Baby table

Features and benefits

Many years ago, not all children had their own desk and workspace. Today, any family can afford to organize a child a table or even a whole work area.

The advantages of a separate workplace are many. This allows you to concentrate better, it becomes more convenient to store the materials necessary for study and creativity, the place of classes is limited, and the child is accustomed to learning activities.

There are a whole variety of tables for children, depending on age, gender and interests. Each type has its own characteristics.


In order to facilitate the selection of the table for the child, you should be aware of its main criteria:

  • Colour. The choice is great: from simple colors "under the tree", ending with extraordinary shades and color combinations. The most popular colors among the tables of MDF, chipboard - is wenge, maple, walnut, beech.You can find tables with prints of beautiful pictures or make illustrations to order.
  • Forms. The shapes of the tables are incredibly diverse. You can find both a standard rectangular table and various original designs. For example, a modular table, a table embedded in the furniture set “bed-attic”, round and oval, corner, sliding, folding, etc.
  • Functionality. Many models, especially school and preschool tables, are made with drawers that can be put forward and various educational supplies can be stored in them: albums, notebooks, paints and kits for creativity, etc. Things will be collected in one place, and not scattered around the room.
  • School module. Shelves, drawers, bedside tables and a table - everything is combined into a single complex. Such a student’s corner with shelves and cabinets will be most convenient for small apartments, where there is no place to place these pieces of furniture separately.
  • Transforming table. If you decide to buy a table for a long time, the transforming table will be an excellent choice. These tables are conveniently customized in height, you can even the angle of inclination. They will do if a small student grows up.

Some interesting models of children's tables.

  • Interactive.Modern universal invention that is relevant for both children and adults. The touch table can be used in various spheres: in training, information and entertainment, experimental. Any applications can be installed on this table, Windows is installed in it. Due to this, several people can work simultaneously at this table.
  • Smart. A unique table-gadget made of wood and aluminum. Smart tables are equipped with various technological functions: speakers are mounted in them, there is a place for wireless charging of the phone, an area for heating the mug, usb connectors, and a tablet stand. Also the table can change its configuration and memorize positions convenient for you.
  • Hypoallergenic. If the child is allergic, then the furniture made of natural wood will be an excellent way out. Furniture made of chipboard can cause allergies due to formaldehyde, which is used in the pressing of sawdust. Therefore, it is better to choose furniture from an array: oak, beech, alder, walnut, ash, etc.
  • Table-house. An extraordinary solution for a child's room is both an element of decor, and a comfortable table with shelves, and a game element.Children love everything fabulous and magical, so it will be easy to learn to work at such a wonderful table.
  • Modular. Often used in kindergartens and institutions for preschoolers. This type of tables is very convenient when there are several children in the room: you can seat them all together by moving the links, or you can arrange the tables separately, then each child will have his or her workplace.
  • For creativity. An original idea for children who love to be creative. The space here is organized wisely: compartments with tools, the slope of the tabletop, boxes where you can place sets for creativity. All conditions are created for the flight of fancy!


What material to choose for the children's table is a rather serious question, because a child, especially a schoolboy, spends a lot of time at the table. The main materials from which the tables are made:

Table made of solid wood. Wood is an environmentally friendly material and is best suited for a child's room. Wooden tables are durable and stable, although heavy. This is not a cheap option.

MDF and chipboard. Chipboard It is considered non-environmentally friendly material, therefore for children's rooms only class E1 is used, where the content of harmful substances is reduced.MDF more environmentally friendly material. This is an option for those who want to save. Such furniture is lighter than solid wood furniture.

Plastic. Plastic tables differ in ease, mobility. The child himself can easily move the table from place to place, it will be easy to erase stains, glue residues, traces of markers. Bright and unusual in design - these tables always attract kids.

Mixed type. These tables can be seen in older children, schoolchildren. This table is made of various materials: metal legs and supports, wood table top or MDF or plastic inserts.

Color solutions

The choice of color for the children's table is important, because too bright colors will distract from classes, and a dark background will lead to fatigue and lethargy. It is best to choose not saturated colors, but pastel, soft, neutral shades. They help the child to maintain concentration.


This color creates a feeling of purity and adds light. But it is better to use in combination with other colors.


Bright, positive, sunny - creates the same mood in a child. Great for children's room.But do not overdo it, because children are easily overworked from excessive activity.


It has long been a green matter tightened the tables and green lampshades. This color contributes to calm and concentration, relaxes eyesight.

Natural colors

The color of the tree is oak, walnut, maple, cherry. The most organic option that will fit into any interior and will be neutral for the eyes and mood of the child, plus will not distract.

How to choose

The following selection criteria are important:

  1. The material of the product.
  2. Streamline forms, comfortable angles.
  3. The age of the child.
  4. Gender baby.

We have already considered the first two points, so you should focus on the last two - the age and sex of the child.

