to divide the room into two zones - boyish and girlish. It will be a very interesting idea to hang up different curtains - in this way you can emphasize both his individuality and her and not offend anyone.

Modern children are developing very quickly, so do not forget about their opinion - after all, they need to sleep in their room, and not their parents. Listen to your children and remember that the goal of an adult is to create a comfortable, safe and practical place for a child. In the style in which he wants. He wants pictures in the style of fantasy - it means it will, wants monochrome curtains - so be it. This is also a very important psychological aspect - the child will know that he is trusted.

The only thing that parents really need to worry about is security. For example, it is better to pick up curtain rails for curtains, so that the child during the game does not accidentally twist anything and does not hurt himself. It should be attached to the wall as tightly as possible.

Choose a form

Beautiful curtains can be an excellent piece of interior nursery - if it looks like something is missing during its design, pick up other curtains. In addition to fabric and color, the shape of the curtains is of great importance. From it will depend largely on their durability.

Curtains with tulle - a classic version, including for the nursery. Tulle can play the role of accent or background.As an accent, you can choose a brighter color, and as a background - quieter. Lush curtains of tulle will look very nice in the girl’s room, and straight sea tones look like a boy’s room.

Combined curtains - a great option for a children's bedroom. It can be curtains of two different materials (different in texture, of course), two-color curtains - contrasting or similar shades. There are two design options associated with the combined curtains: contrasting or harmonious. In the first case, two opposite shades are taken, in the second - two adjacent colors. For a child's room, it is better to stop at the second version and to add it with several bright accents - after all, sharp colors are not quite suitable for the child's psyche.

Corner curtains should repeat the bending of the window. When choosing them, you should understand what you want to achieve - hide the window or make it more visible. Corner curtains can be a great accent to the interior. When choosing them, it is worth thinking about a specialized cornice - also angular. In the case of a small corner window, you can make one exception - the curtains here can look very elegant and appropriate.

Short curtains

If the child has a habit of touching and pulling everything to himself, you should not choose long curtains for his child so that he would not have such a desire. Short curtains are generally very practical and convenient option - they are easier to wash and hang, you can choose several sets at different times of the year to somehow revitalize the interior of the nursery.

Such curtains should at least reach the window sill or end above the table - after all, the main role of the curtains is to hide the life of the child from prying eyes and to prevent the penetration of light. Therefore, the curtains are shorter to choose absolutely not recommended. There are several types of short curtains that may be suitable for the interior of the nursery: these are French, Austrian and Roman curtains.

French ones consist of a set of horizontal folds, separated by vertical lines, and refer to the lifting curtains - that is, they do not move apart, but rise up. French folds are located all over the fabric. French curtains are good because they can be static - it is very convenient for rooms in which there is so much light, and curtains play a purely decorative role.For these curtains choose translucent fabrics, fabrics that are self-draped under their own weight and smooth fabrics.

But at the Austrian curtains, on the contrary, the wave-folds are located only from the bottom. They are a great solution for large windows, windows with shutters. Sewn, as a rule, from heavy noble materials - velvet, damasta. Recently, silk and taffeta have also been used. They belong to the lifting curtains and in the children's room can look like the most real clouds of pastel color. Perfectly combined with bandages and bows, very gentle look.

Roman curtains in their appearance are very similar to blinds. Only a little softer and more comfortable. Are made, as a rule, from flax, cotton and polyester. Ideal for minimalist rooms. These curtains save space, are easy to maintain and easy to manage - what more does a small child and his parents need?

Curtain Accessories

Do not forget about accessories. Curtains and pelmets are not the most suitable option for a children's bedroom, but there is also a great many other decorations. For example, tacks for curtains.These are holders for curtains, thanks to which they keep their shape and do not fly away in all directions. Tacks can be bright or perfectly match the tone of the curtains - it all depends on what effect you need to achieve. Grabs in the form of flowers or cartoon characters will look very nice - after all, we are talking about a children's room.

