Sleeping bag for baby

Any parent wants to give her baby the best. Therefore, there is a large range of children's products, which are in demand and popularity. One of these unusual items for children's comfort is considered a sleeping bag.

It can be used both at home and while traveling. In any conditions, such a soft and comfortable surface will allow your baby to sleep peacefully.

Advantages and disadvantages

Today there are many stylish and attractive bags with interesting designs. The surface of a sleeping bag can be decorated with floral or geometric prints, or images in the form of favorite heroes of cartoons or comics.

The advantages of a baby sleeping bag can also be attributed to the fact that it is very comfortable and closes well. In such a bag, the child will feel as comfortable as in her mother's arms.

At the same time, you can even feed the baby without getting it from the sleeping bag. This is very practical both in field conditions and at home, because your baby will not risk freezing during the next feeding.

Located in a special bag, the baby sleeps on his back, and this position is considered to be the most comfortable and safe for children. In addition, you do not have to worry that your child will hurt himself in a dream or a blanket will be covered with his head and entangled in it.

But there are also disadvantages to such an item for recreation. First of all, not all babies will sleep normally in it with unaccustomed. Also so that the baby doesn’t spoil his sleeping bag, it’s better to sleep in the diaper, and this is not for all mothers.

Unlike feeding, the process of changing a diaper in a bag is not possible. Therefore, in order to change the baby, you still have to pull him out of the sleeping bag.

How to choose

In order for the child to feel as comfortable as possible in his sleeping bag, he must be as properly selected as possible. If you have never bought a baby sleeping bag, then you should know in advance what parameters you should pay attention to.

First look at the composition. The child should not have an allergic reaction when you put it in a sleeping bag. It is desirable that the product was created from the most natural materials.They must be of high quality and hypoallergenic. Ideally, this is 100% cotton, which is pleasant to the touch and smooth.

It will be good if you can wash a children's sleeping bag in a washing machine yourself.

Baby sleeping bags can be with or without sleeves. It all depends on your wishes. If you choose a model with sleeves, then make sure that they are wide enough and do not squeeze the hands of the baby, making it difficult for him to move.

Speaking of the sleeves, it is worth noting that they can be adjusted. Thus, even when your baby grows up, a sleeping bag will still be comfortable for him. There are also sleeping bags with fully detachable sleeves.

Complement a sleeping bag can also neck. Like the sleeves, it should not be too tight, otherwise the child's throat will be constantly squeezed. It is desirable that there is a space of at least one centimeter between the throat of your baby and the neck of the sleeping bag.

The back of the product should be smooth, and ideally and devoid of any finishingand. Relief patterns or voluminous decorations will cause discomfort for the baby.

For newborns, the clasp will also be a practical detail that complements the sleeping bag.Usually it is located in the middle of a sleeping bag - thus, it is most convenient to dress the child. She unzips the bottom up, so that the baby does not accidentally opened a sleeping bag in a dream.

Also, some models complement the rivets on the shoulders. They are designed so that the sleeping bag can be adjusted to the height of the child.

By the way, matching the growth of the baby is a very important detail. Before buying a children's sleeping bag, it is advisable to measure the growth of the child so that he will ideally fit the baby.

For 1 year

For children up to one year old, a sleeping bag of up to 65 centimeters will fit. For a child of 3 days or older, a comfortable and compact sleeping bag is suitable.

For 5 years

Older babies sew more voluminous sleeping bags. From length reaches 105 centimeters. In general, sleeping bags are a great option for traveling, even for older kids.

Popular models

If you want to buy a quality sleeping bag for your baby, pay attention to the models listed below - they are popular for many years now, so their quality has been confirmed and tested by time.

Kelty Whippersnapper 60 Fleece

For traveling with a child best practical practical sleeping bag. So, for example, Kelty Whippersnapper 60 Fleece is relatively inexpensive and has good quality. You can choose a model for the little son, and for the daughter.

Inside the sleeping bag there is a thick and warm fleece lining. It will provide the opportunity for the baby to feel comfortable and cozy in any situation, regardless of the weather.

At the same time, this sleeping bag is very light, so you can always carry it with you. And the built-in folding straps facilitate the storage of the sleeping bag and its transportation. These sleeping bags are suitable for children up to one hundred and twenty centimeters tall.

Angry birds slumber

Another practical and inexpensive sleeping bag - Angry Birds Slumber. Bright colors and beautiful prints will cause only positive emotions in your baby. This model of a children's sleeping bag is very compact and weighs less than two kg. It is easy to clean and can be used both indoors and while hiking.

Wildkin wild animals

If you are looking for a sleeping bag that will grow with your child, then you should definitely pay attention to Wildkin Wild Animals. This sleeping bag is equipped with special clasps on the shoulders that allow you to adjust its size and adjust it to the parameters of your growing baby.

This sleeping bag is also complemented by a practical fleece lining, and a comfortable bag comes with it, which is tightened with laces from above. It easily fits a sleeping bag, which will not fall out during the movement and will not be lost in a large backpack with other things.

L.L.Bean Kid's 40

This model is also suitable for parents with an active lifestyle. It will be possible to take the child with him on trips or trips. Additional flannel lining and the presence of thermal insulation provide the child with warmth and comfort in all weather conditions.

Due to the characteristics of sewing, all synthetic filler always remains in place. It does not stick together and does not move even during washing, so the sleeping bag can be put in order even at home, just by washing in the machine and drying it.

As in the previous cases, this bag comes with an extra bag in which you can carry it with you or store it at home.

Finally, it is worth recalling that the best characteristic for a thing is the reviews of those who have already purchased it. Therefore, before the final purchase of a sleeping bag for your child, it is best to check with the reviews of thosewho already had such a model to know in advance all its real advantages and disadvantages.

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