For girl

Regardless of age, a table for a girl should be beautiful, causing joy. On the market there are many models with openwork inserts, carved elements and elegant details, with mirror and special drawers for jewelry and secrets. The color scheme is also very diverse, so the choice is not difficult.

For boys

The lineup for boys is different from what is offered to girls. Here the main criterion is practicality.The table should be spacious, multifunctional, stylish, strong.

Table for a year. A wooden or plastic table is good for eating. If this is a table for creativity, then there are a lot of offers from manufacturers: there are models that transform into an easel, there are containers equipped, etc.

IKEA offers a large selection of tables for children from a year to 2 years. You can buy a ready-made set or combine different elements to taste.

For children from 4 years old it is better to choose tables that vary in height. Plastic tables are decorated with educational tools - geometric figures, seasons, animals, etc. For a 5-year-old child, educational games are very interesting and exciting. And for 6 years already the preparation for school is preferable. Here you can already see the alphabet, the numbers from 1 to 10, the clock and so on.

For study, a completely different table is needed, so that it is convenient to write, do homework, so that there is a lot of free space for storing various items. For children of 7 years old, it is already necessary to choose a table for a first grader, equipped with drawers, shelves and good lighting. It is better to choose a table “for growth” so that it is not small for a child of 8 years.

How to do it yourself

The first thing to do is to choose the raw material from which the product will be crafted. The best option is wood, it is easy to work with it at home.

It will take:

  1. Tabletop. Its size will depend on the child's age: depth, width, at what height to place.
  2. Legs. You can make adjustable, so that the table "grew" with the child.

Supporting bars can be prepared independently or buy ready-made.

Before preparing the material, it is necessary to consider various table layouts and choose the most appropriate drawings for which the table will be made.

First, pay attention to the growth of the child, a table for children is usually from 50 cm. If you wish, you can attach a shelf to the table, it will be useful and convenient.

How to make

The first thing to do is handle the tree correctly. First oshkurit, then rinse, varnish or paint.

It is important to take into account the peculiarities of the interior of the child’s room so that the table fits into the color range, but at the same time, has a neutral color that does not distract from the lessons.

Above the table you can hang multi-colored shelves - it will revive the corner. Even instead, you can leave the wall empty for posters or drawings.


The size of the table depends on the parameters of the child. It's not just about comfort and convenience. Proper seating of the child at the table is very important, because depending on this, the correct posture will be formed.


  1. From heel to knee. This will be the height of the chair.
  2. Seat the child to the correct height and measure the distance from the floor to the elbow. This will be the height of the tabletop.

You should also pay attention to such parameters as:

  1. The length of the table top (should be about 1 meter);
  2. The width of the working surface (about 60-80 cm);
  3. Depth (to fit feet, 40-50 cm).

Tables for small children are best done with a small margin for growth or to make a table that can be adjusted in height.

School corners are very popular, where several pieces of furniture are combined at once: a table, shelves, cabinets, drawers, bedside tables. It is very convenient and multifunctional.

Interesting ideas in interior design

The choice of children's furniture today is quite wide - for every taste and color. It may seem that choosing a table for a child is easy. But in reality this is a superficial opinion, because the range in stores is so high that it will be difficult to decide right away.Today, furniture stores boast a large assortment of desks: compact, spacious, beautiful, practical, for any age and taste.

10 best tables for students

Direct 1200 M

This table is very ergonomic, equipped with a table with one pedestal. Looks solid and functional.

The price is about 11 000 p.


This is exactly the type of table that grows with your child. The table top can change the angle of inclination. Appearance is simple, uncluttered.

Price about 12 000 p.

Conductor-03 / Milk & B

The table top is spacious, the angle and height of the legs is adjustable. Also equipped with shelves and drawers. Is an orthopedic model.

Price - from 11 000 p.

Moll champion

This is a transforming table. Ergonomic, multifunctional, with a book stand, magnetic ruler, etc. It is included in the top 100 tables according to buyers of transforming tables.

The price is about 34 000 r.


Economical option, in no way inferior to their brethren. This is a classic table, has a cabinet and beautiful drawers. Made of chipboard.

Price from 5 000 rub.

Growing Desk Dam

Suitable for all ages. The slope is regulated, it is equipped with hooks for a portfolio, it is eco-friendly.

Price - about 6 700 p.

Mealux BD-205

This table is equipped with a lift that regulates the height of the table top. It has a large drawer and a shelf along the entire table.

The price is about 14 500 p.


The classic model. Material chipboard and MDF. There is a notch in the center that helps the formation of correct posture.

The price is about 6 000 - 6 500 rub.


This is a desk with a superstructure. Compact, roomy: nightstand, superstructure, large tabletop, interesting design from IKEA.

Price - about 9 500 p.

Calimera pearl

One of the best examples of the combination of simplicity and comfort. Extendable laptop shelf, dresser, drawers.

Price - about 13 000 rub.

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