Of course, curtains are considered to be an accessory that adorns the windows. But they have also been used for a long time both for doorways and for arches. Bed with curtains - a separate conversation. It will suit both adults and children who love solitude and peace. As a rule, it is not so difficult to choose curtains for a bed - it is based on the principle of choosing ordinary window curtains. The only pleasant "but" - heavy fabrics, canopies and lambrequins are also suitable for the bed. But to erase them is very difficult, as well as to hang and remove. Light organza or cotton is a good alternative to heavy curtains. In the interior of the nursery they will look even better than heavy, bulky curtains.

The best materials for the nursery

What you should first of all pay attention to when choosing curtains for a nursery is fabric. It should be simple and practical, but at the same time please the eye.It is not necessary to complicate the cut or create complex combinations of colors. Everything beautiful is simple.

But on the fabric should seriously think about. It should be easy to wash and not tear, because the kids, especially at an early age, have the habit of carelessly spoiling and dirty things. The fabric should not cause allergies and irritation and shedding.

The best option would be bilge and cotton curtains. They are smaller than synthetic, collect dust and do not electrify. However, the curtains of cotton and flax quickly crumple. Very often, curtains are made from coarse calico, taffeta, satin, calico and guipure.

Silk, velvet and velvet are completely unsuitable for the bedroom of a small child. Of course, they look beautiful and rich, but completely impractical. But silk, for example, is terribly erased, which can create a huge problem for parents of creative kids. Price also plays a role here - silk is not cheap.

Heavy fabrics (velvet and velvet) more than all other fabrics accumulate dust. They are heavy, difficult to remove and wash, they are allergic. Leave such elegant fabrics for a library or living room.

Veils and tulle, Devore will be a good complement to curtains made of cotton or linen, organza, but they can also be used in solo.These fabrics pass light well and hide from passersby - they will be an excellent option for a nursery on the first floor with windows to a noisy street.

Organza is the thing for true princesses. It turns the room into real royal chambers, shimmers in the sun, glitters with nacre. In addition, the organza has a high density and poorly wrinkled, resistant to many chemical products, which guarantees the color stability. In the interior, the organza can play as its own role, used separately, and as an additional, purely decorative role. It is easy to decorate the body with a pattern or photo to your taste, with any kind of embroidery.

Ideas for the boy's room

It is believed that after five years, children are already beginning to fully realize their gender. The boys are drawn to purely boyish things - cars, boats, and girls to everything that is soft and beautiful, like a real princess.

As a rule, boys like cool colors more - they are all sorts of blue and green shades. If you decorate the room in these colors, it is likely that the boy will arrange it. Remember that all the details of the interior should fit together - and if you suddenly decide to create a room in a purely nautical style, then modern cars should not be there.

But, before you take on such a responsible business as the choice of curtains or even the design of the nursery, you should find out what the kid is interested in. For example, if he is a fan of the Paw Patrol cartoon, then the curtains with the characters of this particular cartoon will be a real pleasant surprise for him. The classic variants of prints on the curtains in the room of the boy are cars, with owls, with giraffes or other animals. It can be photocurtains with real animals, as well as cartoon sketches.

Stars will look very interesting - clusters of large or small five-pointed or real imitation of the starry sky. Remember that the main thing is that the child likes it.

If the boy does not have any particular preferences for something, then plain curtains in his favorite colors will be ideal. The same applies to the already grown up boys. Minimalism and simplicity is always in fashion.

Ideas for girls room

Psychologists have proven that girls are much more flexible creatures than boys. This is manifested in the design of the room. If the boy would never agree to bright pink or red details in her room, then the girl, on the contrary, would only be happy to see in the nursery both the turquoise or green curtains, and yellow or pink.In general, be prepared for the fact that she will be engaged in decorating her room herself - just have time to buy everything.

In girls, from childhood there is the same craving for everything beautiful and bright. Very interesting in the girly room will look curtains with butterflies or fairies, maybe in large or small peas. Do not forget about additional accents - like posters or small figures of your favorite characters or animals. Girls love it. But do not overdo it - from the abundance of accents dazzled.

