Children's bedrooms for girls

 Children's bedrooms for girls

Every caring parent wants his child to be happy and healthy. Particular attention should be paid to adults the bedroom of his child. After all, this is exactly the place where the baby is resting, spending his free time. Of course, the design of the room of boys and girls may differ significantly. Consider the feature of children's bedrooms for girls, and ways to create a cozy seating area for your princess.

Design features

Creating an interesting room option for a girl is a difficult, yet quite an interesting process. Many parents prefer to be guided by their imagination. However, experts still recommend to find out from the child about his preferences and desires.You can always find a compromise. Consider the main features of the design:

  • Such premises should not only be beautiful, it is important to consider the age of the child. It is also worth remembering that children grow rapidly and the baby's tastes may change. Therefore, if you do not have the opportunity to change everything all over again, you can simply stop at a stylish neutral option. Remember that children of different ages may have different tastes and needs.
  • It should carefully select each element of the decor. The environment will affect the girl, her worldview, tastes, behavioral patterns, etc.
  • Convenience and safety. Parents should also pay due attention to these parameters. It will be optimal if the child is easy to get toys, sit on the chair. Avoid various sharp objects in the room.
  • Also consider the size of the room. If the bedroom will be designed for two girls, you need to properly organize the space, optimally arrange the beds and all other accessories.
  • Harmonious design. The child’s psyche is quite vulnerableTherefore, experts advise not to use bright and flashy shades, but pastel-toned colors. It is better to use green, blue, pink tender options. So you can beautifully decorate the room, and the girl will feel comfortable in it.
  • Choose only quality products. Accordingly, purchases should be divided only in professional stores.


As for the situation, it can be completely different. Everything will depend on the taste preferences of your baby. It is also worth focusing on styles that suit your child. It can be classic, Provence, Pop Art and many others.

You should not overly clutter the children's room with various objects. It should have enough space so that the child can not only rest, but also play, as well as learn.

Use in the nursery only light colors, they will tune the child to a successful activity, and also have a beneficial effect on the psyche.

Interior by age

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a stylish design of a children's bedroom for a girl is the age of the child. This factor is important.Each age has its own peculiarities of development, which also need to be considered by parents.

For newborn

When the long-awaited event happened and a little princess was born, not everyone rushes to allocate a room to a new family member. The main thing is to buy a good cot, a changing table, so that it is comfortable and convenient to care for the baby. However, many experts believe that it is important for the newborn to equip their own room so that the baby is comfortable and cozy in it, he actively grew and developed harmoniously.

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In the nursery for girls it is better to use pastel colors. They can be pink, white, peach color. All this will help to calm the baby, it will help to fall asleep easier and faster. You can resort to different applications on the wall, drawings. It can be butterflies, animals, flowers.

It is important that the beautiful beauty is surrounded by beautiful and elegant things so that the girl can become a real lady.

4-5 years

This age is characterized by the fact that in most cases the child is already actively speaking, cognizing the external world, and performing some independent actions.The main task of the parents will be to create comfortable conditions for the girl to stay in her room. The room must be beautiful.

A young princess should easily clean and retrieve her toys. Therefore, the furniture should be comfortable for the child.

As for the color palette, the same rule applies - more pastel and delicate shades. Pay attention to finishing materials. We must choose environmentally friendly products. In the gaming area, it is desirable to make bright lighting, and let the night light hang over the crib.

On the floor, you can lay a carpet of natural fibers. It consists of natural material, besides easy to clean. However, this coating will not be cheap.

7-8 years

At this age, children go to school, and their lifestyle changes accordingly. First-graders can not yet organize the learning process themselves without the help of adults. Therefore, caring parents should unobtrusively help them in this matter. The main thing is to purchase a full-fledged writing desk in the girl’s room, which should have all the necessary drawers and compartments. There the student will put notebooks, textbooks, stationery and other things.

Be sure to pay attention to the hobby of the child.If, for example, a young princess to draw, it is worthwhile in the bedroom to take a separate place for this. So you can develop the creative nature of your baby.

Also at this age it is worth more actively to listen to your child - what she likes and what does not. So you can create an interesting and attractive design of the room in which the daughter will feel comfortable.

9-10 years old

Older girls are beginning to show independence. They need a nook where they will be full-fledged khoyazykami. It is at the age of ten that the transitional age begins, physiological and hormonal changes occur. Therefore, in this period, the young beauty can show character and actively insist on her.

Parents should be patient. If you choose a bedroom design, then it should be done only with your child. Even if your views do not coincide, do not despair. Just explain your point of view and listen to your child. Together we can find a compromise.

12-13 years old

This option is close to the previous one. The main thing to consider when organizing a girl’s bedroom is her opinion.It was during this period that schoolgirls began to sharply react to criticism and prohibitions. Should not be doing that. It is better to develop a joint version and together choose a design for a school girl.

You can go together to the furniture store and walk there, looking after stylish models of beds, chairs and other interiors.

Be sure you will see interest in the eyes of his daughter when viewing a number of models. Parents should be guided by this.

As for color, it is still desirable to use gentle tones. However, at this age, you can make accents. It can be textiles, puffs, curtains and other interior items that will help reveal their individuality to each girl.

