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It is worth paying special attention to the arrangement of the children's room, because the child spends a lot of time in this room. The free space of the room must be carefully divided into a zone for games, placing toys there, a place to sleep - to put a bed there, and to study, equip it with a desk or a desk.

As soon as your child goes to the first grade, the work area will become the most important part in the nursery. There, your baby will spend a lot of time doing homework, reading books or studying at a computer or laptop.

It is good when the children's room is a spacious room where a large amount of furniture needed for classes can easily be accommodated, and there will be enough free space for recreation or games.

Often there is no such luxury, and the child’s room has a very modest size. In this case, a table or desk transformer will be an excellent option for the equipment of the working area for the student. You can buy such furniture much earlier, when the child is still going to kindergarten.For a preschooler, such a table or desk will be a great place where he can paint, sculpt various figures, create puzzles or play board games with plasticine.


  1. Saving space - can be used only when the child does homework. If the desk transformer is no longer needed, it is very easy to fold.
  2. Increases in height as the child grows.
  3. Saves the family budget - just buy one model, which the child can use until graduation.
  4. Developed, taking into account the requirements of pediatricians, so you can not worry about the health of children and their posture.

Basic requirements for children's furniture

When choosing a table or desk a transformer, as well as a chair for a preschooler or a schoolboy, be sure to pay attention to some points. Since these two subjects mainly form the child’s posture. A quality chair will support the natural curve of the back.

The main requirements for a table or desk transformer:

  • Choosing a table or desk, pay attention to the growth of the child. Children's furniture should not be too high or too low.To determine this parameter is very simple - put the child at the table:
  1. baby feet should reach either to the floor, or to a special bench-stand, and not hang in the air;
  2. knees should not rest on the tabletop;
  3. Your baby’s shoulders should be level, not lowered, or unnaturally raised.

If you choose the height of the table or desk wrong, then over time the child may have health problems: curvature of the spine or blurred vision.

  • The width and length of the tabletop should be sufficient so that the child can easily place all the accessories necessary for the study. The greater the length and width of the table, the more comfortable it will be for your child. A suitable width is 60 cm and a length of 1.2 meters.
  • Stop your choice on the tables and desks of transformers, in which the lid rises slightly, forming an angle of 15 degrees. The eyes and spine of the baby will not get too tired during classes.
  • It is better if the surface of the table is matte, so no glare from the sun or artificial light will appear on it, which also affect the rate of fatigue of the eyes.
  • The color of the furniture also plays an important role. The best option for children's tables and desks - light shades: cream, sand color. From the dark surfaces of the eye will be in greater tension.

The main requirements for a school student chair:

  1. The chair should be quite hard, equipped with an anatomical back.
  2. The chair should be of such height that the legs are free to stand on the floor or footrest, forming a right angle (90 degrees).
  3. You should not get a chair with armrests, as it unevenly distributes the load on the back of the child.
  4. The chair must be stable and reliable.


Furniture manufacturers offer various models of transformers furniture, which will make it possible to equip the student’s place in the best way, and also save space, leaving it for games and entertainment.

The main models of furniture transformers for the child's room:

  1. Table or desk transformer.
  2. Loft bed.
  3. Retractable or folding table.

Table transformer

The table or desk has a transformer and the second name - growing furniture. It is named so because it allows you to adjust your height depending on the height and size of the student.This is a universal model, as it can be used for preschoolers and schoolchildren, growing up with your child.

Tables transformers are of two types:

singles - used for one child;

double rooms - The best option for two or more children. This model will be an excellent solution for a small room, since you will not need to purchase two separate desks.

School desks transformers are also equipped with additional furniture: shelves, add-ins, drawers. They allow the student to store all the necessary things and school supplies in the field of reach. And the child will not have to be distracted from classes in search of a book or notebook in another closet.

Loft bed

Such a bed a transformer will be an excellent option for a very small children's room. On the first tier is a desk, shelves and drawers for school supplies, and on the second - a place to sleep and rest.

Retractable or folding table

This table model is also a kind of transformer. He quietly hides in a wall or cabinet, forming quite a lot of free space for games.

The main disadvantage of such furniture is the inability to leave textbooks or notebooks when the child has finished studying lessons. You will not be able to place a computer on it, but there will be a lot of space for a laptop or tablet on the tabletop.

Despite this drawback, a sliding or folding table will teach your baby to order: after the end of classes, you must remove the workplace.


When choosing a home office transformer, pay special attention to the quality of the material; it must be environmentally friendly, not cause allergies, and have no harmful or dangerous compounds. The material must be durable and provide a long life.

Optimum material for a children's table of a transformer:

  • natural wood;
  • tempered glass;
  • metal;
  • MDF - in appearance resembles wood, but is much cheaper than natural wood.

If the desk is made of pine, then it will be sold at affordable prices. Please note that pine wood is very soft, and if your child is too active, then such furniture will quickly lose its original appearance.

Children's desks transformers made from birch, beech or ash, are more resistant to damage.

The most wear-resistant tables are transformers with a metal frame. They are ergonomic and stylish.

Famous Brands

Choosing children's furniture, you should not save, as you get it for a long time. Stop your choice on models from well-known brands, then you can not doubt the quality of the products:

  • Moll is a German brand that offers party transformers with a thoughtful, ergonomic and functional design. Made in restrained colors.
  • Demi is a Russian manufacturer that manufactures growing desks, as well as chairs in addition to them. Table transformer can be equipped with add-ons, side tables, shelves or an additional small table, which can be placed on the side.
  • Kettler is a German company offering home desks that can be adjusted to the angle of the tabletop. They have a restrained and concise design, include a limiter line.
  • Hummingbird is a Russian brand offering a home kit that consists of a table and a chair.They can be adjusted in height from 1.1 to 1.9 meters. It is possible to complete the set with additional elements.
  • Astek is a Russian manufacturer offering transformer tables in which you can adjust the position in different ways. You can hang the nightstand with the drawer from any side, which ensures the most comfortable use of the desk.

Choosing furniture for a children's room, be sure to consider the opinion of the child. After all, if it is convenient for him to use the furniture of a transformer, he will be happy to do his homework and bring good grades.

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