There is another interesting idea for decorating a girl’s room. For a bed of a real princess, a canopy is suitable - so that she feels safe, so that she feels comfortable. It looks really gorgeous.

The teenage girl, quite possibly, will no longer need all these ruffles and bows - perhaps she will have enough of the usual curtains and tulle. But this does not mean that they should not be beautiful and elegant - it is worth looking at both multicolored and plain fabrics.

Curtains for a teenager: consider age

Already knowing about the very evolution that the child’s room undergoes with his growing up, it becomes easier for parents to respond to the teenager’s requests to change the design of his room.Most often, these changes relate to curtains and bedding, because children understand that changing them is much easier than rescheduling the entire room.

After ten or eleven years, the child usually wants something calm. Bright colors fade into the background, interfere with focus, and now the teenager gives his preference to pastel or at least not screaming tones. For girls of this age and older, white straight curtains will be preferable, or gentle neat veils.

For a teenage boy, in principle, there are no particular differences. All the same calm and practicality, just a little different style. For example, the curtains can be light orange, green, and you can restrict yourself to just tulle. It is not particularly important for the boy that he hangs on the window there, just to keep him from others eyes, to be left alone with himself. The only thing is that the boy no longer needs bright colors at this age - therefore it is better to remove colors from the interior.

In general, the decoration of the room for a teenager should be neat, tune in a calm way and not distract from study. As well as the atmosphere as a whole - it is best if the furniture is of simple forms, without decorations - at this age, both boys and girls are important in functionality, and not excessive chic.The table should contain all the many books and notebooks that a teenager has, and the chair should not cripple the posture.

Designer Tips

To independently plan and create the interior of the entire room is an impossible task for many. Even if parents have their own ideas for decorating a baby’s room, they can always turn to the designer.

Also, if parents do not have time to choose curtains, they can always order ready-made curtains - in any store in their town, in an online store, well, or completely entrust the design of the room for the baby to the designer.

Very often for children choose curtains in the Scandinavian style. Living on the Scandinavian Peninsula, people constantly lacked light and heat - in such conditions they lived, so every detail of their interior was aimed at preserving the energy of light. Scandinavian design uses only light pastel colors. Most often - all sorts of shades of yellow, and also - blue, resembling the sky and the sea. This applies to both furniture, curtains, and general decoration.

In the Scandinavian interior there is nothing superfluous. Everything here is perfectly matched to each other.About ruffles, bows and laces are out of the question.

A big plus for a child in the Scandinavian style is that this option will suit both the boy and the girl. Indeed, in the case of a little boy, it is very easy to fit in the interior of the marine subjects - pirates, travel. And for the girl it will be easy to fall asleep comfortably in the environment of such delicate and pleasant looking shades.

Another gentle option - a child in the style of Provence. Unlike the Scandinavian nursery, here you can use ruffles and lace, of course, within acceptable limits. This immediately makes Provence the desired style for the design of the girl’s bedroom. Light colors, floral print ... What else do an ordinary princess need? About the screaming curtains that are in Provence, that in Scandinavia should be forgotten. Bright curtains, like any other bright accents are unacceptable in a soft, pastel interior.

How to make a nursery in Khrushchev - a really difficult question. Space in such apartments, as a rule, is terribly small, so every meter counts. Such a room should not be cluttered and forced a huge amount of furniture. Zoning is a great idea for a small room. Like bunk furniture.In order to visually increase the space, you should use light colors - in the decoration of furniture, wallpaper, curtains and ceiling. Avoid dark shades.

Curtains for the nursery in Khrushchev should be made of lightweight fabrics. For girls - with a floral pattern, for boys - with space or geographical. A universal option will be plain shades of light green or light pink color.

The main thing when choosing curtains in the nursery is to understand that the curtains should match in style with other elements of the room, such as wallpaper, flooring and furniture. Everything should be harmonious, because harmony is what is fashionable and practical at all times.

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