14-16 years old

A teenage girl from the age of 14 becomes a girl. Her character and the interior of the room will be influenced by her hobbies. It should be noted that there should be enough space in the room. After all, someone likes to get involved in dance, music, has other different hobbies. The main thing in this age for a child is to have a stylish interior. You can apply such directions as hi-tech, minimalism, classic.

Accordingly, there should be a suitable and functional interior. For example, spacious cabinets, a cozy chair, a spacious table, as well as other necessary things.

17-18 years old

As for this age, here we are already talking about adult girls. At this age, they choose youth and stylish things. The same applies to the design of the bedroom. Everything will directly depend on the taste of the daughter. Be sure to listen to it when buying every piece of interior.

The space of the room should be multifunctional. There should be a place to sleep, a reading area, a wardrobe, a dressing table, optional exercise equipment, etc. The main thing is that the girl likes to spend time in her room.

Matching colors

As for color, you should rely on your child's favorite tones. Psychologists are advised to use in all cases, gentle and pastel colors, especially when the child is very young. Later you can add brightness as much as you need to make your baby feel comfortable.

You can successfully arrange a bedroom in a pink-green color. It will look good white, yellow, room, as well as a room in purple tones.

The main thing is to organically select the rest of the interior, so that a single concept is built.

Furniture selection

Particular attention should be paid to the selection of furniture. It is important that it is of high quality and durable. Of course, such models will not be cheap, but they will serve you for a long time. For example, you can purchase tables and cabinets firms Ikea. A lot of positive reviews indicate the high quality of this manufacturer.

Be sure to pay attention to the bed - this is one of the main elements of the bedroom. It should be stable and it is desirable to have an orthopedic mattress. There should also be a spacious table in the room at which the student will do her homework. Everything should be chosen and the style.

Arrangement in size and layout

Not all apartments are quite wide and spacious. But for example, in the "Khrushchev" you can also create a stylish design of a children's room for girls. You will need to purchase compact products that also harmonize perfectly with the overall design.

You can visually expand the space in a small room. For example, apply light colors in the decor.They will visually make the bedroom lighter and more spacious.

You can hang on the wall of the room a rectangular mirror surface. So you can also visually enlarge the space. Be sure to install more light sources. Well fit square furniture in any room. Also on the window is to hang light curtains.

Popular styles

So that the children's bedroom for the girl turned out to be stylish and fashionable, you should definitely focus on the style that suits you and your child. For example, you can create a rest room in classic style. This is one of the most common options. The use of furniture with carved legs, patterns, cribs with canopies, and elegant decoration in the decoration is typical for this area. Such a design will help raise a sense of beauty in a young princess.

Another common option is modern style. It is based on conciseness, restraint, as well as the optimal organization of space. Here your child will be able to find, for example, attractive wallpapers with his favorite cartoon characters, as well as useful items of irregular shape.You can apply a variety of solutions that will appeal to girls.

French style Provence also loved by many parents and their children. It will help to emphasize the romance and tenderness of nature of each young lady. This direction includes pastel shades, floral patterns, light fabrics, antique furniture. So you can embody a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the nursery, which will appeal to your child.

Also, this style involves the use of natural materials that are safe for the health of the child.

Pop Art Style suitable for active and inquisitive girls. Usually such rooms make bright and colorful. The design can be used a variety of colors, eclectic objects. This will help the child to develop the imagination, as well as to show their individuality.

You can create an attractive bedroom for a girl and in nautical style. Blue and blue tones have a beneficial and calming effect on the psyche. In addition, beautiful drawings of islands, boats, etc., can be successfully arranged for a children's room.

Of course, before you drastically change the design of a room or implement any projects, you should consult with a young princess who will be in this situation most of the time.Find the one that suits you all.

Original ideas

Caring parents want not only to create a comfortable and cozy bedroom for the girl, but also to create a stylish interior for her. So the room will delight the eyes of both children and adults. You can create the most original options. For example, to make repairs in the attic, where the option of sitting with a sill will look good and fashionable.

You can also create a fairy tale for your princess - choose a bed in the shape of a carriage or a tent. In this case, the wallpaper can also stick in a fabulous style. So your princess will feel comfortable in her room.

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You can create the layout of the original bedroom yourself or resort to the help of qualified professionals. Designers will tell you the best options.


When it comes to children's bedroom, you should pay special attention to bed linen. You should choose only natural fabrics - cotton, bamboo fiber, which will help your child to rest comfortably. Evaluate carefully the quality of sewing. The lines should be smooth. All products must be safe and hypoallergenic.Pay attention to the packaging, see if the product is certified and read the fabric composition.

Especially you should be attentive if you decide to purchase goods through the online store. Check the product carefully for quality. Be sure to smell the fabric. It should not exude unpleasant odors.

Also, the laundry should not be painted. Remember that the safety of your child is above even the most fashionable, stylish and interesting colors.

We reviewed the features of children's bedrooms for girls. Now you can choose a suitable option for yourself. Be sure to listen to your daughter's wishes. After all, it is on how comfortable she will be in the bedroom that her mood will depend. Let every day your child be filled with the joy of new discoveries and bright positive impressions.

In this video you will find many ideas for children's room design.

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